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Here’s the other half of The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s latest set of bizarre pleadings in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness.

“Defendant Brett Kimberlin submits this motion in opposition to Defendant Twitchy’s Memorandum and stealth Motion to Dismiss.”

<mockery>Wow! Two really significant errors in the first sentence!

First, TDPK is supposed to be the plaintiff in this lawsuit.

Second, Twitchy isn’t a defendant in the lawsuit either. The court’s docket does not list Twitchy as a party because neither the original complaint nor the first amended complaint lists Twitchy in their captions.</mockery>

Last September, I wrote that Brett Kimberlin had made a terrible mistake by suing my four codefendants and me in the state Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. nuisance lawsuit. He doubled tripled quadrupled down on stupid when he upped the ante and sued my twenty codefendants and me in the RICO Madness. If TDPK wanted to engage in shutuppery, the lawsuits were a bad idea.

He’s picked on people who are not easily intimidated. Indeed, several of us have pushed back not only in Circuit Court and U. S. District Court but also in the court of public opinion. TDPK as attempted to silence the defendants in the state suit via a motion for an unconstitutional preliminary injunction that would gag us and require that we take down all post since last July that so much as mention him.

Thus far, this motion has gone nowhere.

Brett Kimberlin needs to understand that his lawsuits are going to proceed in full public view and that by pursuing them he opens himself up to further scrutiny. He’s made his dirty linen the subject of inquiry. He should not be surprised when it is aired.

There’s a hearing on a motion to dismiss in the state case from Ali Akbar on this morning’s docket in Montgomery County Circuit Court. If Brett Kimberlin had half-an-ounce of sense, he would take that opportunity to simply withdraw the lawsuit. Really. He should cut his losses. Now.

But stupid is as stupid does.

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  1. I read the entire 56 page deposition. Other than the rambling about how mean everyone is to him, I had to laugh when he made a reference to the “vigilante justice” to a suspected neighborhood pedophile and actually reference an Daily Mail newspaper article to some guy in England. Now I realize he posted several messages that were captured from a website mailer as being threats, but seriously, he’s afraid of being burned alive? We do that here?

    • You know how they say those who live in glass houses should not throw stones?

      Brett Kimberlin is he who had obsessive relationship with underage young girl, then murdered girls grandma for breaking them up, then bombed Speedway. So actually I think he is right to fear public reaction but completely wrong in what he does to fix it.

      What Brett Kimberlin SHOULD DO (yes I know, like always, I look really naive for even bothering to write this)
      1. Denounce songs like “Teen Dream” as being harmful, say he regrets it.
      2. Admit wrongdoing in bringing underage 14 year old from overseas & unlawfully having sex while she was underage & he was 40.
      3. Admit wrong in trying to seduce even younger close relative of above girl who was also brought to Maryland from abroad.
      4. Admit wrong in forging travel documents to marry first above mentioned girl in violation of Maryland laws regarding minimum marriage age.
      5. Apologize to those affected by incident in which he sued a man for interfering in his jailhouse passes at a 17 year old cheerleader whose picture he saw in a magazine. Brett Kimberlin sent the 17 year old roses, called on phone, and when a summer camp advisor told him to stop, Brett sued him. Brett must denounce these actions, say he regrets them & they are damaging and others should refrain from such actions. And apologize to the affected, including the lawfare victim.
      6. Brett should admit damage caused & his regret for it to all the Scyphers & Bartons and related whom he bereaved by killing Julia Scyphers. Also admit to other related wrongs. He should admit he murdered and bombed over pedophilic lust for way underage girl and speak out against anyone ever doing any such thing ever!

      As you can see he did the exact opposite, and with such travesties as “Teen Dream” even draws attention to the sickness of his which has hurt others so badly and so often. Instead of being humble and regretful about his faults, he is proud and boastful about vengeful and largely illegal and immoral and unethical campaigns against his “enemies” whom he created by his bad behavior.

      Well folks, Brett objects really strongly because he hates it when we point out his extremely vigorous and even violent (but sometimes musical) defenses of his pedophilic tastes.

      You know what to do.

      • One more thing, I am myself humorless regarding “prison justice” because it is not justice (more just below). But Kimberlin should actually be so grateful that the world outside the walls of prison is so gentle regarding his oft-expressed and even sung about pedophilic desires. And there is less assurance of such gentleness in prison. And his sentence is still not up and he sure isn’t satisfying two really key provisions of his first release (i.e., repay his bombing victim and also don’t commitmore crimes). Of all the nerve to complain that the outside world is harsh on him, and all that has been done is that his behavior toward young girls is criticized. Just criticized! That’s really gentle. Actually it is a golden opportunity to repent, and outside of bars maybe one can do more to even fix the damage done or at least try to repay. You know every time an offender gets away with it brazenly, it can hurt the hearts of victims because it makes their plight look hopeless. But an offender can undo some of that harm by denouncing & regretting & trying to repay.

        Back to prison “justice.” I hope no one to be raped in prison, even the very evil and unrepentant. Because the one who rapes him is also taking a great evil upon himself. And maybe it changes the attitudes of all who know about the rape, to allow this evil being done in response to evil and thereby creating more evil. Maybe your own attitude has even been changed this way, here on the outside of bars. Prison guards can be even more callous about the rape. How backwards it is that guardians of law and justice are more OK with rape than the general population? Let’s reverse this, two wrongs do not make a right even if the first wrong is done by someone we cannot sympathize with.

      • “Instead of being humble and regretful about his faults, he is proud and boastful about vengeful and largely illegal and immoral and unethical campaigns against his “enemies” whom he created by his bad behavior.”
        Oh how the above statement is true!
        Brett, Repent, accept Responsibility and Reform! The 3 R’s are your only lifeline, grab it!

      • Paul,

        Even if Brett won’t ever accept responsibility and reform, lots of other people read these pleas and they can apply it to their own problems.

        Repenting can’t quite undo the past – nothing can do that – but it gets you back on a right track.

      • So true! “My sin is ever before me …”
        Nothing can undo the past. One can atone, can reform, can make their victim(s) as whole as the victim will allow.
        Repentance is the first step for without repentance none of the other steps are possible. The process is for the rest of a person’s life, not a short term “fix”. Nothing can undo a person’s past but through effort over time a person can overcome their past and produce good fruit.

  2. How interesting that on p. 10 of his motion, he cites decisions in the state court case that he thinks support his argument, yet in the motion for sanctions against Smith, he says that case is irrelevant and Smith should not have referred to it.

  3. Also interesting are his exhibits to support his claim of death threats. He has made that claim before, and included exhibits that he thought supported him. It looks to me like these death threat exhibits have not been produced before, and that strikes me as odd given that, (1) they are old, and (2) you’d think he’d have used them before if he had them. I could be wrong, of course. Question for the net savvy: is it possible to alter headers?

    • Sure it is. It is also possible to request a subpoena for the originals from his email provider.

        • Thanks Leroy! I am doing better every day since my “procedure”. Three weeks out and I’m about 150% better than I was a month ago. Still blind in my left eye (that will probably not change). As you can see from my avatar, the yellowed skin and bloatedness are almost gone. Thanks to Barb, my beard is reduced from a long, unkempt mess to a trimmed form. Not much I can do about the mug, it’s my curse to have the features I do so I cannot but smile.
          Thank you (and everyone else who keeps me in their prayers) for your prayers and good wishes, God bless you all. May God keep me deserving of your prayers.

      • The claims must be extremely spurious if even Brett Kimberlin won’t report it to law enforcement.

        I mean, the same man tried to tell law enforcement that he (SOMEHOW!) believed a daughter & son in law of Julia Scyphers were likely involved in her murder, because of some stupid CIA theory or something.

        And Kimberlin even produced mendacious medical reports in bogus assault charges against Aaron Walker, I guess he didn’t know he was on camera when the incident occurred and the camera footage showed he had just lied in his report about everything.

        Kimberlin also lied blatantly to a judge to try to get his wife locked up, but the latest time he tried this it didn’t work because of how totally spurious and obvious the lie was.

        So again, if even Brett Kimberlin isn’t reporting it, it means he didn’t even bother to make up much of a back story for lying to the police with.

        As the last words of his authorized biography quote Brett Kimberlin, “Make it all up. Make the whole thing up.”

      • Just as in Schmalfeldt’s case, these were submitted via a “contact” or “comment” form on the blog involved. Notice he did not provide the IP address or other identifying information (this data is automatically capture by the blogging platform as well as by his hosting company). Why not? Such information would identify the author of those “threats”.
        Is this perhaps because, like Bill, he doesn’t want the court to know he wrote them himself?
        Inquiring minds want to know!

      • Paul –
        I am an admitted internet ignoramus. Even so, I caught this. Imagine what tech savvy defendants would be able to argue and prove. Imagine what a federal court judge would be able to discern.

  4. What is a “stealth Motion to Dismiss”?

    Did it creep into the court and insert itself into the files in the dead of night with no help from even the Secret Association of Midnight Clerks?

  5. He can’t stop.

    To stop would be admitting, in his mind, that everything his enemies said was the truth.

    Can’t have that!!!

    Someone may stop him, but I seriously doubt anyone has that level of influence over Brett Coleman Kimberlin, adjudicated felon.

    Nope, he’ll ride this one into the ground, then flee when judgments are rendered against him.

    • Correction: Convicted bomber, drug runner, forger, perjurer; known welcher, and liar and suspected (by significant circumstantial evidence too voluminous to list here) murderer (by hire), pedophile and SWATer.

      Oh and all around jack-ass.

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