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    • I almost see this as some sort of protest of his. He hasn’t been getting the love he wants from Neal and DPBK, so he does something like this to get attention. If it happens to produce something to help BK, great. Anyway, I think of Billy more like this:


      • A pretty accurate portrayal of him. I’ve always opined that the lives for the pat on the head and the “Good boy” he occasionally must get from his Master Kimby.

      • Frankly, I’m surprised he forgot to add Aaron in the first place. Oh wait. We’re talking about Schmalfail. Of course he’d get it wrong.

  1. Message to Bill Schmalfeldt:
    Bill, you must either sue me, or admit the correctness of all I say below. And below there are numerous re-tellings of highly shameful, indefensible, and unconscionable acts by you. Of course, out of necessity, these re-telllings make up only a tiny percentage of all such acts you have committed but I selected a few important ones.

    Bill, you have devalued your word by your constant cowardly lying. You spent your credibility so wantonly that there is now a huge deficit of credibility. Therefore it is not enough for you to merely deny what I say below. It is not enough for you to say you disagree. Your de-valued words, spoken out of a deep deficit of credibility, are too weak a response to indicate that you disagree. YOU TACITLY ACCEPT AND AGREE WITH ALL OF THE BELOW UNLESS YOU TAKE EXTREMELY SERIOUS ACTION, such as by ADDING ME TO YOUR LAWSUIT. Here are the things which your de-valued and dis-honored words are no longer sufficient to refute:

    – That you, out of malice and cowardice, have made many knowingly false and cowardly statements to police. Such statements make you both a criminal and a tortfeasor and I also must add that they are cowardly, evil, and indefensible…. such shame.
    – That you, out of malice and cowardice, knowingly made false statements to child protective services. This is a deep shame upon you and it also exposed you to civil liability and it is also criminal. You are a lawbreaking criminal and tortfeasor.
    – You have lied in court in a cowardly effort to reduce the consequences of your other dishonest, illegal, cowardly actions. You lie many times and by also resorting to your cowardly lies to try to affect material outcomes of justice, you take a tremendous shame upon yourself and furthermore you are quite criminal.
    – You have filed knowingly false claims regarding copyright, thus demonstrating over and over again your eagerness to tell cowardly lies.
    – You are a criminal harasser. Your harassment is done for the purpose of achieving highly unethical, dishonorable, and shameful purposes. The tactics you use for the criminal harassment are shameful and cowardly and the sheer amount of shame is extremely high. A mere statement cannot possibly overcome such shame.

    Bill please notice that each of the above statements calls you a serious and serial lawbreaker. Even if you had not chosen to devalue your own honor and words with your constant cowardly lying, it would not be nearly sufficient to only respond to me with only a statement of denial. You can only credibly indicate your disagreement by adding me to your lawsuit.

    I would like to re-iterate and clarify some previous statements I already made about you.

    – That you act in concert with Brett Kimberlin and Neal Rauhauser to aid their criminal harassment campaigns.
    – That such harassment campaigns are for, among other cowardly purposes, trying to escape consequences of dishonest, unethical, and even illegal prior actions by each of you who are involved in the harassment campaigns.

    I would like to add that your blog is quite bad and I will not be making any statements about you there. I was able to spare some time to review some things about it, and your blog is so bad that one of the few redeeming things about it is that the disagreeing comments actually raise the average quality of discussion on the blog, although surely not to a high enough level to escape the depths of shame in which your commentary resides. To many who commented on Bill’s blog, please accept this as a rebuke, that I did review some of what you wrote and it was inadequate (although amazingly still above the average compared to his own commentary!). I advise all those who commented on his blog to cease. You must examine both your means and ends and make sure to keep both unsoiled, and therefore you will find you must be less like Schmalfeldt and do not resort to a tactic that he uses.

    Finally, to those who like to argue with Schmalfeldt, I do wish you luck if you are trying to oppose his shameful, dishonorable and criminal actions as I discussed above, but it is really more important to try to oppose forging perjurer terrorist pedophile Brett Kimberlin. One of the aims of Schmalfeldt is to “run interference” for Kimberlin and you must take care that your actions don’t assist him in this. Schmalfeldt has, as I explained above, undermined the value of his own words so there is often no need to descend into the muck to argue with him.

    Finally Bill, I did consider the rather accurate advice that the best way to discredit you is to quote you. This advice is quite true! However the quotes tend to be beneath the standards of Hoge’s blog because your cowardice leads you deep into filth.

    Sue me or else tacitly admit you know the above is quite true,

    • It sounds like you’re assuming that the authors of those comments are friends of this blog.

    • If you want him to sue you, according to him, you must give him your full name and all contact info. Maybe it finally sunk in that he is really, really, really bad at doxing people and getting it right?

      • tell me about it, he’s calling me by someone else’s name and doesnt even bother with an AKA to denote that he means me…

  2. He expects he’ll die before the case is finished? Sounds like a self solving problem to me.
    Ignore, Defer, Delay and let it rot until moot.
    Bye Bye TLFKAD.

    • so that means he’s just doing this to attempt to harass the defendants and cost them time and money..
      think that pretty much defines “frivolous lawsuit”…


  3. Well the good news about this is that this won’t get on the docket, just go in the crazy pants bin

  4. Wait? Bill has been abusive and rude in his own internet activities? And somebody saved that stuff? Even the tweets and posts he memory holed? Man, that’s going to be hard for him to explain away.

  5. And who could forget this, from Feb. 10?

    “Now, I will report aggressively on Brett Kimberlin’s lawsuit against Hoge and his co-defendants. But I will not be unbiased. I have news that I am sitting on until early next week. It is not good news for Hoge and his co-defendants. (I’ll tell you this much. I won’t say if it’s the state case, the RICO case, or both. Some will save themselves at the expense of others. This is not speculation.)
    And I can’t fucking WAIT until I can write about it without risking the outcome.

    And for every dollar Kimberlin takes from Hoge, for every piece of property Kimberlin takes from Hoge, for every bit of suffering Kimberlin causes Hoge, I will smile. I will laugh. God forgive me, I want the man to suffer. And according to this story I am sitting on, suffer he will.

    Remember where you read it.

    Suffer, he will. It won’t match what he’s done to me. But it will be a small measure of satisfaction to have lived long enough to see Karma bite him on his pockmarked, pimply ass.”

    • A low cunning, but one that will not serve him well in court.

      LULZ will abound…

      Odd that I haven’t been named as a defendant, what?

      Bill, ask Peter – he can give you clues that will lead to me. I look forward to testifying in court about you…

    • “Some will save themselves at the expense of others. This is not speculation”
      he claims this months ago, yet it has yet to happen…also the big news he was sitting on that wasn’t going to be good for Hoge and the others…??? never materialized…

      stupid is a stupid does, but it really takes work to make Gump look like a genius….


  6. From his latest at P-O:

    “Like Mom always said… “If one person thinks you’re a jerk, you can tell yourself that it’s just that person. If it becomes a trend of people telling you, then maybe they’ve got something. If I were being sued for the same thing by different people, I might suggest it would be time for a little self inspection.”

    Bill, count the number of independent, diverse individuals who have gathered together undr the unlikely identifier of “Lickspittles” primarily for the purpose of telling you what a jerk you are.

    Now count your active supporters.

    Begin self inspection any time.

    (Mom would be so proud.)

    • Proud of SchmalFAIL for the very first time, no doubt, if SchmalFOOL actually accomplishes the task. I don’t think he’s smart enough.

      I also think his dementia affects him much more than he will admit, even to himself, even when playing super whiny victim. So, his reality is likely much different that the reality others experience.

      That’s the only explanation I can think of for someone humiliating themselves so thoroughly, so often, on a never ending basis. Can’t stop humiliating himself despite his doc supposedly telling him it will kill him.

      I mean, can mere stupidity explain someone plastering the internet with his stories of being repeatedly cuckolded?

      hahahahaha Too big of a SchmalFOOL to realize he’s a great big SchmalFAIL. Can’t help but laugh at his antics… hahaha

    • Either, Bill Schmalfeldt is too stupid to realize that the word is “introspection” [as in, “I might suggest it would be time for some introspection.”], or his skills at introspection are so minimal that the word isn’t even part of his functional vocabulary. I would give credit to a second grader who suggested that it was time for “a little self inspection.” While they might not be old enough to know the name of the concept, already such a child had learned its value. But, for a man with three decades of adulthood experience to be unaware of the name of the concept strongly suggests that his skills at introspection are minimal at best. That is unless, of course, he is of severely limited intellect.

      Just about everything Bill Schmalfeldt writes strongly supports either thesis. Is it three restraining orders that he is presently has ordered against him? He has been charged by the state with criminal harassment violations for his actions against the Stranahans, and John Hoge. He is lucky to not be in jail or the mental hospital. He is persona non-grata at the Daily Kos. The Examiner keeps firing him each time he signs on under a new alias. And, he is the subject of unrelenting ridicule on twitter. Schmalfeldt has to completely lack introspection to not realize that he has brought all of these upon himself.

    • Don’t forget, he can count his own family members in with the crowd that can’t stand him. I guess Marilynn was right on the money, wasn’t she?

  7. I’m not sure Cabin Boy has a firm grasp on what “filing” means……
    The filing of the lawsuit is a done deal. If they decline my Pauper Filing, I will come up with the money somehow. So there is no question about filing the lawsuit. I have filed it. It is in the hands of the US District Court for the District of Maryland

    There is a filing fee of $400.00 for most types of civil lawsuits. The fee must be paid at the time your complaint is filed. If you are unable to pay the filing fee, see page 5 (paragraph 4).

    If you are unable to pay the filing fee, you may file one of these documents (an original and one copy) with your complaint. This is referred to as filing in forma pauperis. If the Court grants your request to proceed in forma pauperis, the filing fee will only be $350.00, but you will not have to pay the filing fee at the time your complaint is filed.

    So, until the court grants him forma pauperis status, the lawsuit is not “filed”. At least that is what the Fed Court rules say, but I’m sure the Cabin Boy is MUCH smarter then the folks that wrote the rules. Oh and note that even if he is granted his forma pauperis status he still needs to come up with $350, just not at the time they accept the filing. Not sure why they only knock $50 off, but hey, that’s his problem. You listening Fergie? Your buddy needs more of your money.

    He should really pay attention to this part…..

    Rule 11 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure prohibits the filing of lawsuits that are clearly frivolous or filed simply to harass someone. If the Court determines that you have filed a lawsuit for an improper or unnecessary reason, it may impose sanctions against you, including ordering you to pay any legal fees of the party that you sued.

    • SchmalFOOL lies so much one can’t take his word on anything. However, if the $30k income figure was anywhere near accurate, I don’t think SchmalFAIL will qualify for indigent status.

      I didn’t look very hard, but what I saw indicated the federal courts consider a maximum income for all family members must total less $20k for a family of two to proceed in forma pauperis.


      SchmalFOOL gotta SchmalFAIL.


    • But Frankie, you don’t understand. The midnight clerk wizard SAID it was filed as soon as Schmals finished typing the last line. It works just like copyright.

      Ask Schamlfeld. He knows all about copyri…


  8. A Reader, I am thoroughly enjoying your rendition of the Streisand Effect. You have a lovely blog voice. 😉

  9. He better hope they do NOT find him indigent and just throw out the case without it ever being filed.

    If they DO let it be filed (Either he comes up with the $400 or it is classified forma pauperis) then he better pray that it is not found a violation of Rule 11.

    He probably doesn’t care, because he figures he will die before the court can forcibly take his money. Let Gail or his kids worry about that…

    • If he does indeed act so stupidly as to file a frivolous suit, he is going to learn that “judgment proof” is a very subjective thing … it varies by how much effort a judgment creditor is motivated to spend.

      • One of many things he will learn about, including independent medical exams, posting a bond, paying deposition costs….

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