6 thoughts on “Mmmmm

  1. Excellent choices, sir!

    Presently, we are enjoying a sauvignon blanc and assorted cheeses, plus the first peaches of the season.

  2. barbecued steaks, homemade potato salad, homemade dulce peach cheesecake with brown sugar crumble. and pear cider.

  3. Roasted chicken, appetizer potluck, veggie stirfry, strawberries and cream, and (a very peaty) single malt for the conversation afterwards.

    Ten close friends, the children and grandchildren who were in the area, half a dozen dogs, the three cats in residence, all having a day of harmony and remembrance for those who have gone on to the next adventure.

    Good memories, both those currently made, and those long cherished, shared with friends and descendants.

    “For as long as anyone remembers a story about you, your smile, your loves, your pains, your victories, I will contend that you are not completely departed!”

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