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The following is from The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s “Response to Defendant Twitchy’s Memorandum” filed on 9 May in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness.ECF 125-unrelatedWhat TDPK was ranting about was the filing of a state court transcript with the federal court. He’s claiming that the state case, Kimberlin v. Walker, et al., Case No. 380966V, is not related to the federal case. However, on 17 January, TDPK filed this in RICO case.ECF 32-opening

Mark Twain once observed that if you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember what you said.

Do perjurers ever tell the truth?

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  1. I give it a 50-50 chance the judge picks up on that, a lower chance the calls him on it. Brett really would have been better off filing nothing, or apologizing again. What he filed instead positively harmed his cause.

      • Don’t forget the elementary schools – 10 years old (Barton) is too little for middle school. 10 years old little girls are in 4th or 5th grade; maybe even 3rd grade, depending on when the sign up date/birthdate cut-off is in that particular school district.

  2. I’d have no doubt he cribbed the rhetorical flourishes but for things like the triple question mark. Who does that in a legal pleading???

    Having a vivid, even to the point of being delusional, imagination is not the same thing as being a gifted storyteller.

    • The tripled question mark… I could tolerate that.

      But in his letters to the judge, when he dots the i’s in his signature with little hearts, that’s going too far.

  3. of course they do, when it suits their purposes, and only then…as their friends do also…


  4. I thought it was ,”Anti-relevant!”

    I guess every once in awhile he DOES proofread his filings…but still he left in the three question marks.
    At least he didn’t alternate with exclamation points. Like this?!?!?!


      • I seem to remember Demi Moore in A Few Good Men making an objection to the court, being turned down, then “strenuously” objecting. Maybe that’s how the exclamations and question marks work. There code for “I really, really mean this.” It’s probably good that he hasn’t found the bold, underline or italics functions.

        It’s good to see both Aaron and RS McCain commenting here. Can’t wait until this lawsuit is tossed.

  5. “Motions to Dismiss by five of the Defendants named in the instant case, Aaron Walker, Robert McCain, William Hoge, and Kimberlan Unmasked.”

    Funny, I only count four defendants. Is one imaginary or invisible like the Cheshire Cat?

  6. Why is it that whenever I read timelines of some commenters here, the cyber stalker rears his head?

    The week before Mother’s Day, BS fell off the map. People barely discussed him, if at all. In other words, he was left alone because he was behaving like a civilized person. This was more than he could stand so, desperate for attention, he started attacking everyone again on Mother’s Day. Now, the whining and pretend victimhood have commenced for the umpteenth time. He should take Rick Buchanan’s advice and get checked out for depression.

      • Just left him a comment:

        “God bless you, Cousin Bill.

        You are in my prayers.”

        It is, of course, in moderation.

        Yes, harassment, that’s what we Hogeists are all about…

      • Cuz Bill’s loving response to my olive branch:

        Bill Schmalfeldt
        May 19, 2014 at 9:32 am
        Whatever your name is, I just want all this shit to stop. You are no cousin of mine. I know all my cousins and you are not one of them.

        Everyone gets one chance to set things right.

        Who are you, why do you claim to be my cousin? If it’s just to bother me, stop it and cease contact.

        If you would like to open a dialogue to get to the bottom of this senseless hatred you have for me, you can write back.

        Otherwise, I am putting you on notice. None of my cousins when I was growing up was close to me or my siblings. We would visit my Uncle H. when I was a kid, but I couldn’t pick my cousins out of a lineup. I was in FB contact with my only other male cousin, and my only other female cousin was murdered in 2007.

        I do not understand the fascination you Hogeists have in attacking my family. If it’s because of Stranahan, I apologized to him for having to track down an answer to a simple question. The matter of his selling his wife’s “virtue” is a proven fact, not based on anything I wrote, but on websites Stranahan posted online himself.

        So, you have no reason to hate me. You have no reason to taunt me. And you have no reason to lie to me.

        This is that once chance, “Leroy.”

        Either come clean, or cease and desist.

        Nice. In character, a snake.

        “Either come clean, or cease and desist.”

        Or else, what? What are you going to do, Cuz? Direct more vitriol my way? Oooo, scary!!!

        I am your cousin, that’s the simple fact. I’ve explained before, we’re not first cousins, nor even second cousins, but we are cousins, with same last name. I did know you as a child, and your mother and mine were acquaintances, too. Clinton, Manning, Wyoming, all towns in Iowa where Schmalfeldt’s were resident.

        It is a shame Dr. Joe is gone, because he’d vouch for me, we met several times at NMSU, as would your Dad.

        A lost cause, but I still pray for you, Bill, even though you’ve forgotten me, and shame our common heritage…

      • And that’s exactly what he’s doing – he cleaned up his blog, and now he is woefully tweeting people, telling them to “cease contact,” and starting flame wars. Next step: playing the victim, crying that nobody leaves him alone, threatening Hoge.

      • Leroy Oddswatch
        May 19, 2014 at 11:43 am
        God bless, Cousin Bill.

        You are in my prayers.

        I mean it. You should just get off the Internet, entirely.

        It’s not good for you – it feeds your pathologies.

        Seriously. Walk away.

    • I have to object to your characterization of Bill Schmalfeldt as “[having been] behaving like a civilized person.” Civilized people do the things civilized people do. Uncivilized people do the kind of things Bill Schmalfeldt does. For all we know, Bill Schmalfeldt spent the bulk of his doctor-ordered hiatus attempting to dox his enemies. Civilized people don’t engage in doxing. Bill Schmalfeldt does. Bill Schmalfeldt’s actions towards some poor lady in Oregon were the height of incivility. For all we know, he was trying to dox someone the entire people period of his seeming “good behavior.”” For all we know, his attempts at reconciliation were completely insincere, and motivated by ulterior motives such waiting for his last sh#tstorm to blow over, and luring people to his websites to try to capture their IPs. If our experiences have taught us anything about Bill Schmalfeldt is should be this: he is more of an animal than a human being. To the extent his doctor placed him in a cage, great. Unfortunately, I doubt his doctor’s ability to control him without availing himself to more forcible options.

  7. Didn’t “teen” Kimberlin actually use a state case where he was found to NOT be a public figure – is he going to denounce himself?

  8. Brett Kimberlin’s pattern of contemporaneous bad faith and alteration of documents in litigation, is relevant no matter who he is suing or why. And this conduct also needs to be viewed in the light cast from his past rebukes by courts for his frauds and perjuries and revocation of parole for lying in an attempt to avoid paying a judgment

    • Strange stance for a man who wants to argue to the highest court in MD that @mentions are NOT contact. I’ll bet the court would be very interested in his change of heart.

      • I wonder if he realizes that the statute of limitations on violations of the PO is probably three years from the violation. I wonder if he realizes that charges dropped as a function of a consent order can be re-instated if the order is nullified? Surely he realizes that by not actively pulling the appeal he is violating the consent order; win, lose, or remand.

        Oh, nevermind, this is Bill we’re talking about.

    • He’s just setting himself up for a pwning:

      Someone will give him the name of someone, and their attorney’s name.

      Neither of them will have ever heard of Cousin Bill.

      He’ll go all “legal threats” on them, and they will squash him like a bug.

      Lulz will be had.

      We did this to Deb Frisch multiple times. MULTIPLE TIMES.

      • You know that her parole is almost over, right? I’m gloomily poised for the return of Li’l Debbie.

      • I thought it was June!

        In any case, it’s good that there is silence from that quarter. Of course, it helps that the 5 Acorn Ranch has been sold, and I don’t believe she has a job that would allow her access to a computer.

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