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The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin is showing signs of being rattled. He is suing or trying to sue 20-some-odd people and organizations in his vexatious Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al RICO Madness. That makes him the plaintiff in the case, so why is his proposed motion for sanctions against one of the defense attorneys captioned like this? (Note: Twitchy is not yet a party to the lawsuit, but Mr. Smith also represents Michelle Malkin who is a defendant.)BK_Rule11_Smith_captionPlanitiff Twitchy? Planitiff? He’s written about using Microsoft Word in his pleadings. Doesn’t he use the spell checker? And notice that he refers to himself as “Defendant Brett Kimberlin.” What’s with that?

My guess is that he’s not only bitten off more than he can chew but also picked a fight with multiple critters further up the food chain than he is. And the realization of the seriousness of problem he’s created for himself—and the panic—appear to have set in. He’s making careless, but very significant, errors. He’s seems stunned that none of his targets simply rolled over and offered to settle and even more surprised that several of us are putting up vigorous defenses. The old saw about the best defense being a good offense suggests that even stronger push backs are likely coming. An effective suite of counterclaims pleaded by one or more of the defendants would put TDPK on the defensive.

If he’s very lucky, the RICO Madness will be put to rest on our motions to dismiss.


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  1. I was wondering if it might be something along those lines too. It’s not like he’d be the only person in history to have ever gone on the attack, and then, when people reacted more vigorously or aggressively than was expected, tried to play the victim card.

  2. My first impressions of Brett Kimberlin was that he was fairly intelligent, and, had some talent for formulating arguments. It has been an eye-opener to witness how poorly he has performed. Lately, it has crystalized in my mind that while Brett Kimberlin can grasp the forms of the Law, he simply can’t grasp its substance. [Kinda like watching street people ordering shares of stock with an imaginary cell phone.] Reading his latest rantings I am left to wonder if he can even grasp the forms properly.

    • BSB, I’ve been thinking the same way. I decided that Kimberlin is just an especially brazen self-promoter and he intentionally cultivates the impression that he is highly capable and intelligent, using a constant barrage of facts and lies mixed together.

      He is somewhat intelligent, especially compared to the prison population where he spent much of his life, but he doesn’t compare so well to the crowd he’s now suing. Perhaps he also thought his bluffing would win some nuisance-go-away payments.

      • And by and large, the establishment has rewarded him. Convictions and a prison term were the anomaly.

  3. I will note also that i have found what Brett is cutting and pasting from. see yesterdays post of the day, although I am not revealing where it is coming from.

    as for BSB comment, clearly he is coming off the rails. I think he was hoping for some kind of vindication here, possibly through a default judgment. Now it looks like both cases are in trouble, which is even worse. how does he spin this? “He sued in state court for being accused of being a pedophile. The judge dismissed the case. He sued in federal court for being accused of SWATting. That was also dismissed.”

    And yes, the state case is very much in danger of being dismissed. Heh. I don’t think john has disclosed it and I’m not giving it away just yet.

    • HE is doing this purely to keep his donors, keepng his little gravy train cho cho’ing up the hill – I think SPQR nailed it some time ago describing a client who lived with his mother and when she passed the estate kicked him out as the property was divided, how absurd the person reacted

      • Why do you believe he currently has donors? I ask because they urgently need to know about Brett Kimberlin’s criminality. In fact, justice demands that those involved in his charities, such as Jeffrey R. Cohen and Kevin B. Zeese, must put a stop to everything Brett is doing. They must also throw themselves on the mercy of their victims for helping Brett’s criminality to whatever extent they may have done so.

      • Then he should have lain as if dead and waited for the whole thing to fade from view. People are busy and things slide out of mind and memory, in time.

      • Mark Singer’s books is one of the most devastating accounts of Kimberlin written. Singer probably thought he had ruined Kimberlin’s image and Kimberlin would be unable to do just the sorts of things he is now doing.

        I think Singer basically had the right idea, just not enough pressure and not enough people helping put on the pressure.

    • Heh. Sanctions for randomly including organizations in a conspiracy charge.

      I will say it again: the balls on this guy.

      I still think it is a mistake to read this as desperation. This is end zone celebration. While on the 40.

    • Pretty sure I found it too. Somewhat ironic choice, given the side he’s cribbing from.

  4. For all that he imagines himself to be, the little runt has always been a pathetic fu*kup and loser. Look at that old mugshot or whatever it is of him in the fake uniform. That one pic pretty much sums him up. Pathetic. Wild, reckless, and a menace, but also a pathetic fu*kup at the same time.

    As for the loser part, is there even one positive achievement or accomplishment in his life that he deserves credit for? Any at all?

    • That last question is really counterproductive since Brett’s presentation of himself is contrived and dishonest. But for those who see through him, the answer basically seems to be “no.” At best, some of his work has been not actively evil. The rest is all part of a scam or some angle.

    • While I personally love that picture, and agree it tells some important things about him, there’s something else. If I remember the timeline, he had already sent the DeLong’s to the hospital with a homemade bomb planted at a high school football game when that snap was taken.
      Sure, he’s ridiculous, and probably always has been. Sadly, his actions are odious.

    • Well, there his efforts to help impoverished children living abroad find a better life. Wait! Oh never mind!

  5. “The old saw about the best defense being a good offense suggests that an even stronger push backs are likely coming.”

    Thank you for fighting John.

  6. I don’t mean to even bring up a pessimistic notion, but I just had a thought. On the almost-impossible chance that Kimberlin actually gets awarded money in any of his cases, wouldn’t it be entertaining if the defendants were to offer to give the money directly to Mrs. Sandra DeLong and applied against Kimberlin’s debt to her?

    • For telling the truth? Hardly likely. What is Brett Kimberlin’s reputation worth? I’ll get the change jar in the kitchen. Gotta be some quarters and dimes around here somewhere.

      • And so y’all understand….I don’t suggest anyone tell lies.. I won’t suggest anyone HAS told lies. The truth makes him seem odious, because his actions have been and continue to be immoral.

      • A judge awarded Kimberlin $100 for his reputation in the Seth Allen case.

        I would imagine that amount will be considerably less by the time this is all over, due to the Streisand effect.

  7. What many people working with cons all their lives from parole officers, pastors, substance abuse counselors, and prison officials have told me and others over the years – this is typical behavior of the educon. One’s that think they are smarter than everyone, many are son’s of lawyers or politicians, they think they can game any system, any organization, and greatly overestimate the push back

    welcome to the thunderdome of reality

  8. Seeing the nature of this post, I feel it is appropriate, in the interests of full disclosure, to post this link for anyone who does not know my despicable past: Please read the Wikipedia entry for me. There are only a few minor inaccuracies (it has evolved and much of the wild hyperbole is gone). I accept the justifiable condemnation that comes from my actions and admit my guilt. I have, by my own actions, made myself a pariah and I am solely responsible for all my actions, both past and present.
    I ask not for your acceptance, friendship or respect. I have not earned them. The only thing I have earned is your doubt, suspicions and wariness. All I can ask is your prayers that I can reform and be redeemed.
    Thank you all.

    • Grace and Peace to you my Brother. For all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God.

    • You have and will always have my prayers and deep respect, but most of all my sobriquet of “friend” and brother!!

      • Thank you Tao for your kind sentiments (which I have not earned. Never let your guard down, I may slip).

      • Dear Paul: Please read King Henry’s speech to his men on St. Cripin’s Day. Then know that you have earned what I bestowed on you.

      • BKWatch: Neither actually! Part of my continued reform, responsibility and redemption campaign. “My sin is ever before me” and to keep them there I must always own my past and present actions, must always keep admitting them and their consequences and through example, warn others against doing as I have done.

    • My prayers have zero value, but you have my applause for your frankness. As for trust, I had a very good friend, sadly now dead, who used to say that trust had to be re-earned every day. Anyone may slip so do not consider yourself alone in that regard.

      • Thank you JeffM. (as an aside, no one’s prayers have zero value when they are prayed for another)

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