#BrettKimberlin Haz Sad

After turning the stupid knob up to 11 12, The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin sent a proposed sanctions motion to Michael Smith, the lawyer representing Michelle Malkin and Twitchy in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness. Now, he’s whining because his foolishness was made public. He seems particularly upset that Hogewash! posted a copy of his proposed sanctions motion.

It seems that TDPK has not yet realized that civil trials are conducted in public here in America and that he is not entitled to a secret Star Chamber proceeding against his intended victims. If TDPK can’t stand the heat, he should get out of the kitchen.

Tune in just after midnight for further commentary on TDPK’s latest filings.

UPDATE—Aaron Walker comments here.

51 thoughts on “#BrettKimberlin Haz Sad

  1. And a model of literacy it is, as usual! “I should not file of send them to him.”
    Does this fellow proof read anything?

    • That one caught my eye too. Seriously, any version of Word, even my creaky old Office ’97, would have underlined that one.

  2. Hey [redacted], next time include in the exhibit a copy of some of us commenters talking about the time you had an “inappropriate” relationship with a girl while you were an adult and she was aged 10-14, and then you had her grandmother, Julia Scyphers, killed, and then you set off a bunch of bombs in Speedway, Indiana, in a bass-ackwards attempt to get law enforcement off your tail (LOL). And also how you set off some of the bombs near shops or a school and one of them maimed a man and injured his wife. And also how you tried to frame one of Scyphers’ daughters for the murder and the daughter showed up at your bombing trial and kicked the shit out of your sorry terrorist diddling ass with the information about that framing attempt.

    Or the time you bragged about filing over 100 lawsuits. Or the fact that most of them were abusive and stupid, much like your entire life.

    I’m sure the judge will totally side with you when he sees that.

    • The Scyphers murder remains unsolved. Although it is reasonable to be suspicious, we do not know if, or to what extent, that BK was involved.

      • We do know that Indiana LE said he remains their only suspect. Those who have read the local news accounts and excerpts from Mark Singer’s authorized biography of Brett Kimberlin, written with Brett Coleman Kimberlin’s full cooperation can form an opinion that Brett C. Kimberlin had the little girl’s grandmother murdered for interfering in Brett Kimberlin’s relationship with the little girl. IIRC, the trigger-man identified by the little girl’s grandfather was a known associate of Brett Kimberlin. Brett C. Kimberlin also apparently tried the clumsy frame-up mentioned above.

        We also know that Brett Kimberlin’s wife said in conversations with others and in sworn court pleadings that Brett Kimberlin continues to possess naked pictures of the little girl and that he told his wife about having a sexual relationship with the little girl. (This was one of the reasons she was fearful of leaving her own young daughters alone with Brett Kimberlin.) We also know from other witnesses that Brett Kimberlin referred to the little girl as his “girlfriend” and that it was suggested Brett Kimberlin began grooming the little girl to be his wife when she was only 10 years old.

        That’s plenty for me to be sure that Brett C. Kimberlin had a little girl’s grandmother murdered so that he could continue to molest/rape the little girl.

      • What Mark Singer wrote in his book is that someone from the FBI speaking on background told him that Brett Kimberlin had approached the FBI to report that the gun used to murder Julia Schyphers was buried on her daughter’s property in Texas. Mark Singer left it as an intellectual exercise to ponder why Brett Kimberlin could possibly be aware of the chain of custody of that murder weapon. I don’t know if Mark Singer was telling the Truth, but, I have no reason to believe that he was being anything other than completely honest. If he was, and that person was in fact an FBI agent in the know, then, we do know who was responsible for the execution-style slaying of Julia Schyphers.

    • See, there they are, the “false narratives” again. Excepting they aren’t false, nor is any of it a narrative, any more than any accurate recitation of factual history is a “narrative.”

    • I am a commenter, it was very difficult for me to decide which was my favorite part of your great comment. After a second reading I decided it’s, “Or the fact that most of them were abusive and stupid, much like your entire life.”

      Expect to see me “borrow” that, maybe often. 😉

    • Valued host WJJ Hoge,

      Was the [redacted] above a joke, or am I running afoul of a rule? If it’s the latter, let us know and I’ll gladly make sure to follow the rule in the first place.

      I’m a firm believer in your site’s rules. Especially since your site RULES.

      I am a commenter

      p.s. I unintentionally entered the first comment above with a typo in my email address. This time it’s correct. You can reply in email if you like, but then you’d be keeping everyone else in suspense…

  3. Heh, it almost looks as if he’s going to try the “they’re conspiring against me again!” angle.
    As if codefendants wouldn’t be smart to unify their strategy, and as if not telling the plaintiff your strategy is somehow a bad idea.

    • ITs the Mobius self creating Rico suit – take 20 people at random, sue them, when they get together to defend themselves against your suit for conspiring against you = then sue them for Rico

      take a minute….

  4. I am trying to figure out how Mr. Smith’s response, or admission, was “coy.”

    He said you sent me something, I sent it to all the defendants.

    That isn’t coy. He said what he did. And there is nothing wrong with it.

  5. If you read it, though, what he is actually mad is not that it was posted on Higewash, but that Smith did not take his threat seriously, withdraw his memo, and go home and cry. Instead he said I am not withdrawing it and shared the threat (which is what it really is) with the world.

    He wanted Smith to be afraid, or at least spend some time on it.

    Smith gave him nothing.

    Now, we shall see if the judge has time to instruct him on proper Rule 11 procedure. Maybe he will fill out the right forms for BK.

  6. Mr. Smith, in turn, provided a copy of that unfiled Rule 11 motion, either directly or
    indirectly, to Defendant Hoge who then posted it on his blog

    Which was perfectly legal unlike Kimberlin providing sealed discovery directly to the Cabin Boy with instructions to publish it immediately. The man has no shame…and apparently very little in the way of common sense.

    • Damn, why can’t Kimberlin just get Matt Osborne and Karoli Kuns to repeat his lies, so at least some people might believe them, and then he can have a shot at winning the (worthless) internet war? Team Kimberlin is slacking bigtime. Even BS has had nothing to say about it, not that anyone cares. And Kimberlin’s “charities” and associated web pages haven’t bothered posting lies about whether Kimberlin illegally sent sealed discovery to BS, or whether Brett Kimberlin is completely falsely accusing Smith of breaking the law when what he did is 100% above board and legal.

      Come on Brett, act like you care.

  7. respectfully, he ain’t sad. He’s furious. He is lashing out. Full analysis, here: http://allergic2bull.blogspot.com/2014/05/convicted-terrorist-brett-kimberlins.html The short version is his “quote” response actually did more harm than if he filed nothing.

    And yes, i warned Smith he might be SWATted and offered to talk to the police to help prevent it from happening. I won’t say much else, but Smith has taken appropriate steps.

  8. The snark is strong with Smith. If you don’t want ridiculous papers publicized, perhaps it is best if you don’t send me any more of them. I think I have a crush on Mr. Smith.

    Now I would not describe as nonsensical any view about what goes on inside Kimberlin’s head, but even for him the idea that the defendants orchestrated him into filing an absurd motion is pushing the limit, as is the notion that co-defendants cannot lawfully communicate with each other. As I said in an a different thread, Kimberlin is a minnow attacking a shark. .

  9. The Stalker of Elkridge is looking to add a Wisconsin restraining order to his collection. Twitter? Hello? Anybody there?

      • Postin pics of Chris Heather and his girlfriend, calling a woman he never met a “skank,” and ridiculing the guy for allegedly licking with his mother. You know, like one of BS’s family members does.

        From three days ago on BS’s blog, a bunch of lies:

        “I am no longer engaged in Internet warfare. I have scrubbed this blog of all reference to the person I blame for intentionally aggravating my Parkinson’s disease. I don’t respond to the occasional live round lobbed over the border. I just send it to law enforcement so they, like me, can do nothing about it.

        As far as I’m concerned, my participation in this war ended the day my neurologist told me to knock it off. Which I did. I took this blog offline altogether. I killed my personal and radio station Twitter accounts (although, for some reason that isn’t clear to me, Twitter suspended them AFTER I deactivated them. Whatever). If the boys and girls wanna fight, they can fight with each other.

        I feel like London must have felt after the Nazi bombing. I survived. I prevailed. But I was damaged. Repairing a damaged brain is a far more serious matter than rebuilding a school or repaving cratered highways.
        I feel no need for revenge.”

        He sent Harold Earl a tweet yesterday to set of this new wave of harassment, then claimed to be the victim when Howard responded.

      • Psst.. A Reader… maybe autocorrect ignored the other person referenced to let us know more about SchmalFAIL’s family relationships than we ever wanted to… just sayin’ 😉

      • Bill Schmalfeldt, who lives in a trailer park and is defending an old man who lives with two daughters in his mother’s basement, is making fun of someone else’s living situation? Really?

        I don’t look down on living in a trailer, but if you do you are in no position to make fun of someone else’s living situation.

      • While the truth of a report from BS is always in doubt, according to the way he tells it, his neurologist is a saint. Even if the neurologist’s advice has no health consequences, it will (if followed) substantially reduce the potential for additional damage BS is doing to himself and his household. To say nothing of his internet-enemies, who will be spared the filthy language, attacks on children, etc.

  10. I can read the Scribd doc on Allergic to Bull but not here for some reason.

    So it was basically a cut and paste job. I literally laughed out loud when I read the, “Walker and Hoge who breathlessly raced down to the Montgomery County Court reporter…” made it into this document too. Well at least he didn’t forget who was the Planitiff, I mean Plaintiff, was this time.

    • Ah, its fixed. I see Walker posted something different. You were posting BK’s request for permission to file the Rule 11 Sanctions. Also funny, but for different reasons.

      • To riff on Smith: If the short-fused dud matter doesn’t want us to point and laugh at his filings, he should cease making laughably incompetent filings.

    You agree not to use the Service as follows: (a) for any unlawful, improper or criminal purpose or activity; (b) to post or transmit information or communications that, whether explicitly stated, implied, or suggested through
    use of symbols, are libelous, defamatory, invasive of another person’s privacy, obscene, indecent, pornographic, sadistic, cruel, or racist in content, or of a sexually explicit or graphic nature; or which espouses, promotes, or incites bigotry, hatred, or racism, or might be legally actionable for any reason, or hurts minors in
    any way;

    Hmmmmm can anyone say bub bye to a whole laundry list of investigative journalists?

  12. Tsk! Tsk! Seems Brett Kimberlin has asked for permission to file, in part, a Rule 11 sanctions motion against Mr. Smith for “extrajudicial communications attacking a party,” before he even provided him a copy of the proposed sanctions motion. Brett Kimberlin’s own motion indicates he is fully aware of the 21-day requirement.

    Brett Kimberlin seems to labor under the delusion that his initial proposed motion directed to Mr Smith once “ripe” will constitute a “Christmas Tree” upon which he can unload any bile he choses. IANALTG, but, I seriously doubt that is the case.

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