An “Assault Weapon” in New Jersey?

The New Jersey legislature has passed a bill that would classify any semi-automatic rifle with a fixed magazine that hold more than 10 rounds as an “assault weapon.” That would include such evil firearms as my old .22, a Remington Nylon 66.1959_remington_nylon_66My brother’s little .22 pump action rifle would be covered too if it were a semiauto. But it’s OK because he has to rack the slide between shots.Rossi62<sarc>I’m sure New Jersey will be much safer if Gov. Christie signs the bill.</sarc>

10 thoughts on “An “Assault Weapon” in New Jersey?

  1. This is more evil and intentional that ignorant and idiotic. If you want to teach people that guns are bad and you shouldn’t shoot them, you start when they’re kids. So, why wouldn’t you make kids guns into scary assault rifles?

    Imagine Dad: “Honey, I think we should get Bobby a .22 for Christmas.”

    Mom: “An assault rifle? Are you crazy? Absolute not!”

    I hate Progressives, the incrementalist bastards.

  2. I suppose the NJ legislature could also enact a measure that declares Gov. Christie a trim and lithe figure. Nowhere does it say that laws and reality must match.

  3. “butt loaded” – I’d forgotten that.
    I am talking about the gun, not Christie btw.

  4. Late to the original discussion… but, if we presume that it is signed into law by their governor or perhaps his veto overridden; then doesn’t this invoke an aspect of being an ex post facto type law?

  5. The little Gallery Rifle that you gave me when we visited you in California is the sweetest little rifle that I own. It is remarkably accurate, quick to the shoulder, and will fire as quickly as one can pump it. Once the bolt reaches battery, the hammer falls, a fact that my daughter learned when she forgot to release the trigger before pumping the forearm. John, I thank you for that little rifle. It has brought home more bushy and cotton tails to go into the cook pot than I have bothered to count.

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