My Time On The Stand This Morning

I was present for the hearing in the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. nuisance suit this morning. The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin decided to call William Hoge as a witness. Since my son had accompanied me this morning, he asked TDPK to specify which William Hoge he meant. When Kimberlin specified, “the elder,” I went to the stand and was sworn in.

The hearing related to whether the court could establish personal jurisdiction over Ali Akbar, and it turned on how much connection Ali had to Maryland. (Ali is a resident of Texas.)

Ali has been one of the organizers of BlogBash, a bloggers’ social event held each year along with CPAC. For the past two years, CPAC (and BlogBash) have been held in Maryland. Kimberlin asked about BlogBash 2013 and 2014. I answered truthfully that I had met Ali in 2013 at CPAC and that I had participated in BlogBash in both 2013 and 2014. I answered that, no, I was not nominated for an award in 2013, but, yes, I was nominated in 2014.

I answered that, yes, Ali and I both participated in the fund raising blog Bomber Sues Bloggers. I answered that, no, Ali was not involved in Tetyana’s Fund, the legal fund for Mrs. Kimberlin’s defense against a protective order petition filed by her husband, but that I was the sole organizer of that fund.

Aside: On cross examination, my lawyer asked why our defense fund was named Bomber Sues Bloggers. TDPK immediately objected, and the vehemence of his objection made my lawyer’s point better than my answer might have.

I answered that, yes, I had seen Ali at a hearing in a District Courthouse in Maryland.

I answered that, no, I had not received any money from the Bomber Sues Bloggers fund and that I was not aware of anything being paid to a third party for my benefit.

I also answered a few questions about how Twitter works.

And that’s the story of my testimony.

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  1. Thank you for the timely updates.
    It is disgusting that this petulant impertinent sub-man can pervert the judicial system so grotesquely and cause you and your family so much strife. My prayers are with you for your continued perserverance and ultimate victory in getting this pedophilic twerp declared a vexatious litigant.

    • Getting BK declared a vexatious litigant is a must, but it isn’t good enough for me. Is it possible to sue BK for malicious prosecution, assuming that Ali Akbar and the Universe wins in the current lawsuit?

  2. I’d heard on that on Twitter, Schmalfeldt accused you of selling Ali out for saying he organized blog bash. Of course if you said anything different it would be a brazen lie of the sort that Brett tells on a regular basis–such as claiming he had no idea he was called the Speedway Bomber.

    But isn’t that revealing of Schmalfeldt? According to Schmalfeldt your duty isn’t to the truth but to brazenly lie to supposedly protect your friends. Isn’t that emblematic of a criminal mentality? Isn’t he basically saying you should have committed a crime?

    • As I said in a previous thread, very useful info to have, along with the tweets, when BS takes the stand.

    • Well, someone just “made bigs” at the thought of being on the witness stand. Tellingly, even though these are civil suits, his mind immediately leaped to criminality:

      Lobotomy Radio ‏@LobotomyRadio
      What witness stand? What crime am I committing? What are you talking about, “A Reader”? Is that a threat?
      12:23 PM – 13 May 2014

      • That creature interprets everything as a threat. I think this is a clear illustration of his mind – a sink of fear and aggression.

      • Read the wikipedia page on Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I am not a psych, but as a well-read layman, I’d lay good odds that he’s got it. The loss of executive functioning from the advancing Parkinsons means he can’t hide it as well.

        Narcissists have such an elevated sense of self-worth that they value themselves as inherently better than others, when in reality they have a fragile self-esteem, cannot handle criticism, and often try to compensate for this inner fragility by belittling or disparaging others in an attempt to validate their own self-worth. Comments and criticisms about others are vicious from sufferers of NPD, in an attempt to boost their own poor self-esteem.

        Sound like anyone we know?

      • Given that the current “Mr. President” hasn’t yet started attacking me personally on Twitter, yeah, besides him. 🙂

  3. Aaron, You really do not understand how their minds work. Their enemies are morally wrong automatically: either they commit perjury, or they betray their friends. It is not what a person does that determines moral worth in their minds; it is to which political tribe a person belongs that determines moral worth to them. It is the mind set behind totalitarianism of both left and right: those who disagree with me are morally unworthy, indeed criminal; therefore they deserve punishment.

      • I did not ascribe the mental failing to political tribes. The mental failing occurs in all political tribes. What is unusual about BK and BS is that those they define as being perpetually derelict morally includes almost anyone who does not think that BK and BS are horribly wronged individuals.

      • When it comes to Brett Kimberlin, I side with Katie on this one. When it comes to non-sociopaths, JeffM has the right answer. Just my 2 cents.

      • This may be a critically important theme for attacking the credibility of the PLANITIFF at the time of trial!!! It should be explored as a concept! Things begin to fit a little better when it is considered!

        Speaking of fitting a little better, don’t forget how TDPK managed to survive in the insular world that is prison. One must consider what one must do to avoid the predators within. As an example, what is a fast growing religion with prison walls?

        A key second point is the absolute necessity for the defense to consider Schmalfeldt as a witness for impeaching TDPK. I believe his recorded posts and writings are very helpful indeed!

        Jury composition?!

      • Tao do note that BK, when referring to Muhammed, always is clear to write “The Prophet Muhammed.”

        Pause to wonder why.

        Now, let’s look at the real genesis of this foofaraw. You could go with the Seth Allen thing – that would not be wrong. But in parallel, you have the Weiner story.

        Note that BK always says his beef with AW is not that he helped Allen, but because he ran a “Muslim hate-blog.” And that he claimed that JTMP received money from the State Department to help artists in the Islamic World. Who was the Chief of Staff to the Secretary of State? Who was she married to? Her parents were leaders in which Brotherhood again?

  4. He claims two eye witnesses. I’m guessing Brett and Bill personal assistant…..I mean Brett’s bodyguard. I keep forgetting Bill told yet another of his famous lies to court personal by telling them that Brett’s bodyguard was Bill’s personal assistant. Come to think of it, that was the same hearing where Kimby sat and laughed at Bill getting torn apart by Hoge’s lawyer and the judge. #BabySeal

  5. Once again I’m late to the party. I’ve only been able to peek in during the day.

    What was the specific statement John made that Willy alleges “threw Ali under the bus”? All I see is typical legalese.

    I know…..I know……I just feel compelled to ask, if for no other reason than to ridicule Willy yet again.

    • He hasn’t so far. Apparently, when asked a question on the witness stand about a friend, BS believes that if the truth is not favorable, you should either lie under oath or refuse to answer.

      • I mean, c’mon! How were we supposed to know that Ali put “Blog Bash” in a relatively central location two years in a row?!?!?!?!43!!

        It’s obviously all part of the conspiracy of false narratives that it was well advertised and (on information and belief) observed by members of team K.

        Can’t you see the intricate wheels within wheels?!!!!forty-three!!!

    • That Ali organized “Blog Bash”.
      Either that or that water is wet.
      No, my bad; it was that fire is hot. Mr. Hoge is a Quantum Mechanic y’know.

      • Well, the good thing about this situation is that the transcript will be available eventually. It will make an amusing screenshot; Willy’s “eyewitness” statements and the actual words spoken.

        How long before Willy “disappears” this version of Twitter?

        But remember Willy, screenshots are forever.

      • Personally, I have wondered why BlogBash, a conservative gathering, is held in such a rabidly leftist state.

      • Yes, “Puzio,” *snerk* for f*ck’s sake why in God’s name should your opinion matter to anyone

        enough that they would screen cap and tweet about it?

        Probably just another NCM in need of a 72 hour 5150.

    • I think they are crazy conspiracy theorists. They have convinced themselves that the National Bloggers is a vast criminal organization instead of a modestly funded group for conservative bloggers to keep in touch. They seem to have pulled this idea out of their collective posteriors.

      • When you consider their following/readership, anything more than three people is “vast”, and a bunch of friends having a drink sure looks like a conspiracy when you’ve never had any friends.

  6. Well, I waited for the “whole story” with “all the facts” from the “eyewitness” to the “serious, trained journalist.”

    And I read it before passing judgment on its merits.

    It’s a pile of crap, written by a larger pile of crap. A mouse chasing a piece of cheese dragged across a keyboard for 15 minutes would have done a better job of it.

    • Oh, dear. Why does he keep doing that? It just makes him look juvenile and weirdly obsessed with Ali.

      • It also shows he very real obsession with men’s bottoms. Think of all the vile pictures and tweets he’s made, his homophobia and misogyny. Yep, he really obsesses on that one topic.

  7. BS also has a post up at Liberaland about his Mother’s Day assault on Howard Earl, only BS is the victim. Natch!

    • P.S. He lied a lot in his Liberaland piece:
      From now on, I will do business on my Facebook account, I will promote my online radio station and my various books on my Facebook fan page, and I shall stay in touch with the outside world through those two entities as well as Linked In, which I have too long overlooked.” Dated March 13. Today. As he tweets his obscenities.

      • As I knew he would, he closed down his Lobotomyradio account after I posted this. Stay tuned for a name change, a reappearance, offensive tweets deleted, and a declaration that the wingnuts will NOT keep Biased Bill, Purtend Reprtuhr, off Twitter.
        Rinse, lather, repeat.

      • 1. I think he was implying he was leaving PatOmbudsman dormant.

        2. LobotomyRadio is down because Gail just got home and tore him a new one – his doc told him to quit or he’ll DIE.

        3. He’ll be back before long (between 2 hours and 3 days) with a new account.

    • he was tweeting from his lobotomyradio acct the same day he said he was leaving twitter when his other two accounts (radiowiseguy & patombudsman) were suspended *after he took them down he claims*…

      he’s a toilet, badly in need of flush…


    • Nope, he shut it down. He said he would in his Liberaland piece, he didn’t, and when I called him on it he shut it down within a few minutes.

    • Good. Then he won’t see my latest extremely pedestrian photoshops of his extremely pedestrian “life”.

      All of which are a big hit on the internet. In the days since Mother’s day, they’ve garnered more hits than his blog, since its inception.

      • I’m sure he’ll see them through one of the dozen or so other twitter accounts he has.

  8. I read most of his twitter raving today… it’s scary how quickly he’s deteriorating. Seriously. He’s always had a reading comprehension problem, as in having almost none. Kind of like his good friend, just sees what he wants to see in whatever is written. But today… wow. Even for him it was bad. Wow. A whole ‘nother kind of meltdown is rapidly rolling downhill from what I read of him today. Wow.

    • Not sure if I agree with that Jane. I think he comprehends just fine, but if what he reads doesn’t fit his reality, he will either ignore it, or twist it to make it fit. He’s been doing that for years. What kind of idiot starts an internet war over a satirical Facebook page where people claim to be burning recall petitions? Not one single news outlet covered it. No radio, TV, or newspaper mentioned it, but Bill just knew it had to be true (from his kitchen in Maryland no less) and launched his little war with the Knot my Wisconsin folks (in which he was mocked, ridiculed, suspended several times from Facebook, and generally made to look like the incompetent ass that he is) because it fit his (mistaken) reality of how those supporting Gov. Walker must behave.

      Also look at his battle with our host. How many times did he say he “found the smoking gun” that would win the day? How many times did he get smacked down by the judge? Yet he clings to his belief that HE is the legal genius and the judge is just stupid. You can’t make that stuff up.

    • “it’s scary how quickly he’s deteriorating”

      Schmalfeldt hit rock bottom a long time ago. After the “Dead Breitbart” blog and his wretchedness toward Lee Stranahan, it seemed impossible to me that he could possibly sink any lower, but he continues to impress, as he keeps excavating his way to hell. And, hey, bon voyage, Billy!

      • I will continue to pray for his immortal soul even with such dim (and growing dimmer hourly) prospect for success. I fear a “Saul on the road to Damascus” moment is the only thing that can save him now.

    • BS says that the objection was sustained, but anything BS says must be independently verified.

      • The objection was sustained. She had previously ruled against TDPK being able to introduce evidence related to Bomber Sues Bloggers because that website was started after the suit was filed (rather than before as TDPK had claimed in one of his pleadings). She ruled it had no bearing on the case.

        As I noted above, TDPK’s demeanor made the point that there was something about himself that he didn’t want the judge to know.

  9. Going to twitter and looking for user @LobotmyRadio’s tweets gives me this error:
    Internal server error.
    Is this a twitter error or a CBBS error?

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