23 thoughts on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

  1. Silly, you get one that doesn’t need batteries. They charge themselves if you, um, shake them like you’re applying mayonnaise.

    (Well, like some people apply mayonnaise.)

    • He assures us he’s never told a single lie.


      I’m waiting for him to apologize for the “horribly last” bit in the BoE election when the results show another candidate with 15% fewer votes. But because Nancy Gilly is the last name listed (because that is the order the names were on the ballot), she obviously came in last, right?

      I’ve challenged him on that. What are the odds he’ll ever issue a retraction or apology? I’m guessing never, since we all know he has never told a falsehood./sarc

      • About the same chance as he’ll issue an apology for stating his twitter feed was protected for February and March, all the while knowing we have screencaps of hundreds of tweets of those months.

        It takes a special kind of pathology to lie about something you know can be so easily proved wrong.

      • As you say, I figure I’ll be waiting until the proverbial cows come home, and then probably a few millennia after that.

      • Lie: He never filed a suit.
        Lie: I never emailed him. Under any name. EVER.
        Lie: Never inquired as to the taste of (EWWWWW) what he said I did.

        Now I will hit my head with a ballpeen hammer just to get that thought out of my head FOREVER.

        Inspector Jiggles Lie? Like a FUGGIN’ rug.

      • About the same as printing retractions for the dozens of tweets falsely accusing McCain and Ali of living in Maryland and Virginia, respectively. Or of being a drunk or Karl Rove’s boyfriend. Or the time he falsely accused Hoge of lying about receiving a victim impact statement. Or how he delights in repeating the canard that Lauren Stranhan gave birth in a bathtub.

  2. After weeks of silence, the Justice Through Music Project twitter account is suddenly active again:
    @VR_Tweet (Velvet Revolution US Account) posted Wednesday for the first time in over a month.

    I wonder if you can infer (or even impute) anything about Brett Kimberlin’s free time from this pattern.

    • I’m not on Twitter. Please summarize, if you don’t mind.

      I am exceptionally displeased by the mere existence of said Twitter feed.

    • Do you mean Brett Kimberlin, Brett C. Kimberlin, Brett Coleman Kimberlin, the Speedway Bomber? The guy that spent many years In prison after being convicted of several felonies including setting off several bombs in Speedway, Indiana? The same Brett Kimberlin of Justice Through Music Project (JTMP) and Velvet Revolution (VR) who was also convicted of perjury and drug trafficking? The same Brett C. Kimberlin who while in prison claimed he had sold drugs to Dan Quayle?

      That would be the same Brett Coleman Kimberlin who illegally possessed several guns, though a convicted felon, right? I mean, I can see a tiny little guy like Brett Kimberlin knowing that he’s a tiny twerp and his only means of self-defense is a firearm, but hey, don’t do the felonies if you want to retain your 2nd amendment rights to own firearms, right?

      The same Brett Kimberlin who has repeatedly been accused of pedophilia, including by his own wife? You know, just the fact that she was 16 and Brett Coleman Kimberlin was in his 40’s when he married her proves to me he’s a pedophile. I don’t even need the inappropriate relationship with the 10 year old Barton girl described by Mark Singer in his authorized biography of Brett Kimberlin, or Brett Kimberlin’s wife allegation that Brett Kimberlin of Justice Through Music Project (JTMP) still has naked pictures of the then little 10-14 year old Barton girl to prove to me that Brett Kimberlin is a pedophile.

      And how awful that when that little Barton girl’s grandmother, Julia Scyphers, stepped in to protect her from Brett Kimberlin of Justice Through Music Project (JTMP) and Velvet Revolution (VR), “someone” went to her house and shot the grandmother dead. IIRC, the only witness identified the shooter as a known associate of Brett C. Kimberlin. According to the local papers in Speedway, Indiana, Brett Kimberlin was and remains the only suspect in the murder of that little girl’s grandmother.

      I mean, a guy (Brett C. Kimberlin) who while in his 40’s pursues a romantic relationship with a child of 14-16 is pretty definitively a pedophile in my book. I don’t even need to see those creepy lyrics Brett Coleman Kimberlin wrote about wanting to have sex with young girls to convince me that Brett Kimberlin of Justice Through Music Project (JTMP) and Velvet Revolution (VR) is a pedophile. Wasn’t Brett Kimberlin of Justice Through Music (JTMP) in his 50’s or 60’s when he gave that interview owning those lyrics?

    • Most of the Kimberlin “charity” related news+twitter posts are pretty ordinary re-posting of stories, from elsewhere. Often but not necessarily the stories are tilted to the left. I would recommend onlookers to not allow anyone to, by posting such generic stories which you might agree with, thereby build up credit to be spent by misbehavior. For example “he may have been into some crime in the 70s/80s but at least his heart must be in the right place because he posted some links to stuff I agree with.” I realize most people who visit this site are on the right, but the point is that such news article recycling is irrelevant to Brett Kimberlin’s vengeful attacks against people who tell the truth about him.

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