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The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin simply can’t keep his stories straight. For example, he complains that one of the way he has been defamed if by folks saying that he got Aaron Walker fired from his job as in-house counsel with a healthcare firm. Here’s one of the paragraphs from his proposed second amended complaint for the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness.ECF 100-126Now, given that TDPK is trying to allege that saying he got Aaron Walker fired is defamatory, you’d think that he wouldn’t brag about having done it to one of the codefendants in the lawsuit. This is from a pleading filed by Paul Alan Levy on behalf of Ace of Spades.ECF 75-p30And here’s the money quote from Exhibit A.ECF 75-ExAI couldn’t make this sort of stuff up if I tried.

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    • I think on this question a lot, and what I always come back to is that Brett Kimberlin relies on his ability to find credulous dupes. They are normally people who have more humanity than he does (just because they are selected from the general population) but not the discernment to realize that he is manipulating them.

      For a horrifying example, consider Sandra Barton.

      Sometimes people do get duped. So, what do we do about it? I’ve thought some about this one too, here’s what I come up with so far:

      WRONG answer:
      “You are evil! There’s no way back! You are ‘fair game’ and we can use unjust tactics against you while we are fighting Brett Kimberlin! You are forever excluded from our ‘team’. I must get revenge and make you PAY.”

      Right answer:
      “You must face what you’ve done and helped do, and you must try to make amends. While some things you did were wrong, we will use only just means to fight back which means you still get treated fairly. Since personal politics and team don’t matter. you can always be a force for good and join others of good faith at any time you choose. Revenge is pointless, only amends are valuable. Your means of payment is only on your own conscience.”

      Now different people are attracted to good and justice by different amounts but you shouldn’t be too quick to give up on someone as “too far gone.” Indeed the “too far gone” logic plays into the hands of manipulators, so you must show the manipulated they can always turn around and move in the right direction no matter how far they’ve gone.

      • Brett Kimberlin, probably, was “too far gone” at birth. His actions clearly show a complete lack of empathy with the people he victimizes. Nor, can be grasp the distinction between the form of redemption and the substance of redemption. These personality traits are probably genetic.

        When Brett Kimberlin forged a receipt purporting to show a summons had been sent the restricted delivery his explanation was that he had instructed the postal clerk to send it restricted delivery. He was merely altering the document to reflect what he intended to happen. Brett Kimberlin can grasp that his argument has the form of an excuse. What he can’t grasp is that it lacks the substance of an excuse. A valid excuse must be factually true, plausible, and meaningful among other properties. His excuse has none of these. Had he told the clerk to send it restricted delivery, the clerk would have immediately told him to check the box, and, would have charged him the extra money. It is not plausible to claim ignorance that restricted delivery would entail an additional fee. Nor, was his excuse meaningful. Stating ones reasons for committing a fraud upon the court doesn’t mitigate the underlying fraud.

        You could talk to Brett Kimberlin until you were blue in the face about redemption, and it would make no difference. He’ll never grasp the substance of redemption, so he will never seek it. Bill Schmalfeldt is merely a dim obnoxious ass. In theory, he could grasp its substance to the extent his intellect, or lack thereof, allows. In practice, he is so committed to the path he is on that it is highly unlikely.

    • Well, yes, he really does think he does fool people, because he really does fool people. Lying and cheating are how he has succeeded.

      He understands that people want to hear and believe certain things. I mean, look at the whole Dan Quayle thing. The media lapped that up. He got a book written about him and he pocketed a lot of money from it. He had a series of strips in Doonesbury!

      When you are five foot four your dating and mating opportunities are limited. But if you go to a former Soviet state, find a hot, tall, teenager and tell her you are an entrepreneur and a soon to be world famous rock star and record producer…well, the odds change a bit.

      And lying in court really hasn’t cost him anything. His perjury conviction only sent him to jail for a fraction of the sentence. And likely, it kept him out of more serious trouble.

      With his false accusations and testimony, he has managed to cost his adversaries time and money, even if he never prevails in his suits. Each and every exploit that is not punished, he views as exoneration. He presented forged documents in the Maryland state court, and the court would not punish him – so he takes that to mean that it is legal to do so. He presented forged documents from the US District Court and the court has so far not punished him, and in fact seems to have acted on his behalf by considering Twitchy, the victim of his forged summons, as a defendant in the case, anyway.

      Seeing it happen makes you feel all Travis Bickle, thinking that some day a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets….

      In times like that, I have to remember Psalm 73. From “The Message” translation:

      Pretentious with arrogance,
      they wear the latest fashions in violence,
      Pampered and overfed,
      decked out in silk bows of silliness.
      They jeer, using words to kill;
      they bully their way with words.
      They’re full of hot air,
      loudmouths disturbing the peace.
      People actually listen to them—can you believe it?
      Like thirsty puppies, they lap up their words.

      What’s going on here? Is God out to lunch?
      Nobody’s tending the store.
      The wicked get by with everything;
      they have it made, piling up riches.
      I’ve been stupid to play by the rules;
      what has it gotten me?
      A long run of bad luck, that’s what—
      a slap in the face every time I walk out the door.

      If I’d have given in and talked like this,
      I would have betrayed your dear children.

      • By his own admission, Brett Kimberlin perjured himself in the trial connected to the bombings. Nevertheless, he wasn’t prosecuted or sentenced for this (correct me if I am wrong).

        His perjury conviction was years before, and he only actually spent 21 days out of a 1 year sentence in jail (during which time he apparently moved about 5,000 lbs of marijuana). Basically he was caught plainly contradicting himself in grand jury testimony. A prosecutor had noticed these contradictions, and made them plain before the jury by making Brett review the points on which he had lied. Then 18 year old Kimberlin noticed this was going on and the transcription even has him saying “Now you’re trying to get me for perjury.” Correct!

        The back story is that drug enforcement was going after some local drug dealers and Kimberlin got caught in the net. Kimberlin was apparently the sole source for LSD for an area dealer, supplying him with tens of thousands of hits at a time. Kimberlin completely denied this, saying maybe he had given or sold a few hits here and there to someone. He also denied selling cocaine.

        This particular story is covered on pages 314-315 of Citizen K when Singer gets to the “wow, Kimberlin lies to me about EVERYTHING big and small” section of the book.

  1. A lot more information about this particular incident can be found at

    Aaron has a document that is from BK saying how he sent the information that Aaron was a danger because of the blog he ran about Muhammed. This caused the authorities to contact his employer. Which as a result got Aaron first suspended, then terminated.

    I could be slightly off on the exact document and occurrence. I know I have seen a document that was sent by BK saying that Aaron was a danger because of his blog. i clearly remember he sent such a document to the local police and FBI. I’m a little fuzzy on if he sent it to the employer too, or the authorities brought it to the attention of his emplyer.

    It might have been Aaron himself who told his employer about the blog and threats that BK was making….if he could clarify and show that document you completely see that BK did all he could to get Aaron in trouble at work and succeeded due to the cowardice of Aaron’s unnamed former employer.

    • Lets be frank, hundred of special forces families are the first line targets if and it’s a huge if – they were to commence operations in the US. After all there was one attack, 13 years ago, and one other attack which took years in the making – at Fort Hood. Second politicians especially the very large Bush Family which there are literally dozens, would be another target, commanding generals, colonels, then senators, representatives, business leaders.

      A Long long long long long list of potential high impact targets, over a website that showed what other website were doing on the internets and drawing stick figures of that – he who should not be mentioned, AW’s firm was a bunch of lefty kooks and they immediately jumped in bed with a bomber – now a guy who is pure and self righteous is going to come along and play Brett for us in the comment section – feel free to throw stuff at him.

      • I agree that Aaron is probably pretty far down on the list of potential targets…but if waved at the radicals in that religion, he could be moved up pretty quick, IMO.
        Here is the letter BK sent to the police and FBI about Aaron that in turn caused Aaron to tell his employer about the possible danger that then caused him to be fired.

      • Wow. I don’t think I ever read that in all the things I’ve read on Aaron’s site. He is a scheming SOB. It blows my mind he’s gotten away with this stuff for so long.

        He is really vengeful when he doesn’t get his way. I hope all of the defendant’s are prepared to take precautions when he loses in court.

        Each of them are in my prayer’s.

    • BK called the employer, and also (I believe) sent smarmy letters to both law enforcement and the employer.

    • I don’t think you have the story straight. Brett Kimberlin sent a letter to the police stating Aaron Walker had been unmasked as the editor of the Everyone Blog About Mohammed website, and, that as a result Aaron Walker and his coworkers could now be endangered. Brett Kimberlin’s intent was clear enough: he wanted the police to do his dirty work while he could claim legal immunity. But, the police didn’t play along. They never contacted his employer. Aaron Walker knew Kimberlin would just pursue another means of having his employer contacted, so he chose to preempt him by contacting his employer first.

  2. Sociopaths have no qualms about lying if they think it will achieve their goal. The end justifies the means. Lie, cheat, steal – it’s all good to a sociopath.

  3. Called the midnight clerk at the Baltimore office of the District Attorney for the district of Maryland – still no suit, latest Axis of Sleazel comment shows a guy who isn’t mentioning a suit anymore.

    Hands, who guessed it was another ” a kind policeman came by and we had drinks on my imaginary porch and they gave me hope that they were going to make arrests soon” fantasy

    • Just so. Cowards threaten a LOT more than they act (and actually with different goals in mind, compared to when the just person warns his attackers). Enough said.

    • IF he were to say anything about it it’d be he’s applying for pauper status so THAT”S why there is no showing of it…
      of course all court filings are docketed when received by the court, those waiting for decisions such as that pauper status are “pending” till it’s settled, not that Farty knows that obviously..
      so lying liar is lying again…
      in other news, water is wet and yes bears do shit in the woods..


  4. Meanwhile, when you purchase the book for no other reason than to boot it from the shelves, you’ve spent $10, put money in my pocket, and if it gets pulled from the shelf I’ll just have it back up there in a couple days

    I guess the rage frothing seething specked rage of brave indignation and fighting for AMERICA, has been replaced by – lets make a deal…

    • He must have felt shame while writing such a ridiculous thing. But, not as much shame as is behind a lot of his degrading filthy posts…

      • SchmalFOOL has no shame. Zero. SchmalFAIL has convinced himself that everything he does is justified. No matter how creeptastic, no matter how false, no matter how wrong, in SchmalFOOL’s dementia addled judgment, it’s all ok.

    • I look forward to him posting the NPF’s acknowledgment of the donation they received fom the sale of his last few books. He did sell some, and posted his status on Amazon, if you recall. He also marketed the books with the promise that ALL of his proceeds would be donated to the NPF.

  5. I hope a ton of people buy the thing…and do as Michael did and look beyond the cover story and gets the real picture.

    How nice is it to think that the Cabin Boy™ is actually getting paid to get people to see how big a jerk he is and how big a monster BK is? As long as Cabin Boy™ gets audited by the IRS about the profits that I am sure he will fail to report, it would be,”All is well that ends well.”

    I can dream can’t I?

    • Conversely, I hope no one buys the thing without returning it for a full refund. I hope it ends up costing SchmalFAIL a lot to produce this garbage. I hope it ends up costing SchmalFOOL a lot of money and in the end even his freedom, possibly from violating various court orders regarding theft of copyrighted materials, defamation, harassment, etc.

      If SchmalFOOL doesn’t stop the harassment, defamation, and theft, I hope SchmalFAIL completes his set of restraining orders/peace orders from all states, and even gets a few orders from outside of the US to cease and desist.

  6. “So ponder my offer.” Translation: Nice career you have there. Be a shame if something happened to it. Thanks for the reminder about what a snake he is. (Sorry snakes.)

    • Pure and simple extortive behavior. Been around long, long years. Puts me in mind of an apt song …

    • Nor–apparently–the precedent established in People v. Croswell and the New York State Legislature.

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