9 thoughts on “Still Down?

  1. With all the work they are putting into it, jtmp.org is going to be way better when they finally do bring it back up. That’s good news because it was pretty lame before.

  2. Or, the organizations will dissappear, and they will have no assets which could be seized by the Universe should countersuits be successful. There’s significant reason to think Kimberile is JTMP, and JTMP is Kimberlin.

    • You mean like disappear into silicone-sealed PVC pipes that are then buriedunderground? Because Brett Kimberlin, by his own admission, has experience concealing probably at least hundreds of thousands of dollars of cash this way. I wonder if he still has the cash counting machines which, to evade suspicion, he purchased through his companies which were fronts. I mean, the FIRST companies of his which were fronts, not the later ones.

      • Not to worry, we’ve been digging them up as he buries them, and using the cash to fund the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy(TM).

        Anybody who didn’t get a check last week, send me a text, and we will get it set right.

      • Wonder what the MD Sec. State has to say about sudden dissolutions of 503(c)s?

        Oh wait. Probably not much more that the SAs have to say about PO violations.

  3. Perhaps someone will cry that they were forced to shut down their websites because they lost their financial flow due to bullying. Off course no record of the decline in revenue will ever be produced, but bullying your Honor!!!!11!!!!

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