Music for Mother’s Day

R-S201BLMrs. Hoge is remodeling her landscape design studio, and I figured it was time to replace the 20+ year old Radio Shack receiver she was using for an office radio.  I bought her a Yamaha R-S201BL from Amazon. The tuner section is amazingly sensitive, clearly pulling in DC and Baltimore FM stations that are noisy on our other radios. The old receiver delivers a whopping 5 W per channel. The new Yamaha provides a very clean 100 W per channel.

2 thoughts on “Music for Mother’s Day

  1. happy mother’s day to the lovely mrs. hoge. may the new system bring her much joy and happiness.

  2. Very nice!

    Just gave all the mothers in my life Mikimoto pearl sets – the AA grade is astounding, you can actually *see* yourself in them, the surface is so perfect!

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