65 thoughts on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

  1. YOU sir should be a climatologist with that level of reasoning ability!!

    BTW, guess what “book” is no longer being offered by Amazon (along with Lulu and Createaspace)??


  2. O.o

    btw, guess what “book” is no longer being offered by Amazon (along with Lulu and Createaspace)?

  3. He has prepped Twitter for an “announcement” at 5 PM. Just prior to that he accidentally tweeted a post entitled “DECLARATION OF WAR.”

    Now, according to the Constitution, a Declaration of war is made by an Act of Congress. But I have been led to believe that, due to his advanced Parkinson’s, he has not been able to achieve an act of congress for many years.

    What’s up with that?

  4. Just changing formats yet again, same old silly crap. Axis of Weasels is hit big super sekret name.

  5. sorry, i can’t help laughing:

    You and I are under attack, every day. It’s time to fight back. The Right Wing Axis of Weasels LOVES the First Amendment, as long as YOU don’t get to say anything. Feel like FIGHTING BACK?

    • But of you dare politely disagree with him, he’ll do his best to dox you and get your fired, post pictures of your spouse and kids, house, address etc. WHO exactly is the chiller of free speech?

      • its easy…everything Twinkie says, he really means about himself. Every insult is how he truly view himself.

  6. Money Talks
    Are you interested in helping finance a lawsuit fighting for MY freedom as well as your OWN?
    $0Target, $1,000

  7. Today I have filed a lawsuit in the US District Court for the District of Maryland, Northern Division.

    The defendants are:

    WJJ Hoge III
    Robert Stacy McCain
    Nancy Gilly, aka “LibraryGryffon”
    Paul H. Lemmen
    Bettina Haper, aka “Black Betty”
    Chris Heather, aka “Embryriddlealum” and any number of other sock puppets
    Kyle Kiernan
    Stephen R. Sheiko
    Kimberly Dykes
    The anonymous blogger calling itself “Paul Krendler”

    I have filed under the following Claims for Relief.

    1. Malicious Prosecution and Abuse of Process
    2. Defamation and Libel
    3. Harassment and Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress

    He says he left off the Causey’s because even though they are lyers he feels bad for them. Oh and Patrick Grady is off the hook too. The ol Cabin Boy feels bad about Patrick’s son. A heart of gold he has. Oh this will be EPIC!

    • he couldnt even afford to pay the filing fee… and PE Mason, the person who left himn ‘death threats’ has been left off the list. And me too, i feel left out. This will end very badly for Twinkie.


      All that hard work, down the drain…..

      • So, point out that the ^%#@$ bastard is using a photo he doesn’t own and in a way that breaks his publisher’s TOS, and you’re stiffling his speech?

      • Fatboi is in rare form again; I wonder if the clock will be broken out? For what, probably counting down to his next potty break from the computer.

    • He’s a funny little man, that BS. I guess he got his Acme Law Degree in the mail recently. It is graduation season.

    • Should I feel slighted that I’m not on the list? hahahahaha

      Not worried; SchmalFAIL* will likely get around to naming everyone who has ever posted here and anyone who follows Howard or our host. hahahaha

      Just when you think SchmalFAIL couldn’t beclown himself more… hahahahahahahahaha

      SchmalFAIL as good as announced on twitter he filed this solely for harassment, to cause his victims travel expenses, etc. He also announced he was dropping twitter as part of his “WAR” because he knows he can’t help himself. There are, no doubt, several screencaps of these adverse admissions.

      *My apologies to known and admitted lifelong failures. I am not suggesting you’re as stupid, ridiculous, or evil as SchmalFAIL. He is in a (lack of) class all by his lonesome.

      • Don’t feel slighted in the least, he has at least one name on that list that has barely heard of him…

  8. You know, in light of Cabin Boy’s announcement, I can’t help but admire the prescient nature of this post.

    It’s almost like you knew what was coming.

  9. I love how he says that he’s not gonna post the file online. Cause, Hoge! That’s awfully smart of him. No one else could possibly but it online. Ever.

    • Oh, dear!

      Well, maybe someone will talk him into dropping this nonsense before the humiliation becomes too strong for the squeamish among us.

      • I hope his wife is not completely sunk in indifference or despair, and talks to his doctor.

      • One sure way to find out if Gail* is in favor of hastening his death* (and who could blame her?) is to send her a copy.

        Let us never forget the immortal words of the inestimable RSM: “All that is necessary to discredit [SchmalFAIL] is to quote [SchmalFAIL].”


        *I take the repeatedly proven liar SchmalFAIL’s word for what it’s worth, which is less than nothing. Even his admitted dementia cannot account for all of the (zillions!) lies SchmalFAIL has been shown to tell, with proof, over and over.

        Therefore, I do not assume he has a wife, a doctor, or any remarkable physical maladies based solely on his say-so and bits of alleged docs posted by SchmalFAIL. I also do not assume ‘death is nigh’ because SchmalFAIL insists it is, nor that his alleged doctor allegedly advised him to get off the internet.

        Even someone as stupid as SchmalFAIL has proven himself to be, over and over ad nauseum (literally), would take warnings of impending death a bit more seriously than he has.

        Even SchmalFAIL’s evil would be expected to have a survival instinct, if any of his claims about the matter are true. Yet here he is, upping the ante, doubling down, guaranteeing more ridicule, more mockery, more truth-telling about the real Bill Schmalfeldt, consummate failure with an unbroken record of #FAIL for his entire bitter, miserable, misbegotten life.

        No wonder his own children will have nothing to do with him. No wonder he had to come up with a sock-puppet “sister” – and if she’s not a sock-puppet, it speaks numerous volumes that she didn’t follow him on twitter. Any person born into that “family” is humiliated by the relationship to SchmalFAIL and would no doubt try to hide it.

    • My question is whether, like his other attempts at writing, his suit is simply a copy and paste job of various other sources? I wonder if he would correct BK’s typos. Or notice them.

      Then again, his suit must be pretty short – “I haz a sad. They did it, I’m innocent and disabled. THEY ARE HATEFUL MONSTERS. Did I mention my disability? THEY ARE TRYING TO KILL ME. Parkinson’s.”

  10. Sounds like not filed, not going to be filed, and get screen shots, as he is committing the very things he’s claiming to be suing for – It'[s already over he just proved that he is doing this maliciously

  11. It is clear to all that The Elkridge Horror or SFB has chafed severely during the past months while TDPK gets all the glory (at least in his mind) and notoriety. I’m very confident that TDBK will be of immense assistance to SFB as he plots his award-winning legal strategy. My counsel would be to “Hold Your Fire” and wait until Cabin Boy has “shot his wad”. Then following the admonition of LTG Hollingsworth in Vietnam, “No Prisoners!” Simply file the necessary responses and, as in the case of TDPK, file for sanctions, sanctions and sanctions! Ensure that the sanctions are payable to a federal court and then watch as Shaky loses his life savings, his wife and his trailer which will be an immediate benefit to the “Keep Howard County Clean” campaign. Do not give this slime-ball any quarter whatsoever. Ignore him and his insane threats which will only drive him to even greater sweaty-palmed times in those dark, dank and humid places where he lives out his sick twisted fantasies about being repeatedly cuckolded and those “special” times with the ‘Bobber’ Perhaps his wife can find work cleaning out stalls and latrines at the Maryland House.

    Ya gotta love Pro-Se people. They know everything!

    • I’m gonna go put a pony under his Christmas tree when he’s 5, then steal it back that night, give it to some other kid, leave it there for say 20 years and then put it back in his yard the next morning just before it dies.
      good times, good times.

    • Sayyyyy…what happens when he serves a guy who isn’t you? Wonder what the courts will think of all the people he sends summons to that are not actually named in the suit? Oh the lulz!

      • Oh! The Lulz! They will be magnificent as they blososm and roar in the moonlight.
        I must go brush up on my Mai-Tai’s so that I am ready for the feast day of Lulz.

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