9 thoughts on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

  1. “Mite” they be the voices whispering sweet nothings to a certain denizen of Elkridge about DMCA COUNTER NOTICE 14 DAYS ELEVENTY!?

  2. Functional illiteracy (from wikipedia):

    “Functional illiteracy is imprecisely defined, with different criteria from nation to nation….

    …, an illiterate person may not understand the written words cat or dog…. In contrast, a functionally illiterate person may well understand these words and more, but might be incapable of reading and comprehending job advertisements, past-due notices, newspaper articles, banking paperwork, complex signs and posters, and so on. [COMMENT – or terms of service, or emails, or blog posts, or court papers, or statutes, or news reports, or, or, or, or ….]

    The characteristics of functional illiteracy vary from one culture to another, as some cultures require better reading and writing skills than others. A reading level that might be sufficient to make a farmer functionally literate in a rural area of a developing country might qualify as functional illiteracy in an urban area of a technologically advanced country.”

    And that, folks, fills in a lot of blanks, doesn’t it?

    • As you say, TOS, basic copyright rules, fair use, ownership, privacy; these concepts, and really basic definitions of them, are all strange and confusing to unfrozen cavemen writers.

  3. Those seem to be some pretty powerful ear mites. They prevent almost anything smacking of sense from entering the jackassrabbit’s head!

  4. Interesting, Willy seems to be getting into a lot of trouble lately without the help of Mr. Hoge.

    I thought it was John causing all Willy’s problems.

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