Undue Burden Analysis

I’m on record as supporting a ban on high-capacity magazines. No one has any legitimate need for a copy of Mother Jones or Time with more than ten pages. Sebastian has an excellent piece over at Shall Not Be Questioned on how a related, but broader, proposed common sense regulation on reading materials might survive judicial scrutiny.

One might argue there’s no governmental interest, but suppose it’s saving trees? You can have as many e-books as you want, but you’re strictly limited in paper books. The surplus books can be recycled and put back in to supply existing paper needs.

Read the whole thing.

15 thoughts on “Undue Burden Analysis

  1. paper is not infinitely recyclable, and as long as we farm trees, there’s practically no need. 😉

  2. I’m all for the original intent of the constitution and allowing for the unrestricted carry of flintlock and muzzle loading rifles – as many as you hold!

    AS a quantum rocket scientist – soon the phaser will be on the market, are we going to limit the wattage? is the cycle rate going to be different for the police and military models vs the “farmer in the sky” citizen light pistols?

    Real men shoot revolvers, don’t need no fancy smancy glock with its 32 round capacity when numbness and deafness kick in around round 11, by round 15 people are like shaken babies, their brains sound like a spray paint can with a loose ball…

    I see you don’t care about hearing loss and carpal tunnel syndrome, typical glock owner…

    Personally I’m holding out for a 20mm bofors, now that drones are being considered for civilian use, the personal lightweight automatic cannon with 360 swivel and 75 degree elevation is a must have product for the discriminating individualist.

    One Nation, Under Fire….

  3. Notice he mentioned commuting in deep snow, and dodged the question about the cycle rate of the phaser. As a self appointed, self anointed investigative most high journalist and inquisitor, what is he hiding… Tragically, I am forced to deploy a reusable doom clock, (bought from narcissist weekly) to demand a bending to my will

    On another note – 3am schnapps and medication is a cure..

  4. Wouldn’t you like to see a 10 page limit on the New York Times? Wonder what “essential” stuff they’d have to cut out? Or would they claim the ban didn’t apply to them cause they’re “special”?

  5. I hope print magazines never disappear. I mean, how do you fold the back cover of a Mad magazine on a Kindle? I don’t want to worry over it.

  6. Books are clearly subject to federal regulation under the Commerce Clause. Especially assault books with scary titles, cover images, or fonts.

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