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The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin doesn’t want to answer the interrogatories that I sent him as part of discovery in the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. nuisance suit. For example—InterrogObjectionCitizenKIrrelevant to the case? Really? I thought TDPK was suing me because he says I have called him a pedophile. This is from his complaint—BK v AW Complaint-27

This is found on page 78 of Citizen K:

His [Kimberlin’s] attachment to Jessica was quite a different matter. Their weekly after-school outings, Kimberlin said, were “very special days” for her. … For three consecutive summers, 1974 through 1976, they took vacations for a week or longer in Disney World, Mexico, and Hawaii. Sandi [“Jessica’s” mother] couldn’t get time off from work, so on these summer trips it was just the two of them—Brett and Jessica.

Eyebrows levitated. A drug-dealing colleague had memories of conversations with Kimberlin that struck him as odd: “We’d see a girl who was pubescent or prepubescent, and Brett would get this smile and say, ‘Hey, what do you think? Isn’t she great?’ It made me very uncomfortable.” Another recalled Kimberlin introducing Jessica as “my girlfriend,” and if irony was intended, it was too subtile to register.

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  1. It gets worse just a little further down on the same page. Mark Singer took a look at what photographs Brett Kimberiln had pertaining to the Barton family:

    When I asked him to show me photographs of the Bartons, he could find only the one school picture of [“Jessica”‘s older sister] and none of Sandi, but he had a trove of snapshots of Jessica: [various examples omitted, apparently many from out-of-town vacations Brett Kimberlin took alone with her!]. Several others were taken poolside at Eagle Creek: Jessica treading water, Jessica diving, Jessica in a yellow-and-white bathing suit, resting an elbow on the red-brick apron at the pool’s edge, her hair wet and slicked back, revealing every feature of her face: her high, smooth cheekbokes, her perfectly straight teeth, her ingenue’s smile–a nymphet worthy of the heart-piercing torment of Humbert Humbert.

    Assuming my formatting worked: bold and italics are my own, not original. On the following page, Singer decided it was the right time to discuss Brett Kimberlin’s habit of hanging out in the home and yard nude in front of others including Jessica. And the text just before the above quote is about Brett Kimberlin’s after-school “special time,” camping trips, and long unsupervised summer vacations where he took the girl without her mother or other older relatives to places like Hawaii and Mexico. And the next 5 pages talk about how there was a falling out between Brett and the young girl, and the girl stayed with Julia Scyphers and Brett couldn’t get access to her. Then Brett makes false reports to apartment management of a unit Scyphers rents for her daughter, trying to get the tenants (who are “Jessica” and her mother and sister) evicted. Please notice Brett still today uses this same kind of lying harassment tactic on people who make him mad. Anyway, weeks after that attempt at getting the Bartons evicted, Julia Scyphers was shot by a drug smuggler who worked with Kimberlin, William Bowman. And a few weeks after the shootings, Brett bought over 25 lbs of lead shot (cleaning out the store of it, even), bought electronic timers, asked how to modify them, bought lantern batteries. And then he bombed Speedway. The first bomb went off on school grounds just a couple hundred feet from the Scypher’s home. Another Brett was witnessed placing in a garbage can in a busy shopping center and the most well known one was also placed at the school but this time in a parking lot during a high school football game. The bombs had the same Tovex Brett used for blasting marijuana storage vaults with. And the timers were the same he’d just purchased, with the same modifications a store clerk remembered him asking how to make. Using same lantern batteries and some had the same type of lead shot he’d cleaned out a store of. And all of these things – the same kind of battery used in the bombs, the same kind of specially modified timing, and in some cases the same lead shot, were in the trunk of a cheap “burner” Impala he was caught with while he was forging government IDs and stuff. He ridiculously claimed the car wasn’t his. The bomb timers were inside a personally monogrammed briefcase with his initials, BCK, on it. Tovex explsoive traces also detected in that trunk. He had tried to ditch the key to the car under a copier in the business where he was forging goverment IDs using the copiers. Also a car mechanic recalled Brett’s NON-burner car, an expensive late model Mercedes, having a DuPont explosives instruction pamphlet, left in it. Along with same kind of lantern batteries as used in the bombs. The Mercedes also had Tovex residue in it.

    Fun book. You should read it and repeat what you learned from it. I learned Brett is a murdering pedophile who murders bombs when he gets mad at having his pedophilic activities thwarted. And while in jail, he also sued someone in the 80s for getting in the way of his taste for teenage girls. And today, he still sues people for talking about what a pedophile murderer harasser bomber serial conman he is.

    So, you know what to do.

    • Sorry for messing up that closing tag. I forgot to mention, the bolded Humbert-Humbert line is a quote from Lolita. Apparently Singer couldn’t come right out and say “Brett Kimberlin is a pedophile” so he made a very very strong hint by quoting the most famous modern novel about pedophilia when talking about Brett’s attraction to an underage girl. Since Singer can’t say it, I will: Brett Kimberlin is a pedophile. Sue me Brett. To all others, help stop Brett.

  2. Normally, I think family is way, way, way out of bounds… however, the interrogatories regarding his wife seem far more interesting to the question of his alleged pedophilia. If I understand this correctly, his wife had claimed she was 14 when brought to this country (where she spoke little to no english), she was soon engaged in a sexual relationship with BK, when she turned 16 he forged paperwork to say that she was 18 so that he could marry her without parental consent. Correct me if I am mistaken, but I believe that to be the allegation – and a VERY serious one at that. BK can’t claim these questions are not relevant to the issue of whether or not he is a pedophile.

    • Both brief and (I believe!) accurate, although I could imagine his wife’s english was better than Brett’s Russian.

      A digression: It is entirely proper for the defendants to expect Brett to back up his claims on these points if he’s going to try to sue the defendants over the pedophilia question. But what about the rest of us? I believe it is best if we try to respect the wife’s wishes, which are not explicitly known to us, but it should be assumed that she does not want publicity since she hasn’t asked for it. So those of us who are not being sued can just be discreet when talking of the matter. And she may have some very excellent reasons for not wishing to be made spectacle of. Remember, she too has suffered at the hands of Brett Kimberlin and has her own tricky problems, caused by Brett, to try to untangle. Only help if it is wanted, and otherwise, don’t harm her cause.

    • Her allegations were as follows:

      1) he met and first had sex with her at 14 in Ukraine.

      2) he made many trips back and forth from america during their courtship (relevant to the Mann Act).

      3) he then brought her to america about 2 months before her 16th birthday.

      4) they had “relations” 50 times, conservatively before her 16th birthday when she hit the relevant age of consent.

      5) then he forged papers to make her appear to be 18 so he can marry w/o parental consent.

      I know, its ridiculous to think brett would forge a document.

      So your account is close and in good faith, but slightly off.

      • he was ON PAROLE – how did he leave the country WHILE ON PAROLE – bring back an underage child – WHILE ON PAROLE – and how did the get missed – WHILE ON PAROLE

      • I think we should stop discussing Tetyana. For now, she is a victim in this and doesn’t need her private business strewn about the public square.

  3. His wife’s allegations are irrelevant and “private”? Considering those details, especially in context with his penchant for tweenyboppers and teenagers that repeats in Citizen K, refusing to comply with the interrogatories on the basis of “this is not what this lawsuit is about” when he alleges that is exactly what this lawsuit is about – how does he expect his objection to stand?

    • They are not irrelevant. But with respect to the comment section on this blog…they are private.

  4. If you bring a young girl underage into the country – WHILE ON PAROLE – and then years later – WHILE ON PAROLE – participate in “questionable” activities – WHILE ON PAROLE – and then in a white blinding flash of brilliance – taunt a wildly successful ADA in California and then mess directly with a highly trained engineer who served his country – WHILE ON PAROLE – and sue them for calling you a felon – WHILE ON PAROLE – and complain that your monies are being cut off from a source technically you shouldn’t be doing business with – WHILE ON PAROLE – yeah taking the fifth isn’t a big surprise

    Soon he wont have to worry about the phrase – WHILE ON PAROLE

    • Oh, and mess with a Harvard Lawyer who wears a beard to hide his light saber scars – WHILE ON PAROLE – and then try to frame a Harvard Lawyer claiming injuries WHILE ON PAROLE – and then lying in court saying your parole was never revoked – WHILE ON PAROLE – then forging a summons from a federal court – WHILE ON PAROLE – then admitting to checking several green boxes faking restricted service of court documents under oath – WHILE ON PAROLE – yeah crawling into the 5th amendment spider hole is the last move

    • Hey, EPWJ, didn’t all that happen with Brett Kimberlin of Justice Through Music Project (@JTMPorg) WHILE ON PAROLE?

      Oh, nevermind, I see you noted it was WHILE [Brett Kimberlin of Justice Through Music Project (@JTMPorg) ] ON PAROLE. Or more specifically, you noted, “WHILE ON PAROLE” which I’m assuming means WHILE ON PAROLE from the 50 year PRISON sentence for setting off a string of bombs in Speedway, Indiana, earning Brett C. Kimberlin the nickname of the SPEEDWAY BOMBER.

      Do you know if the Speedway bombings by Brett Coleman Kimberlin of Justice Through Music Project (@JTMPorg) happened WHILE Brett Kimberlin was ON PAROLE for drug trafficking, perjury, fraud and other convictions? I mean, did Brett Kimberlin embark on a new set of crimes WHILE ON PAROLE from prior felony convictions?

  5. My discovery questions (if I ever get sued): Wouldn’t it have been a good idea to wash out the Impala and get rid of the timers on the way to the copy shop? If you’re going to impersonate a Federal Agent, shouldn’t you shave the beard and iron the uniform? How did you decide which football game to leave the bomb at? Did you have sex with with Debbie? In theory, which is worse, being an suspected child molester, or being a convicted serial bomber?

  6. All defendants just asked for a summary judgement on all claims.

    Interesting move. Defense in depth. On BK’s failure to provide discovery, motion for sanctions, motion to compel, and motion for summary judgement.

      • I actually meant “suspected pedophile” and convicted perjurer, serial bomber and forger. Ran out of time. But yes, words have meaning. Like the words: Authorized biography.

      • Just so there is no confusion with any other Brett C. Kimberlin, we’re discussing Brett Kimberlin of Justice Through Music Project (@JTMPorg) and Velvet Revolution (VR) that has been proven a PEDOPHILE (at least to my satisfaction) through his marriage to a barely 16 year old girl while he was in his 40’s.

        What else would explain a man in his 40’s as Brett Kimberlin of Justice Through Music Project (JTMP) was at the time, romancing a girl that is 14, 15 years old other than pedophilia?

        When one adds in Brett C. Kimberlin’s of Justice Through Music Projeect (@JTMPorg) and Velvet Revolution (VR) filing a lawsuit from PRISON over access to a teen girl whose photo was published and seen by Brett Kimberlin, the case that Brett Coleman Kimberlin of Justice Through Music Project (@JTMPorg) is a PEDOPHILE becomes even stronger.

        There is just no way to explain a grown man’s romantic attachment to a girl as young as 10 years old, and continuing into her early teens, other than being a pedophile. I’m, of course, referring to the relationship between Brett Kimberlin of Justice Through Music Project (@JTMPorg) and the Barton girl described in the authorized biography of Brett C. Kimberlin written by Mark Singer. Law enforcement theorized Brett Kimberlin of Justice Through Music Projecct (@JTMPorg) had the Barton girl’s grandmother, Julia Scyphers, MURDERED because she interfered in Brett Coleman Kimberlin’s relationship with the young girl.

        Brett Kimberlin remains the only suspect in that MURDER according to local papers in Indiana. Google still has links to the stories just searching for Brett Kimberlin, Indiana. If one adds “Speedway Bomber” you’ll certainly find the articles to back up my conclusion Brett Kimberlin is a PEDOPHILE. Brett Kimberlin of Justice Through Music (@JTMPorg) got the nickname “The Speedway Bomber” because he set off a series of bombs in Speedway, Indiana. Police believe the bombings were to distract from the MURDER investigation of the little girl’s grandmother. One bomb was placed in a high school parking lot!

        And that’s not the only MURDER plot Brett C. Kimberlin of Justice Through Music Project (@JTMPorg) was accused of by authorities. News accounts at the time showed Brett Kimberlin had a list of people he wanted MURDERED or roughed up, including the prosecutor of the case that had Brett Coleman Kimberlin sitting in jail at the time.

        But I digress with the whole MURDER/Brett Kimberlin of Justice Through Music Project (@JTMPorg), when I really mean to discuss PEDOPHILIA/Brett C. Kimberlin of Justice Through Music (@JTMPorg). Most recently, Brett Coleman Kimberlin’s own wife accused him of being a PEDOPHILE and expressed fear for her own daughters should they be left in his care. Mrs. Brett Kimberlin also asserted that Brett C. KImberlin still had naked pictures of the young Barton girl.

        I mean, what other evidence would one need to conclude that Brett Coleman Kimberlin of Justice Through Music (@JTMPorg) and Velvet Revolution (VR) is a PEDOPHILE?

  7. Hey Shaky, are you seeing this? How ya feeling about your lawsuit now. Thanks to another one of your stupid decisions, you now have your own discovery to look forward to. I can’t wait to see the list of questions you’ve got coming. Just think of all the stuff that’s about to come back and bite you in that fat ass of yours.

    • *shhh* He’s busy “carefully maintaining his Internet reputation.”

      Good grief. That nonsense should come with a warning:
      Proceed with caution. One may blow a heart valve from intense laughter and fall of their chair and break a hip.

      Or, something like that…

      Life. He’s doing it wrong. *smh*

      • We might simply dismiss the claim as laughable. Or, we could consider it a hint as to which lawsuit(s) ACME law cut-and-paste.

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