Game Over

The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt™ has been successful in pulling the plug on his vexatious lawsuit that he filed against me and nine other people.

Questions still remain about the actual timing and sequence of events relating to the filing and withdrawal of the suit.

UPDATE—TDPS has posted the Certified Mail receipt for his mail of the complaint, and it shows that the USPS routed his package via Florida. That explains why it took seven days for the complaint to make it roughly 12 miles to the U. S. Courthouse in Baltimore. That’s interesting, but it still doesn’t demonstrate when he actually mailed his letter asking for the suit to be dismissed.

UPDATE 2—Well, well, well … The Cabin Boy™ Who Cried, “Wolf!” “Parkinson’s!” has posted a Certified Mail receipt that tends to verify his story of mailing his letter seeking to dismiss his lawsuit as he said. The Gentle Reader will understand my natural skepticism for the Cabin Boy’s™ claims. I’m pleasantly surprised to see tell the truth about something materially significant to one of his legal matters.


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  2. That was quick, wasn’t it? Why, it’s almost as though the honorable Court was only too happy to wash its hands of that matter.

    • A waste of time, energy, and unnecessary worry for a lot of people . . . oh, wait . . .that was the point? You don’t say!

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  4. Won’t go there. I’ve heard his accounting of his filing of the suit and his retraction.
    I don’t really care too much about his timing. I don’t distrust the idea implied of his doc and wife pleading with him not to be a damn fool, though who could rely on it? I think it as probable that it took something else or something more, specifically Kimberlin’s hard encouragement to punt.

  5. BS has claimed several times, as has his friend Osborne, that BS’s neurologist has told him to stay off twitter and stop with the blogging. So, guess who has a new blog and a new twitter account? This is highly relevant should he ever sue again and ask for damages related to his health.

      • Oh, look! BS just noted our comments, claims he’s getting sicker, and asks if he has “the right, nay the obligation, to defend myself?” Well, of course he has the right to defend himself in a lawsuit. Twitter and blogs are not defending oneself, they are social media, not court proceedings. They are, however, disobeying doctor’s orders. Naughty, naughty!

      • maybe this is just his round about way of “taking the cure”…

        then again, maybe he needs to worry more about his health and taking care of himself and worry less about what random strangers on teh interwebz might be saying about him…

        after all his health is his responsibility, not ours…


      • I am reminded of Dorothy Dunnet’s description of a Pope as “waging war from his death-bed and loving it.”

      • Another Dunnett fan! Sadly, it’s been ages since I’ve read them. Time to crack their covers again.

  6. Strange, I called around to several major book retailers and could not find any of the Cabin Boy’s books “on the shelves” as he claims. I wonder if he would enlighten us as to what “shelves” they might be on? Or is he just lying again?

    • I believe he means “available as e-books” or something like it. Though why one would bother, I am not entirely certain.

    • if you go to Amazon you can click on the image and get a preview read of Axis of Weasels…

      just for fun, count how many factual inaccuracies (nicer way of saying LIES) are included in just the Intro before you even get to the whopper in chapter 1…


  7. For a while, letters I wrote to my brother would perform a detour through South Dakota. We never did figure out why. Letters I sent to my folks arrived without incident, as did various correspondence with friends. But letters to my brother went through South Dakota.

  8. ” I’m pleasantly surprised to see tell the truth about something materially significant to one of his legal matters.”

    respectfully, it is not materially significant, and that is why he told the truth. He isn’t like Brett, who denied knowing he was called the Speedway Bomber several months after he referred to himself by that title. He is not a pathological liar. He is a strategic liar. He only lies when he thinks it is important. But he does lie.

  9. At one time, if you live in, say, California and wanted to send a package via FedEx (or was it UPS? I’m repeating a story form my Control Systems Theory professor, so I might have lost some of the details) to your neighbor across the street…
    Your package would be taken from where you dropped it off on a truck to a shipping center.
    The center would truck it to the airport.
    It would take a plane trip to the shipping central facility in (Tennessee?)
    It would be processed and sent out.
    Very likely put on the very plane it arrived in.
    Flown to a California airport.
    Driven to a processing center.
    Sorted onto a delivery truck.
    And then dropped off at your neighbor’s.

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