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One of the bogus allegations in The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s RICO Madness is that the defendants were a racketeering enterprise that engaged in wire fraud. This is from his first amended complaint in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. lawsuit.ECF 2-126As I pointed out in my motion to dismiss, …ECF 5-3MoneyTalksThis is not to say that there aren’t money raising schemes on the Interwebz that have false narratives behind them. For example, an unscrupulous individual might attempt to raise funds for a nonexistent legal battle. Even if no money were raised, such a fraudulent solicitation might be a crime in some circumstances.

The Gentle Reader should be wary of Internet scams.

57 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Heh. Sad and funny at the same time. Schmalfeldt is so inconsequential that no one will bother to take the time and effort to report his shenanigans to the authorities.

    • A horrible, horrible, scheming, troll type, of course. Probably infringes copyrights; steals the work of others and tries to earn money from it. Probably has no life worth living, no real friends. Probably so reviled his own children would have nothing to do with him. Just picture someone revolting, repulsive, repugnant, and unbelievably stupid. Or maybe just thoroughly consumed by dementia. And with almost no redeeming characteristics (certainly no quality), somehow incredibly arrogant; and even attempting condescension to his betters; for that added air of batshit crazy. You did mean what sort of cad was the subject of the above post, right? The one trying to obtain money?

      As for who would report such a vile being, well, any law & order type with some extra time on their hands may very well file a report. It would be the right thing to do, after all. 😀

      • And that’s not the only heinous, disgusting thing he’s been accused of doing to children… and accused by his own wife, too.

    • Heh. The very thing he says I have been doing since my release from prison, yet who is the one that is provably doing so? The only one that is actually asking for money and will accept it if offered?
      Not I said the former con-man!
      Project much Moron?

  2. I saw something like that. Dude wanted to raise one meelion dollars, but it could have been a typo. $1,000 to finance a lawsuit, if you have a time machine, sounds reasonable. Wait…

  3. Note, Schmalfeldt not filing suit, does this perhaps say something about what he really thinks internally about BK’s lawfare’s chances and validity?


  4. The Hararsser, holder of the Defenders of Freedom iron cross 3rd class (self awarded) member of the Self Identified Society of Professional Journalists, proud author and co owner of 92 twitter accounts, 13 facebook accounts, 121 internet radio stations, 147 websites, 1,046 doom clocks and a partridge in a pear tree, Only internet editor to be banned from his own blog, Sponsor of over a dozen well red books available to ANYONE PLEASE ANYONE ORDER FOR GODS SAKE – available on line soon to pass into the three figure range collectively as the 16 people he smeared in the last months, their attorneys are gathering evidence, the Serial Adjudicated Harasser has stepped in it…

    Yes this Serial Adjudicated Harasser, not only of grieving widows, but of cute innocent babies, is now again almost filing suit, he has been here before breathlessly almost filing criminal charges and sending scathing letters to the SA’s public affairs officer or intellectually deep and stimulating DCMA counter claims to a paralegal at Amazon, this mental giant, this investigative reporter, who only asks that you immediately cooperate, [and he will be very very gentle, like a feather landing on a pillow perched upon a pile of dung], Our brave depend-able harasser of small children, his imaginary world spinning rapidly off it’s rocker by the cold hard realization that – THE GIG IS UP!

    Mr. Adjudicated, and his nom de geurre Res Judicata, the man who launched a thousand derisions, the phallic photoshopping, peace order sump pump phenom and profession perpetual victim, is now in a corner caused by many self inflicted wounds of not knowing when to stop.

    IF you care at all about this victim the soulless creepy ooze that the society of professional ooze has cast asunder, please consider donating anything of worth to this man to ease his self inflicted suffering in this last of 3,746 final stages of his brave life in the real world fake reality somewhere located near his belt buckle and the clapper.

    • I think it signifies something very telling…that Cabin Boy™ has lost all credibility with his so called friends. No one is on his side anymore.

      The bad guys have realized that they gain nothing anymore by supporting this dude.

      Now if only Cabin Boy™ would come to this self realization he’d be better off.

  5. And now he says that his neurologist talked him out of it, and he sent another letter to the court, two days after the first one, telling them that he was dropping the matter.

    But that request wouldn’t have got to the clerk’s office until presumably two days after the suit was sent, and quite possibly not until Tuesday. Wouldn’t the initial request have been filed in PACER at least until the request to drop it is received? When the request is received, what is the procedure? Is it pulled from PACER, or does it just get marked closed?

    One also must wonder if he’s going to listen to the neurologist this time better than he did at the beginning of the month.

    • Well, I just read that pity party and conglomeration of lies.

      Question: if he objects to characterizations of him and his friends when there is no verdict of guilt, e.g., cyber stalker, and claims that such characterizations are libelous without a guilty verdict, then why does he call the Stranahans whores, grifters, etc.? Was anyone CONVICTED for pimping, grifting, pornography, or prostitution? No. They weren’t. He loves to call or imply (something he finds offensive when others do it) that RSM, is a drunk, that Librarygryffon has Apergers or finished last in an election, all of which are blatant falsehoods. Is he a psychiatrist? A counselor? No.

      He is offended by comments directed to his wife, but has said vile things about Aaron’s wife and Lauren, people who did him no harm. This includes revolting sexual musings about Lauren. He also is, in fact, lying about Aaron “making” his wife check under the car for bombs. And he is soooo concerned about “the children,” that he wrote and broadcast a piece about Stranahan prostituting his daughter.

      What a self-righteous, deluded screed.

      • I just read it, as well.

        The magnitude of disgust for this despicable, lying, destructive, soulless POS cannot be appropriately conveyed in words.

    • Oh, I meant to say the letter asking to drop the suit wouldn’t have arrived until two days after the suit arrived.

    • As in all things, IANAL. But the narrative doesn’t seem true. Maybe one of the legal beagles here can help clear it up.

      If he’s filed the suit, shouldn’t it be in PACER? Even without the decision on being a Pauper? Can he even pull it as simply as that? From the outside looking in, it doesn’t seem that pulling a lawsuit would be so “simple.”

      I would assume that once you filed it, you could’t drop it unless all parties agreed. Or is there some assumption that the one bringing the suit can pull it prior to first service? Is there some sort of sanction for pulling it, like he can’t file the same suit over the same issues again?

  6. Call me suspicious, but after two years of watching the lack of self control exhibited by some BK supporters, I find it absolutely amazing that people like BS are suddenly exhibiting such self control on the internet. And Bullyville has nothing to do with it, right?

  7. Hey, you don’t think he just lost it, cause he got caught telling anotha fib – plus bk gave him a shove

    • I hadn’t thought of that possibility, EPWJ. Perhaps the tiny terrorist decided the “help” he receives from SchmalFOOL wasn’t worth the cost. Imagine having that demented SchmalFAIL claiming to represent you, or claiming to be your friend, etc. With friends like that… hahahaha

      As we all know, “All that is necessary to discredit [SchmalFOOL] is to quote [SchmalFAIL]. Perhaps a corollary would be, ‘All that is necessary to destroy someone’s reputation is to show a friendly connection to SchmalFAIL.’

  8. haz a saddie, no fwends, no lawwwsuits,

    actually he should thank his stars and he has a long life ahead of him he can make amends

  9. Oh my. That scurrilous screed should be fisked. Paragraph by paragraph. I do understand that would require too many new threads to be started, but perhaps our host would consider a fresh page for us to do the fisking?

    • don’t bother let him go into his bubble, his tiny little world of nothingness, not worth another thought

      • That’s a very good, and a very accurate point, EPWJ. However, we all know that SchmalFOOL will not be able to stay in his bubble because, as you point out, his is a tiny little world of nothingness. No friends, no family, nothing but his loathsome self. How horrific to be alone with himself, day after day. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone — except, of course, for SchmalFAIL himself.

        The honest are troubled by blatant lies. I suspect that is part of what has caused all of us to take an interest; wanting to counter awful, evil lies, with the honest truth. Such lies in themselves are a shock to sensibilities of honest, decent people. I realize he’s demented, by his own admission. But the constant lying about all things, big and small, and from which there is no conceivable benefit other than just putting more of his evil out into the world, well, it’s quite breathtaking, really.

      • “the honest are troubled by blatant lies” – yes and that’s how the five year old brat gets attention – best is a looong time out silent treatment

      • you’re a fighter Jane, so are most here, he tries to manipulate that, greatly overestimating his opponents

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