I’m Sure It’s Just A Coincidence …

… but a rather odd one. Within hours of a post here at Hogewash! pointing out the lack of any protests against the Boko Haram abductions in Nigeria on the Justice Through Music Project website, that site is down for a redesign.JTMP_backsoonThe Velvet Revolution US site is also being redesigned.


45 thoughts on “I’m Sure It’s Just A Coincidence …

  1. How fortuitous that you have screen shots of everything. I do not doubt that things are unfolding as you have foreseen.

  2. It would have been easier to make a short, non-committal statement deploring the mistreatment of children brides and the taking of slaves. But that might have been too extreme for Brett. (esp. the mistreatment of children brides bit)

  3. Two words Bradblog opps that’s one word – why – because I’m a giver – what’s up with that? Whoo knows …….

    Also bill just couldn’t resist and is working himself back into his post NPF crutch phase I also note that there was some contact with his streaming company –

    oh oh oh my

    Twitter bans bill, then bill makes new account, violates all TOS of not only his IP provider but his internet, phone and cable service? Is this possible? Why it may very well be……. Also interesting enough the trailer park he is in and the power company also may have clauses as well……


  4. Hey its not like they are destroying evidence? – I wonder if all those people on the 501`s realize they just became accessories to a potential crime? In a federal case could be facing quite a few years non parole?

  5. I think the redesign probably has more to do with it being alleged that they had a lot of infringing material on their site.

    Better to remove it before take down orders or requests for money start pouring in.

    • once it becomes a part of a legal battle – it isn’t the wisest thing to delete or change stuff. Lawfare isn’t working out the way the smelly bearded guy explained it would – to the adoring smelly people huddled around the pizza box tent two years ago in the occupy feces park

    • You can still see the “about” page. The Neil Young link I mentioned in a previous post is still there, and it seems like JTMP takes credit for “presenting Neal Young’s new CD…” Just a bit of puffery.

  6. Heh. Nothing under the sun surprises me any longer. Saddens, yes, even occasionally enrages me but never surprise.

  7. Not that it matters anymore but when if you were someone who morally can’t make a statement against the Boston bomber or the people who rape little girls or sell them for child brides – maybe it wouldn’t be the wisest thing for any such individual to splash themselves spectacularly across the same court systems that almost already sent you to jail for life.

    But then again some people are soooooo smart

  8. The simple existence of these “charities” viscerally offends me. I sincerely hope their redesign continues… Indefinitely.

    • say it – Braaadblog…………………………………………………………………….

  9. Just FYI, I wouldn’t read too much into that yet… webhosting companies like godaddy do upgrades to their supporting software on occassion.. given that’s a drupal maintenance page it’s likely that’s what’s being updated. I know I got a notice from godaddy a couple months ago that they were forcing an upgrade of mysql version that would take our site off for maintenance temporarily. If it’s not back up in a few hours, then it may be more meaningful.

      • Multiple servers sit behind the traffic manager located at that single IP. Unless ALL the other sites are up, that is similarly not meaningful. On the other hand, the fact that it is still offline as of this morning is a lot more indicative of something

  10. I knew the peace would be short lived. The serial harasser is back in business, whining, whitewashing his past behavior and … are you ready?… harassing people on Twitter.

        • Thanks. If you see the one on FB or Twitter you can see my eyes are still muddy looking, there is a slight yellow undertone (mostly gone). This is the best I’ve looked in a long time. Barb trimmed my beard (I looked like a biblical patriarch with a long beard) and cut my hair. Got the sport coat, shirt trousers and silk tie at the Hospice thrift store for $11.50, all brand new (tags still attached) from Jos. A. Bank. Tags: shirt (Executive dress with spread collar and french cuffs) $135.00, tie (100% Italian silk) $79.50, trousers (100% Italian grey silk) $385.00 and sports coat (Tropical weight superfine 150 wool tweed) $865.00 = $1,484.50!
          Patronize your local Hospice thrift store!

    • He cannot stand being ignored. A week is all it needed. I wake up and I have a notification form the serial adjudicated harasser? OK. I’m your Huckleberry. Don’t like the way I react? I don’t really care. He’s best make sure his sweatpants are laundered.

  11. Oh look, Bill is trying to lure me to his site. Did he install some new malware? Find a new way to collect IP addresses? What sane person visits that cesspool?

  12. He is an idiot if he thinks he’s not going to be reported to twitter, to the power company, to his landlords, if he has a note on the car, his computer equipment etc

    Why he insists on doing things he knows isn’t right

    • Like getting suspended and right away making a new account, which is then suspended so he makes a new account……. The man just can’t stay away. How much hate must he have in his heart to destroy himself so totally?

      • Sooner or later, I suspect twitter will get tired of suspending him. He’s a lot more trouble than he is worth to them.

        If he had a brain that wasn’t addled by dementia, he’d cool his heels for a bit then quietly set up a new account, and not use it to immediately start attacking those with whom he’s obsessed. No one is suggesting he can’t “speak” or spew. He’s got his blog for that purpose. Twitter seems to have been pretty clear that they don’t want him using their service to spread his hate-filled rants, or as a tool to harass, attack, dox, etc.

        Unfortunately for him, he has no self-control along with the handicap of having zero self-awareness. Twitter isn’t going to play whack-a-failure forever.

        Sadly, stalkers gotta stalk; obsessives gotta obsess; dementia addled gotta be demented; and failures gotta #FAIL.

      • I am just stunned that he has managed to not tweet you directly yet, Howard. Maybe he CAN learn after you’ve slapped him enough times… hahahaha Of course, he’s already deleted tweets about you – well, most of them. And other tweets quoting posts here were already deleted too.


        These handles he chooses… it’s like he KNOWS there’s something terribly wrong with how he thinks…

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