Rule 5

Saul Alinsky’s Rule 5 from Rules for Radicals states that “ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” Over at Townhall, Kurt Schlicter has a essay that deals with the use of ridicule as a response to the emerging “Check Your Privilege” meme lurking on certain college campuses (H/T, Stacy McCain, famous author of another Rule 5).

Read the whole thing.

UPDATE—And then read this about what’s going on at Harvard. I’m not making this up, you know.

9 thoughts on “Rule 5

  1. I like to think that here at Hogewash! we have taken advantage of the myriad opportunities and refined the notion of ridicule as man’s most potent weapon an refined it to a term of art. Not difficult to do when our Gracious Host provides material that creates such a target rich environment.

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