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It is now past close of business on 15 May, 2014, and the time has expired for me to file an opposition to Bill Schmalfeldt’s petition to the Maryland Court of Appeal for a writ of certiorari for an appeal of the extension of the peace order issued against him. I did not bother to file anything.

Schmalfeldt’s petition is incomplete, but even if the Court cuts him some slack because he’s pro se, he has not raised any new issues of law. I expect that the Court will deny this petition just as they did his appeal of the original order.

Now that the petition is ripe, the paperwork will be forwarded to the judges for consideration. They’ll deal with it when they get to it.

38 thoughts on “The Next Step

  1. I predict that he will forward this blog post to the Howard County SA’s office for prosecution. No, I don’t know why.

    • The why is simple. He is a “brain damaged troll,” per his own admission. I usually take what BS says with a grain of salt, but a stopped clock is still right twice a day.

    • And code enforcement, INTERPOL, FCC, CIA, NSA (who already had a copy, thanks) the Coast Guard and Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Police.

      That last group actually exists, and the’re aware of the situation.

      • You forgot The Power Rangers, Galaxy Police, Justice League, and Lego Space Police. FOCUS!

  2. I would have thought they’d have denied it simply because by the time they get to it, the peace order will have been long run out.

    And of course according to Bill, it was ripe weeks ago, and should have been forwarded on then. Because we all know that Bill is the sharpest legal mind this side of anywhere! (It actually kind of hurt writing that much sarcasm.)

  3. Official BS translator, here. Quote:”And now, “Cyber Ins@nity” has been tossed off of the lists at They won’t tell me why, except that someone claims it “invades” his or her privacy.”
    Translation: he doxed someone in the “book.”

    • Well, when you print someone’s photo, and a screen cap of a newspaper’s website which includes all her personal contact info, without getting anyone’s permission…..

      • Well, I’d guess that Bill didn’t ask anyone since he claims that once it’s on the web it’s public information and can be reprinted by anyone for free, and I know that I didn’t give permission, and the paper told me that they didn’t, so…..

      • How hard would it have been to leave out photos? Why included them, other than to upset people? He could have made the same arguments, but he had to go that extra unnecessary mile.

      • So you are saying that the Cabin Boy took a page from a newspaper and used it without permission or attribution? AND he also too your photo and used it without permission or attribution? Gee, I’m no lawyer but that doesn’t sound real smart. A guy could get himself in a jam just stealing other people’s stuff like that.

      • I think he’s just lazy, and used to doing press releases where you pretty much copy a lot of the stuff you are given with some connecting pieces. Which pretty much describes his last few books – lots of blog posts, and pirated content, strung together with a few sentences.

        He could have just described some of the stuff he found “harassing” in the parody in the first book, but that was going to take work, so he just snagged it wholesale. He just snagged the Causey birth announcement from a website, and he just snagged the Candidate Profile from another newspaper’s site without even thinking about it. Again, he could have stated the info on those in his own words, and left out the pictures, but that would have taken thought and some work, neither of which he has any real interest in.

      • He did exactly what he wanted to. Trying to smear/intimidate/harass/etcetera the people he thinks he has doxed.

    • I read some of the stuff he wrote for the Examiner before they booted him (was that the third of fourth time?) and he basically took an AP article, changed just enough words to avoid blatant plagiarism and passed it off as his own stuff. Never could figure out where he got eyewitness reports to stuff that happened so far away from his kitchen.

    • Inspired. So many good lines, but this is my fave: “As a “journalist,” I stole, summarized and rearranged a dozen posts from as many bloggers into this so-called “book” in a desperate, wasted, fruitless attempt to convince someone, anyone, anywhere to ignore my years of cyberbullying others and treat me as the victim of those I’ve spent years torturing.”

      • Probably my favorite:

        All of this, because of the Real Content Providers, the Free Speech Lovers defending their ownership of the stuff I swipe with not the tiniest mote of shame.

  4. Stop me if you’ve heard his one..

    So a bomber, a harasser, and a creep, walk into a States Attorney’s office…

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