Lawsuit? What Lawsuit?

The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt™ has announced that he is not going to sue me and nine other persons. He did so in a comment posted here.

Stacy McCain, one of the other prospective defendants, comments here.

The Daley Gator comments here.

I have no comment on the matter.

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      • Outstanding.

        The other day, I was reading a blog called North Carolina Gun Blog. The author, via a source who had given him full ownership rights, had a photo of the “no guns” sign on the front door of the restaurant that had been robbed at gunpoint. He had a follow up post in which he briefly described how many blogs, etc., had ripped off the photo, without asking his permission and without attribution. In contrast, the UK Daily Mail, the most widely read newspaper in the world, not only contacted him for permission to post the photo, but they watermarked it with the name of his blog.

        If the UK Daily Mail can do this, can’t retired full-time bloggers do it, too?

        • I’m sure in many cases, and in the case you refer to particularly here, that ignorance of the law leads to “innocent” copyright violations.

          However, our friend in Elkridge has always shown such a commanding knowledge of the law and a vigilance over protecting his own material, that any such claims of ignorance or innocence on his part must be treated as hollow.

  1. I could comment at length about Bill Schmalfeldt’s letter as Aaron and Paul have done, and, I am usually apt to do. But, instead I’ll simply juxtaposition the following two tidbits.

    “Now, let’s move on to the most evil, vexatious, vindictive, sadistic man I’ve ever met in my life, and that is John Hoge;”


    “…Brett, [Kimberlin] who I still consider a friend…”

    I would merely ask why should we take his nominal objections to John Hoge seriously given his eagerness to willfully to turn a blind eye to those very traits in Brett Kimberlin?

  2. The most entertaining comment was on The Daley Gator:
    I could compare him to a pile of camel dung but, camel dung at least can make flowers grow. Schmafeldt would likely stomp the flowers then sue them for harassing him. What a loon!

  3. Aaron Burr, aka Robin Causey, has a comment over at McCain’s blog. Apparently, BS escalated to the point that they needed a restraining order. We all knew that. However, Causey claims that BS did not stop after that, and Causey contacted his congressman, who contacted the Feds. Now, if that comment is all satire, I’m missing it, but it would explain why BS is laying relatively low.

  4. When our host says he has no comments on this matter I think a certain individual should be more than a little concerned. And there are reasons to be concerned imo.

    • Sounds like the “I’m not going to court just leave me alone” train is about to pull out of the depot if it isn’t already gathering speed…

    • Actually, I would not surprised to hear that it was filed tomorrow (meaning Memorial Day) after a meeting with the Clerk of the Court.

  5. I would like to say that I also have no intention of suing Mr. Hoge since I have the same grounds as mt schmalfeldt. Zero. Have a great weekend everybody.

  6. I would like to use the BS standard of evidence here, and channel his sweaty-palmed threats.

    Bill, if you wrote up a lawsuit, YOU MUST POST IT FOR ALL TO SEE BY 7PM, or else the INVESTIGATION WILL CONTINUE (along with the mockery). We want IT ALL. You MUST post copies of ALL mail receipts (and not the fake one’s like your friend uses, we’ve seen those and mocked them already). Failure to do so represents that you are a LIAR and a SCOUNDREL. If lying, you’re ONLY purpose is to TORMENT and SHORTEN THE LIFE of all parties. There is NO OTHER EXPLANATION. The Society of Professional Journalists COMPELS YOU TO COMPLY.

    Boy, that’s tiresome. Off to enjoy the weather and forget BS exists.

    • You must have nicer weather than we’re getting today. I’m putting off going outside to see if the hail left any dents in the car…..

    • Pinwheel, you forgot to call him a “whore,” “tw*t,” or “c*nt,” and threaten to take his kids away.

      • Good point on the name calling, but didn’t SchmalFOOL’s kids already take themselves away? 😀

      • Every time he says something like that, I picture him rubbing his hands and slavering.

        It’s not a pretty picture.

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