Ho, Hum! Another Frivolous Lawsuit

Apparently, the Cabin Boy™ is trying to file a lawsuit against me and several other people. Until I’m served a copy of the suit and have discussed it with counsel, I can’t comment on anything related to the substance of the matter … other than to point out that he left mopery with intent to lurk off his laundry list of complaints.

Any of my codefendants-to-be may contact me at hogewash@wjjhoge.com.

57 thoughts on “Ho, Hum! Another Frivolous Lawsuit

  1. I read he is using the experience of the Speedway Bomber Convicted Perjurer and Worst Pro Se Litigant Ever Brett Kimberlin as a template for his action. I think he might want to wait a while.

  2. More prayers headed your way. Sorry you and your family have to go through this because of two pathetic little crybabies.

  3. He didn’t file he just IMO,is feeling lonely and needs attention, he already did a DCMA violation by appropriating content from other websites to insult people

    • Additionally, I am amused. Bill has no idea the paperwork burden he has created for himself regarding suing me for a civil tort in Federal Court. I am under the supervision of the United States Court, Middle District of Florida as a part of my sentence in the Middle District of Tennessee. To compel my appearance at any court hearing, the Plaintiff must, no less than 90 days in advance of any hearing, apply for permission for travel outside of the supervising jurisdiction, presenting compelling proof of need. Additionally, he must also file with the sentencing jurisdiction as well. Either or both can refuse without prejudice to me. He also, based on such a refusal, cannot seek a default judgment against me as the refusal is from a division of the Federal Court. He can appeal, which takes anywhere from 3-6 months. My supervising jurisdiction is not likely to approve as I have less than a year remaining on supervision. They will tell him to wait until then and refile. He would also be financially responsible for all arrangements specified by the supervising jurisdiction if approved (electronic leg bracelet, cost of monitoring, US Marshal escort, etc. As I am certified as in formis pauperis due to an income less than half of what Bill receives (and just barely, an additional $500 a year and I wouldn’t qualify). I highly doubt Bill will succeed in his quest to be found indigent. Thus, he would also be required, if there was an approval by two separate Federal Court jurisdictions, to pay for travel or drop me from the instant case and re-file after my supervision ends.
      Last thought: All requests to the Federal Court jurisdiction must be either filed in person or by US Mail, Certified Mail, Return Receipt, Restricted Delivery.

      • Oh, that’s hilarious in this context, Paul. Please do immediately countersue, if that would put the same burdens on the SchmalFOOL. I’d like to see his epic #FAIL cost him a LOT. He more than earned it with just what he’s done to our host. What he did to the Stranahan’s can’t be remedied with $, but that should cost him in full the pathetic amount SchmalFAIL (no doubt only through his wife’s earnings) owns, and what passes for his freedom for a few years.

        I’m looking forward to this suit, if SchmalFOOL actually was able to scrape up $400, costing him big, and hope it results in at least getting SchmalFAIL a 90 day vacation for mental treatment.

      • I’m not going to counter-sue. I am much more dangerous than that. There are several options available to me as a citizen of the Great State of Florida. Nice, legal, horrible outcomes. I will simply smile and continue to pray for Bill’s immortal soul …

      • I will say very little since BS has already noted his abilility to pull the complaint and make changes, and I don’t want to educate him. Based solely on what he has published, and granted, it isn’t much so I may be wrong,this lawsuit of his is a complete non-starter.

        • True. I just find it humorous. He really has no idea what a can of whoop-ass he is opening on himself IF he succeeds in filing. That he will be able to file is a major if. I am very aware of what (and to whom) he has to prove indigent status, the paperwork involved in that, and quite a bit of other legal footwork and a couple of surprises in taking that route. I’ll not expose those, but I recommend caramel popcorn and Slim Jim’s for that denouement.

  4. Besides this latest bit of crazy, he actually has a countdown clock to when the Peace Order expires on his blog. You can expect a call at 12:01 a.m. the day it expires, for sure.

    This dude is nuts.

      • Math and calendars iz hard for someone who haz a sad.

        Wait, I thought BS previously determined the peace order to be null and void anyway. What is he waiting for? Acme Law overruled the judge. Long live Acme Law!

      • So hold on a second. If he calls you before the extension expiration date, you can use this to get the court order extended even more? We all know Cabin Boy really wants to start harassing you again.

      • actually if he’s stupid enough not to verify that the PO is no longer active and tries to contact our esteemed hose while it is active, that’s a violation which could result in arrest….


      • I would not have warned him of that. Then, we he inevitably violated the peace order, I’d have filed for another extension.

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  6. I think I’ve figured out Cabin Boy’s “strategery” … he is going to file a suit even more frivolous than TDPK’s … in order to make Kimberlin look competent in comparison.

    I suspect that he’ll fail even at that.

  7. Bill is deranged. You calling his lawsuit frivolous is harassment? Did we get transported to another dimension while I wasn’t awake? I fear the dementia from Parkinsons is crippling him mentally. I will pray for his last days to be lucid and not fogged like they are now. Poor pitiful creature

    • As I’ve previously posted, I hope SchmalFAIL’s hell includes complete lucidity to fully understand who and what the SchmalFOOL was in life. It would please me greatly to learn that SchmalFAIL had to learn what a monster he faces in the mirror.

    • SchmalFOOL appears to erroneously believe he’s judgment proof. (Of course, what does SchmalFAIL ever do/think that isn’t erroneous?)

      SchmalFAIL’s disability payments are not beyond the reach of the court and will be garnished for whatever debt is incurred. I’ve read cases including involuntary bankruptcy and sheriff’s sales of the debtor’s belongings. If there is a Gail and it can be shown she was complicit in his suit, she may not be able to keep her half of joint assets. If I were the judge, giving him a ride or buying him paper and ink would be enough cause to find her complicit, but that’s just me, I’m sure. hahahaha

      Of course, this latest stunt, if SchmalFOOL manages to actually file it, may be enough for her to decide whatever has kept her as his caretaker just isn’t worth it.

      SchmalFOOL gonna SchmalFAIL.

      • “SchmalFAIL’s disability payments are not beyond the reach of the court and will be garnished for whatever debt is incurred.”

        Section 207 of the Social Security Act says otherwise.

      • I don’t pretend to be a code expert but I’ve not only read cases where it happened, I’ve seen it happen.

    • Looks like a threat to me. I mean, looks like a DEATH THREAT!!!eleventy!!

      Good catch, Kaitian. If you have others, you know whom to notify. 😉

    • I will add that if Schmalfeldt’s description of the suit is accurate it is a complete non-starter. He is making a hilariously inept mistake. And if he bothered to read our various motions to dismiss of Kimberlin’s case, he would see it.

      But I think fundamentally they are too stupid and arrogant to recognize when we are accurately describing the law to them. For instance if you look at my MTD, and then at brett’s second amended complaint you will see that Brett failed to plead that i had said something that i had said literally around 700 times on my blog. That is how inept it is.

      • I think MD’s refusal in both the state and federal suits to toss obvious junk has encouraged him to think he can make this turkey fly.

        As I’ve seen/heard other’s quote the process is the punishment, but there are a whole lot of IFs before the process even gets started.

        Of course Farty could be seriously underestimating just how far some if not all the defendants are willing to go to defend themselves. 10 defendants means possibly 10 different attorneys all going at him at once & considering his own behavior and how much of that behavior has been screen-capped over the last year, the possibility of serious counter suits is very valid.

        He may soon discover he has bitten off more than he can chew as he should’ve learned from his “excellent” friend’s progress so far…

        I advise everyone to wait till they see actual paperwork before calling in the long guns…


    • I would advise against any MTD. What’s the point? Drive up the cost and complexity of winning the case? You will win at trial. He has nothing to discover. Here is my answer to every one of interrogatories: “I respectful refuse to answer because I reasonably fear that giving complete, truthful and forthcoming answers will directly result in my being defamed as a ‘perjurer, and subjected to the harassment of having criminal perjury filed against me.” Let him offer a motion to compel. It is not like you don’t have dozens of instances of him doing exactly that to John Hoge. Bill Schmalfeldt’s actions towards the Stranahan’s, the Causey’s, and that poor woman in Oregon are sufficient reason to argue that granting Bill Schmalfeldt subpoena power is akin to given a child a loaded gun.

  8. What to do? What to do? It is an interesting question as to what strategy to pursue. My initial thinking is that Bill Schmalfeldt is merely a bit player in this lawsuit. He is shill, no more. The real plaintiff is Acme Law itself, and Acme Law is suing you by proxy solely for the harassment value.

    From Bill Schmalfeldt’s own statements he is unable to type anymore. He claims to rely on VRS to tweet. It is one thing to use VRS to tweet. It is an entirely different thing to use VRS to format a Maryland legal document. Since that fact pretty much proves someone else wrote the document, it seems entirely reasonable to ask the court just exactly who that person is. If it were a lawyer, his actions would be unethical. If it were a someone else, the issue of whether, or not, that someone was practicing law without a license would arise. If Acme Law wishes to tie you up with a stream of motions, it is only appropriate that Acme Law itself be the subject matter of those motions.

    The question I would ask in filing motions is simply which motions lead to hearings, and, which do not? Acme Law can ghost write every motion. Acme Law better be admitted to the Maryland Bar if it wishes to plead his case in court. I would expect that Bill Schmalfeldt will fail spectacularly in court, though not as badly as Brett Kimberlin. While Brett Kimberlin probably would score a couple of standard deviations higher than Bill Schmalfeldt on an IQ test [“In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king!]”, in practice I would expect Bill Schmalfeldt to be the slightly better pro se litigant. That is because while Brett Kimberlin can grasp the forms of the laws he can’t comprehend its substance. At a fundamental level, in court, Brett Kimberlin is completely oblivious to what is happening. Bill Schmalfeldt can probably grasp both as well as a dim person can. This well not suite him as he consistently gains an inkling that he is losing badly. Like Brett Kimberlin, Bill Schmalfeldt’s downfall will be his sense of entitlement. Both are embodiments of the adage, “A Lawyer who argues his own case has a fool for his client!”


    Inasmuch as Paul Lemmon is suffering his final illness, it would be a profound injustice to do anything other than bring this case to trial on an expedited schedule. Paul should have the chance to clear his admitted bad name of the worse things he is accused of by Bill Schmalfeldt. At the Plan-I-tiff’s table, and on the witness stand, Bill Schmalfeldt will make it abundantly clear to both the judge and the jury how much of an idiot he is. After Bill Schmalfeldt rests his case, I relish the sight of Stacy McCain standing up and stating his entire defense in one paragraph, “The best way to discredit Bill Schmalfeldt is to quote him. The defense rests.”

  9. Well, looks like the Cabin Boy is saying he won’t be filing his paperwork for a few weeks if at all. He is waiting to see if they will waive the $400 filing fee, ya know, since he is all indigent and can’t afford to pay it.

    Prediction? He’s blowing smoke. Threats without teeth as is usual for him. He’s off Twitter, has a mess of a half finished website that only gets read by LICKSPITTLES!!!!11!! so we can point and laugh at him. I think he might just have realized what a laughing stock his behavior has caused him to become and is looking for a way to just disappear. So fake a lawsuit, shut everything down because WAR FOOTING!!!!11!!! and fade away. At least one can hope….. But he is still a lying liar.

    As a matter of fact, let’s look at the glaring lie on his website just this morning…..

    They’re yukking it up over at Hogetown since I announced that I have filed a Federal lawsuit.

    So here he says he has already filed the lawsuit.

    We will likely have to wait weeks to see if the Court will grant my Pauper Filing. If they don’t, I will need $400 to file the lawsuit.

    Here he says he is waiting to see if he has to pay the fee before he files the suit.

    So which is it? Did he file and pay his $400 or did he not file because he is waiting to see if they approve his pauper status? He can’t even keep his lies straight in the same paragraphs.

    So in the end, despite all his bluster and rage, he has not even filed a lawsuit. Hell of a thing to lie about huh?

    • Actually, that lie is about par for the course.

      It’s not about the lawsuit, or about harassment.

      It’s about asymmetrical warfare, but Cuz Bill has failed to read the book…

    • I don’t think it’s just that. Is this the first lawsuit that Cabin Boy brought against Hoge and the others? I would imagine that he fails one of the requirements before bringing a lawsuit to a federal level which is exhausting all other options before the federal court. “Exhaustion of Administrative Remedies”. Especially I find it amusing that I don’t think he’s arguing on any specific federal law. Maybe he is. If he’s going to represent himself, federal courts don’t have mercy compared to local administrative courts.

      • federal courts don’t have mercy compared to local administrative courts,/i>

        Have you been reading this blog long? Of course they do. Look at all the crap they have allowed for BK.

        But I think that this case will be rejected by the judge.

    • No, there will be no lawsuit, for the copious reasons already mentioned.

      I believe this was, above and beyond all other reasons, an opportunity for Willy to see just how much support there would be out there from his fellow travelers (such that there are). I think he was hoping a “bomb” like this might drive the donations to him and give him the impetus to go after the commenters here.

  10. I can’t wait until a jury hears from the Stranahans and the Causeys (?) about how BS behaves. Relevance you ask? Well, there are those purported defamation and harassment claims. There is relevance. Now a jury is likely to judge based on the whole rather than carefully parse each claim legally, and a jury will not like BS’s behavior. (According to others at this site, he frequently scrubs his files, which implies that even he recognizes that some of his rants, etc. are not likely to win smiles of approval.) Furthermore, he will have to testify to make his case, and then all the filth and bile that he has spewed can be shoved in front of the jury on cross examination. This will require entire trainloads of popcorn.

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