Prevarication Du Jour

Last Tuesday, The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt™ posted the following on his Patriot-Ombudsman blog (He’s taken it down, but I wouldn’t link to it anyway.)—P-O20140520That information appears to be false.

If one searches for any information related to William Schmalfeldt on PACER, the federal Public Access to Court Electronic Records system, here’s what is returned:BSonPACERBS_PACER_resultThe only case in the entire federal system with a document relating to the Cabin Boy™ is The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s RICO Madness. The Gentle Reader may remember that the Cabin Boy™ sent a couple of letters to Judge Grimm which were returned because they had no bearing on that case.

According to the Clerk’s office at the U. S. District Courthouse in Baltimore, if a suit had been filed, even one seeking in forma pauperis status, it would have been posted on PACER not later than close of business on the day after it was received. It would be tagged as pending until the pauper’s status was determined. It’s after close of business, and there’s no such case on PACER. That means that the Clerk did not receive any such lawsuit by Thursday. Even if TDPS had mailed the suit, it should have made it to the court by yesterday. [Note: The clerk providing this information was one of the day-shift crew who works normal business days. The night and holiday staff was not available.]

I suspect that the Cabin Boy™ is lying about filing suit. Of course, I could be wrong. He could easily prove me wrong by publishing what he filed just as he published TDPK’s original RICO Madness complaint.

Don’t hold your breath.

34 thoughts on “Prevarication Du Jour

  1. the fact that he hasn’t been crowing about how we’re all going to go to JAIL (for a civil suit nonetheless) all week pretty much sums it up..

    oh I know he said he wasn’t going to post anything but since when has Twinkie McFarty had any kind of self control?


  2. Breaking: doctors have determined that Bill schmalfeldt is not actually fat at all. He would in fact ordinarily be quite svelte. the bloating many have observed comes from the fact the is literally that full of s__t.

    Take it away and he could literally in Brett Kimberlin’s clothes.

    Joking aside, hey, i wonder if any criminal statutes apply to a person faking an entire lawsuit?

    • There was no lawsuit. He lied. There is no law against lies. Now, what may be interesting is if he continues to expose that the lawsuit has, indeed, been filed then he is certainly attempting, maliciously, to defame the non-defendants and intentionally inflict emotional distress. Imagine poor Mr. Hoge sitting at home for the past few nights concerned as he already is about two silly vexatious lawsuits and now there is a third? The shame.

      • there is no general law against lying. That’s what the stolen valor teaches us. But there are specific ways lying can be criminal…

        Think on it and an idea might come to mind what i am thinking of…

        • While I’ll always defer to a lawyer, it isn’t lying that is illegal. It’s who you lie to. Or where you lie at. I may call myself Lord Ecto-Supremo. I call myself that after getting arrested… Not so smart.

          That said, I wouldn’t think this lie is in fact illegal. Unwise and potentially defaming if it continues, but not illegal. Stupid and potentially harassing, but not illegal.

          I may have to change my mind about it, and perhaps this is the idea you are thinking I should recognize. However, I think I’d rather not talk about it here. Maybe I’ll DM you on twitter and see if I’m right.

    • I would think it would fall under harassment. And perhaps Bill’s favorite, “intentional infliction of emotional distress”. You don’t want to see what my blood pressure was doing earlier this week. (It seems to be back to normal right now, but who knows?)

    • I dunno… may have been an extortion attempt…

      Did SchmalFOOL seek any type of settlement? Wasn’t there some sort of offer made to someone on one of his now no-doubt-deleted screeds?

    • Something he and his “excellent friend” have accused others of doing, perhaps? You know how it is with this crew: project, project, project!

    • but but he’s a serial adjudicated harasser with clusters, and a former retired professional investigative journalism 3rd class – he is a Vulcan devoid of all emotion he couldn’t just couldn’t lie to us?

  3. Damn. I’d kept reloading PACER every morning looking for a reason to laugh at scribblings that make sense to children.

    Good thing there are cartoons on tomorrow morning.

  4. I should remind you that Bill Schmalfeldt simply did not publish the actual documents filed by Brett Kimberlin. He merely published documents purported to be them. What is to stop him from doing the exact same thing again? Granted Kimberlin did file something. But, what is to stop Bill Schmalfeldt from posting purported copies of a lawsuit that simply hasn’t been filed?

    Personally, I think he is having second thoughts. Reading this blog, which I’m fairly sure he does multiple times a day, perhaps it has dawned upon him how expensive of an undertaking he is contemplating. Even if he is granted pauper status, which he won’t because his reported income is greater than the threshold, he’ll still have to pay the $350 eventually. Just mailing the lawsuit to the ten named defendants by restricted delivery is going to run over $100 dollars. Paul Lemmon enumerated some of the costs of suing a federal prisoner from Florida. These are significant sums for him. He’s an optimist to believe that blegging a thousand dollars is going to finance his day in court. While Brett Kimberlin is suing the universe under the delusion that he is the next F. Lee Bailey who is going to sue his way to prosperity, Bill Schmalfeldt would be doing it for bluster and ego. Bill is not apt to think that owing the Federal Courts $350 is worth the harassment value.

    Here is a thought for you, Bill: while it might take you thousands of articles, and dozens of pseudonyms to raise the necessary postage from The Examiner, the cost to John Hoge to finance a ruinous legal onslaught against you would be putting off his eventual retirement as a quantum mechanic for about a week. That is if Bullyville doesn’t decide to squash you like a grape first. How’s things being working out for your buddy Neal? Your threatening to take that poor woman in Wisconsin children from her is precisely the type of internet behavior that attracts Bullyville’s attention. Suing a bunch of posters just might put you on his radar. John has treated you in a remarkably decent manner given how poorly you have acted towards him and his family. However, if you try to corner him you might just force his hand. Nor, do I think Bullyville is nearly as forgiving of a guy. Ask Neal.

    • wouldn’t be surprised if he does get something up and running, some of us are unprotecting out accts now…

      I’m truly amazed he’s managed to not tweet for so long…must be a record for him..


  5. Based on the above comments, I took a look. That account appears to be suspended. Perhaps LouLou is seeing the account on a search result list that if clicked on, would show the suspension?

    I did see his wmsmusicradio twitter account is still live but from what I saw, it’s all auto-tweets for another failed internet radio attempt.

    • I took a screen grab & emailed it to John. Didn’t want him to think I was seeing things. If I click on his tweets I get the message”sorry, you’re not authorized to view these Tweets”.
      No idea.

      • That is so odd. Have you tried refreshing the page in case it’s a bizarre case of a cached page showing up for some inexplicable reason?

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