Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Mr. Ostronic: Why is the fund called Bomber Sues Bloggers?

Mr. Kimberlin: Objection!

The answer to Mr. Ostronic’s question is very simple.

The defendants in the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. are all bloggers. Here are three of us pictured together at CPAC 2014.3Defendants

Left to Right: W. J. J. Hoge (Hogewash!), Stacy McCain (The Other McCain), and Ali Akbar (@ali). Not pictured: Aaron Walker (Allergic to Bull) and Kimberlin Unmasked (@Kimberlinunmask)

The vexatious anti-First-Amendment litigant suing us is Brett Kimberlin, a convicted felon whose rap sheet includes 30+ counts of perjury, possession of marijuana for distribution, impersonating a federal officer, forgery, misuse of the Seal of the President of the United States, possession of explosives by a felon, and use of a destructive device to cause injury in interstate commerce. Those last two charges related to the his 1979 bombing spree in Speedway, Indiana, that earned him the title “Speedway Bomber.” He was paroled in 1993, but his parole was revoked in 1996, in part for failure to make restitution to the widow of a victim. He was paroled again in 2000. His sentence expires in 2030.brett-kimberlin_mugshot

Thus, the name: Bomber Sues Bloggers.

You can help Aaron, Stacy, Ali, KU, and me defend ourselves and our First Amendment rights for Brett Kimberlin’s meritless attack. Go to BomberSuesBloggers to find out how.

Oh, one more thing about Brett Kimberlin … Do you remember the federal prisoner who lied about being Dan Quayle’s dope dealer? That’s the guy,

22 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

      • …and, the malicious prosecution count. Since, to the best of my knowledge, RSM has never filed any criminal charges against Brett Kimberlin I’m curious what bizarre theory of collective guilt Kimberlin will assert in his opposition. We can reasonably assume Kimberlin will file an opposition because he opposes everything.

      • And if the judge grants a BK opposition that will be a big tell as to how far they are willing to bend over backwards for him.

  1. Wait. Are you trying to tell me that TDPK was not a political prisoner who was unjustly imprisoned by the tyrannical U.S. government and then received a double secret pardon so secret he cannot even produce when requested in a court of law? That’s the story I’ve been reading on lefty blogs for years and years and now I’m told it’s not true?


  2. Jtmp website is back online. The lead article is “3 things to know about Ukraine”. I didn’t check to see if one of those things was “it’s a great place to find a 15 yr old to be your wife”

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