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All discovery is supposed to be completed in the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. nuisance lawsuit by close of business today. The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin submitted interrogatories to Aaron Walker, Stacy McCain, and me which we answered, although we withheld some to the information he sought because it was privileged. TDPK sought to have the court compel our additional answers, but his motion was denied.

None of the answers we submitted to Kimberlin were submitted under seal. They are fair game for publication. The Gentle Reader may therefore be wondering why TDPK hasn’t leaked any of the information to a member of Team Kimberlin for publication on the Interwebz. The reason is simple. There’s nothing potentially embarrassing in any of our answers. Indeed, after the case is decided, I plan to publish mine to show how lamebrained Kimberlin’s questions were.

popcorn4bkAaron, Stacy, and I have submitted interrogatories, requests for admissions, and requests for documents to Kimberlin, and he has not been very cooperative. Our lawyer has filed a certification of our attempts to get TDPK to cooperate and motions to compel his answers and for other appropriate remedies. Since TDPK still has time to file his oppositions to those motions, I don’t wish to publicly discuss their substance until his time to respond has expired. I have no desire to say anything that might help him effectively oppose our motions.

Stay tuned.

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  1. I know you have to be careful to not reveal anything that would benefit Team Kimberlin. But one question burns in my mind and I hope you can answer it.

    I assume Brett’s discovery questions were, as usual, intended to help him harass his critics.

    Did the discovery questions ask to help reveal my identity?

    I fear the answer is “no,” and I know that I have to think of some way to do more until my criticism registers on the radar of Team Kimberlin. I encourage others to think the same way.

  2. BKW: The questions were, as John says, LAME.

    Just to cite one example (from memory), he asked me to name or identify commenters who had posted defamatory comments at my blog — but he didn’t specify any particular comments as defamatory, and I honestly don’t keep track of the comments that much anyway. I mean, sometimes I’ll get down in there and mix it up, but most of the time, I just don’t pay attention to comments. So for me to track down every person who said anything “defamatory” about Kimberlin — I mean, it was impossible, among thousands of comments at my blog, for me to go hunting down IP addresses and stuff.

    I’ve forgotten what my actual response was to that interrogatory, but it boiled down to a tactful and lawyerly version of “go piss up a rope.”

    • All the commenters have a right to be upset at him for basically asking you to dox them all.

      And we well know that the information would end up in the hands of Neal Rauhauser, as well as some mentally unbalanced harasser friends, and also some pretend-journalist stealth harasser friends (who don’t even have a mental problem excuse). And based on the history of Brett Kimberlin, and some of those associates, harassment targets would have a coordinated campaign of synchronized lies, and interference in the personal lives of the victims.

      So, I know there was no chance you would hand over what Brett Kimberiln is not entitled to, the threat is actually still serious because we know now from numerous examples exactly what it would entail if the threat could be carried out. And it makes me furious every time I see this type of harassment happening. I should add, the proper response must be of an entirely different sort, an entirely ethical sort, because harassment is wrong. Just like we wouldn’t bomb Speedway or pick up underaged girls if it somehow defeated Brett Kimberlin, we also can’t use harassing tactics. Not that I believe anyone is, in spite of his lies to the contrary.

  3. ITs not defamatory if its opinion, its not defamatory if its satire, its not defamatory if its true, its rarely defamatory if the target is a public person.

    Don’t worry BKWatch, that’s exactly what he wants

  4. Mr Bill, whining that he still isn’t declared a victim for not being able to harass people on the internets, and has his twitter account suspended again – guess who maybe hit with a move order out of his neighborhood or the power company removing its services from his premises?

    Bill, you are an adjudicated harasser, the people who use harsh words against you on twitter do it in response to you, to you and what you did to their families or their friends, they don’t target the entire liberal establishment – you on the other hand attack everyone you have time too

    its a difference, kind of like – picking on Hitler’s dead family vs picking on civilians, their children, their wives –

    its a subtle difference

    • Notice how he tries to frame it as “wingnuts” picking on him. I guess he has to lie because he cant’ really say “Everyone with morals doesn’t like me because I’m a huge scumbag that tries to destroy families, employment, and reputations because I’m a bitter man who only lives to hate”. Really not as effective in rallying the troops.

      • Troops are Rallied – privates Just, Touch and My have joined Mr. Bills Blog army:

        As of this morning:

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      • Well done, Frankie. So very, very true. He won’t be satisfied until he has alienated the entire internet, like he alienated his own children, and virtually anyone else who has ever had contact with him.

        It appears SchmalFAIL will never catch on that the rejection he has always known, escalating as if a big rejection-snowball going downhill throughout his life, is not the result of some conspiracy or political ideology. It’s because of HIM. It’s because of what he says, does, and writes that his own children refuse contact with him.

        If SchmalFAIL remains the same, keeps doing the same things, keeps trying to justify his prior actions that have been roundly condemned, then he can expect the rejection, humiliation, disgust, and alienation will continue to grow. SchmalFAIL will then feel justified in continuing to lash out in the most reprehensible ways, causing more rejection, humiliation, disgust, and alienation; which SchmalFAIL will then feel justifies his continued hate fests and other repugnant behavior; which will cause further rejection, humiliation, disgust, and alienation…

        It’s his self-designed MobiusFAIL life plan.

      • Piss off enough people Jane, enough people start making phone calls, bad things happen to bad people, organizations like Amazon, Twitter, LuLu, The Texas Attorney Generals Office, The CPS of Texas, The Texas Rangers, The Maryland State Police, The States Attorney’s Office(s) of Montgomery, Howard and Carroll, Vanderbilt University, NASA, the National Institute of Health, The National Parkison’s Foundation, coming soon the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, the Chancery Court of the 22nd and 24th districts, The Attorney General of Arizona, the Arizona State Police and the Illinois State Police – when you start making wild accusations, smearing or including these firms in your smears, even in the unreal world of unreal reality of the internetz………………………………………………………….

        Wind – meet inherit

        Takes a lot of work – he’s worked hard at it

      • Wow! Oh my, it will be so much fun to watch as SchmalFAIL reaps the “rewards” he tried to inflict on others. He deserves it so very, very much. I hope he truly experiences, to the very fullest extent, all he tried to inflict, and all he has inflicted.

        Wow. Just. Wow.

        You’re an inspiration, EPWJ. You get things DONE. Let’s hope SchmalFAIL can be crossed off of our lists very soon, thanks to your efforts. ☺

        Did I mention, “Wow!”? Just in case, “Wow!”

    • His reactions are disproportionate.

      First, he and embryriddlealum have a history. BS threatened to have the kids of a friend of BS’s taken away. Why? I WANT IT ALL, ERIN, OR ELSE! He justified this behavior by referring to her repeatedly as a whore, and I assure you that was the mildest term he used.

      Second, he has repeatedly doxed innocent people in his pursuit of his white whale – the identities of @guntotingteabag and @embryriddlealum. Any apologies for those innocents? Their wives, girlfriends, kids, employers?

      Anyone who has left a polite-but-less-than-fawning comment on his blog or on Twitter, he has doxed or attempted to dox. This so-called advocate for the disabled takes enormous delight in ridiculing anyone with disabilities. This includes their kids, as Patrick Grady has learned.

      Given all of the above alone, he should expect some of these people to give him some crapola from time to time. After all, BS is the one who has scream-tweeted at Stranahan and others, telling them they were “pu$$ies” and “sacless.”

      But, no, not our boy. He has the worst case of PD ever known to mankind. No one has ever loved another the way he loved his family, no siree. And his twin? The greatest emotional blow ever suffered by a man was his when his twin passed away. So, everyone better shut up! Because … PD! Christian! HOGE HOGE HOGE HOGE HOGE!

      • APPLAUSE. Loud, cheering, foot-stomping, applause, A Reader.

        SchmalFAIL has repeatedly done all he can to hurt the innocent children of his victims so as to punish them. After all of the news reports about various state agencies charged with protecting children, I’d have to be very, very certain before I’d risk subjecting any innocent child to the tender mercies of the state.

        #FreeJustina is a relatively minor example compared to those tortured, molested, raped, and murdered while in foster care. At the very least SchmalFAIL’s goal is to separate these children from their home, family, and all that is familiar to them. This would no doubt scar them for life. And what “crime” did these children commit to deserve such a punishment?

        Then, for a final demented twist, in SchmalFAIL’s dementia addled mind, whatever harm he causes is the fault of his victim; presumably for the crime of failing to recognize he is the emperor of the internet. Good thing for those children that SchmalFAIL nothing but a huge, revolting, pile of #FAIL.

      • Jane,

        THank you for the compliment but there are many more deserving who have engaged and defended people against Brett and Bill, and I know you wish them all the best as well

        The train is leaving the station, Brett took on 20 people who are going to fight back and fight back hard, Bill, took on the conservative world and found it was not full of shrinking violets as his online buddies – who skanked back into the shadows – had told him

  5. Lobotomy Radio @LobotomyRadio · 3m
    What would YOU call a sackless pussy who sends cops to your house on a made-up, non-existent threat?

    Hhm. This tweet seems to have disappeared, but I will answer the question. I would call him Bill Schmalfeldt, who sent multiple state and federal agencies after the Stranahan family to investigate “made-up, non-existent” threats. At least now we know what BS thinks of himself.

    P.S. I’m not Frankie. You can tell by the little avatar thingie. Dim boy.

    • You aren’t me? Then who am I? Dang, whose day is it? I know I’m supposed to be subbing for someone today. Or maybe the Cabin Boy is just really, really stupid.

      • He took my comments above and attributed all of them to you. Reading comprehension is not his strong point. I added the last line because of his sexist derogatory comments toward Library Gryffon.

      • Thanks, A Reader. I haven’t mentioned him anywhere for over a week. I haven’t addressed anything directly to him for well over a month. And now he’s attacking me on twitter and, I gather, his blog.

        Gee, I wonder whatever happened to “you leave me alone, I’ll leave you alone”? /sarc

      • Thining about starting a ‘real bill schmalfeldt’ blog and only hosting stuff he has memory holed….

      • Repeatedly. 🙂

        Let’s hope twitter is bombarded with reports that this loser who has been suspended at least three times within the last week or so (radiowiseguy, patombudsman, brainslices), is back to abuse their service and their other users.

        Deleting the tweets doesn’t make them go away from anywhere but his particular twitter feed. He hasn’t learned anything other than to mass delete more often. #SchmalFAIL

      • Johnny, that sounds like a terrific idea for a blog, imo.

        But please do give your critique, or fisk each slimy post. You know, give a bit of a sanity respite here and there to break up the monotonous insanity, craven cowardliness, ugliness, bitter hatred, and vileness that IS SchmalFAIL. Safe little islands in an ugly sea of crazy may make it possible for more readers to make it through. 🙂

  6. damn, that was fast…
    guess he is finally clueing in on the fact that you can’t really claim to be a victim when you’re constantly attacking others…

    • He has now segued into his Mahatma Schmalfeldt role, which will be short-lived, as it always is.

      • As usual, the projection is strong with that one. He still claims that he’s never threatened anyone with having their children taken away. I guess his argument is that he never meant to go through with it, therefore it wasn’t a real threat, so it never happened. I bet the woman he “threatened” didn’t see it that way.

      • He’s demonstrating criminal conduct now, before it was subject to a peace order, now erasing evidence, is obstruction, its hard to say you were not harassing when you delete tweets or even more important – violate the TOS of the medium you are conducting the harassment on.

        He’s almost in as much trouble as Brett, well, no Brett’s probably going to be facing prison again, prison time that well, may end up being his last known address.

  7. RSMs comment proves that BKs purpose is harassment, not winning the case. Seeking commenters identities is only to harass those commenters and the defendants. The commenters are not a part of the case. They are not named even as John Does. Their identity has no bearing on the defamation that BK accuses the defendants of perpetrating.

    But it took some amount of effort to respond to it, so it cost the defendants something.

    • If he had gotten the IP’s of anybody frmo RSM that would have just been gravy.
      The real thrust was to request as much as possible and see if he could get it compelled. End result: massive amounts of work for everyone on his discovery wish list contributing to the effort to break them or make them rollover.

      • You may be right, Kyle. However, my guess is that both are important to him. I suspect Brett Kimberlin of Justice Through Music (JTMP), Velvet Revolution, and Op-Critical or Op Critical would very much like to have the identifying information of all who have written what he claims are “false narratives” but actually consist of the truth about him. Brett Coleman Kimberlin claimed in an email to Patterico to have filed over a hundred lawsuits and he very well may want to file even more to set an example that truthfully discussing Brett Kimberlin can be very costly, despite his lawsuits being doomed to fail.

        It’s all part of brass-knucklehead reputation management to try to silence all criticism. Plus, from all I’ve read* about Brett C. Kimberlin of Justice Through Music Project (JTMP) he appears to be a vindictive little thing. Brett Kimberlin seems to be the type to make lists of those he feels have somehow wronged him. Oh wait…

        From the link:
        “Brett C. Kimberlin schemed to elude justice with a series of bizarre plots designed to murder, maim and rob his enemies, create havoc . . . and discredit the chief government prosecutor. . . .
        On sheets of yellow legal pad, Kimberlin asked another inmate in the Marion County Jail to arrange for the murder of Bernard L. (Buddy) Pylitt, the former first assistant U.S. attorney who coordinated his prosecution.
        The offer contained a list of 10 names, including a potential prosecution witness, Robert Scott Bixler. Some names had crosses next to them. These indicated those marked for murder, it was learned. . . .”

        So yes, according to that newspaper article, Brett Kimberlin of Justice Through Music Project (JTMP), Velvet Revolution, and Op-Critical or Op Critical actually did make lists of those he felt had wronged him. Incredibly, while in jail, Brett C. Kimberlin tried to arrange the MURDER of a PROSECUTOR! Hopefully those who comment on posts about Brett Coleman Kimberlin wouldn’t get the “cross” next to their name; they’d only be on the list to be roughed up. While he’s a tiny little guy, he seems exceedingly vicious, and though he’s aged A LOT, he doesn’t appear to have mellowed.

        *Such as information included in the authorized biography of Brett Kimberlin by left-leaning author Mark Singer, with which Brett C. Kimberlin fully cooperated, meaning much of the information came straight from Brett Coleman Kimberlin.

  8. I expect to read this on one of the court documents filed by Kimberlin: “Nary a day goes by that the planitiff isn’t faced with some harassment in the form of truth, opinion or fair comment on my criminal activities.”

    Thank God for RSM and WJJ.

  9. It’s obvious, and, more importantly, it can’t be remedied, but every failure of BK to comply with discovery fully and on schedule just adds evidence to the fact that he is a vexatious litigant.

    As Mr. Hoge said about a week ago, BK is now attacking those higher in the food chain: it’s a minnow attacking a shark.

  10. I guessed wrong on the Rule 11 motion. Apparently BK decided to ask the judge if he could file it, even though the 21 day safe harbor has not yet passed.

    • Oh, and in his request, he mischaracterizes what Mr. Smith sent him, then included a copy of what he sent. Who you going to believe, Judge, me or your lying eyes?

      • The judge will not consider it. What I hope he does is hit the petit perjurer with monetary sanctions for this.

    • Tactically, it is great news. First, Maryland law allows for sanction motions against those that abuse the sanctions process, which is exactly what Kimberlin has done. Second, it makes germane a motion to inform the court of Kimberlin’s pattern of filing frivolous sanctions motion, and, how that abuse is part of a larger pattern of harassment by Brett Kimberlin including complaints to bar associations, abusive peace order requests and the lawsuit in question. Third, it is long past time to ask the court to inform the pro se pipsqueak of the basics of American Jurisprudence. For instance, Brett Kimberlin in his filings has repeatedly postured as trier of fact, and arbiter of law when those are the proper roles of the judge. Nor, does Brett Kimberlin seem to grasp that we have an adversarial system [Plaintiff/Defendant or Prosecutor/Accused plead their respective best cases with the judge/jury trying to ferret out the Truth.] Michael Smith stands accused of little more than advocating aggressively the best interests of his client rather than accepting Brett Kimberlin’s assertions at face value. Given Kimberlin’s total inability to make such distinctions it would be consistent with the interests of justice to bar him permanently from filing sanction motions not approved by a bar member, bar him permanently from suing Michael Smith without said approval, and make him pay attorney fees.

      • He creates new accounts.

        He decided to go after Howard Earl yesterday. He tweeted some nonsense, and of course Howard responded. BS needs drama, so he has been dredging up tweets from last year. The family belongs to RobIn Causey – they guy in Arizona that BS is convinced (this time) is Howard. The same family that has a restraining order on him.

      • Onlooker, you know that he thought he doxed you, too? It was in one of his suspended accounts this past week. Then again, he thinks I’m Frankie or Owain Penllyn from time to time.

      • If anyone has contact info for that family, please fwd. That’s a sick, sick, sick thing to do, even for SchmalFAIL. A skull for a baby’s head? How could anyone possibly think that isn’t a threat?

      • That tweet and the one of the wife standing on a giant p***s in the middle of a corn field were taken down in the last few minutes.

      • Jane, I think Howard may have done that, judging from his TL.
        And I agree – posting a photo of a living child with a skull superimposed on his face looks like a threat from a parental perspective. I suspect that BS will now purge his tweets, but they have been screen capped, I am sure.

      • Spoke too soon, they were much further down the page than when I had seen them last time. That boy is twittering up a storm, over 60 tweets in an hour. But he can’t type because of the PD, nor can he speak well. Riiiggght.

      • LG – as I suspected, this is a new technique. Tweet the offensive material, and then quickly take it down to avoid getting banned.

      • Yet he never figured out who that PEMason guy was? Apparently Twinkie was given a full name and city. If i remember, turned out that Mr Mason might’ve been a police officer. twinkie only attacks those who cannot defend themselves.

  11. And BS is harassing Howard Earl. Hopefully, the geniuses at Twitter and in the Maryland SA and judiciary will see that his m.o. Is to change Twitter handles and continue. When you do it at least four times in one week….

      • and those complaints are directly to the Twitter Support rep who has suspended him previously, not the generic form.

      • I reported him once for the stuff he was doing about me yesterday, pointing out that this was someone who had been suspended only hours earlier. I tried reporting him for those vile photos, but while the generic form lets you tell them that they are harassing, Twitter then sends you a form e-mail saying that they aren’t going to do a damn thing if the harassment isn’t directed specifically at you or someone you are authorized to make complaints for. I suppose that could be one way they are trying to deal with the false reports issue.

    • And let’s not forget(familiar?) that way back during Hoge’s filing for a PO that SchmalFAIL kept saying that all Hoge had to do was ‘block’ him. He has proven, as was pointed out, that would not work with him because he would most likely just keep creating different accounts. Lo and behold.

  12. send it to their legal department cc the local authorities at some point Twitter is becoming responsible for enabling Bill. In stalking cases where its a boy girl thing – people get banned, C&D letters are sent and info turned over to LE before anyone gets a warrant – so they need to step it up or face some legal troubles if they are allowing him to harass people

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