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Patriot-Ombudsman Brainslices

9 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. Should we say, “We best way to discredit Bill Schmalfeldt is to translate Bill Schmalfeldt?”

  2. Poor widdle Cabin Boy still sitting, staring, and making bigs wondering WHAT he might have done that left such a wealth of information behind. And he’s probably looking at the old site, not the current abomination, but the one with his declaration of WAR!!!!11!!!. He has over a year of code to look through covering several different sites. Wonder if he made full backups to include the source code? Knowing that the Cabin Boy (The numbers mean nothing to me!) doesn’t really understand what the code says or does…well, that has got be be a bit vexing to him. And now that his “good friend” is making sure he gets dragged into his case….well, poor Cabin Boy might find himself in a bit of a spot of trouble.

    • Not only that, but he has to wonder about how often the code was scraped, and what the modifications revealed over time. There exist any number of automated tools that are handy for exploring the deltas.

      Often, things that were put up for seconds, or minutes, then removed, provide the most telling clues.

      At this point, Neal Rauhauser and Brett Coleman Kimberlin have to be wondering what Cousin Bill Schmalfeldt let slip, seeing as how he had the keys to several of their websites, for a while, at least, and is a known cut-n-paster (as opposed to a “eatin’ paster”, which he was, too).

      Would not be surprised if the trailer had a “gas leak” arranged by his good friends, with a subsequent explosion and fire. Be careful, Cousin! I’ve warned you of their treachery, before…

  3. Cousin Bill’s new book is up at createspace -_Axis of Weasels_, subtitled “How Right Wing Extremists Exploit Self-Publishing Websites to Silence Opinion”. (No linkee-love from me.)

    The self-written description is laughable butthurtery.

    • if the books is seriously about how the law needs to change to so that people have to show a legal claim and not just make a claim to kill a book they don’t like, then i dont really have a problem with it..
      HOWEVER, in all the instances he uses to explain his book, all the people who made claims did actually have the legal right to make the claims and Twinkie KNOWS it…and if he includes the stuff that the various companies were notified about, then one would think he is still infringing copyright…


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