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The Gentle Reader who has been following the twists and turns of The Saga of The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s vexatious lawsuits has surely noticed the substantial disconnect between TPDK’s allegations and reality. This isn’t a new phenomenon. Mark Singer wrote his biography of Brett Kimberlin a couple of decades ago. Singer writes in Citizen K (p. 310):

Once I compared Kimberlin’s renderings of certain incidents with the recollection of other witnesses, the recurring theme of “jumping the connection” almost always emerged. When a dope dealer jumped a connection, he eliminated the middleman, hoping to cut his costs without increasing his risk. Now, both literally and figuratively, it seemed that Kimberlin had this same habit. Figurative instances were narratives in which he claimed center stage, though in reality he’d participated at a distance or not at all. Or, when it suited his purposes, he might do just the opposite, ascribing to others acts he in fact had performed.

Or simply put: Brett Kimberlin tells whatever lie he thinks is to his advantage at any given moment.

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    • Really, if Brett Kimberlin had raised $1.6 million from Barbra Streisand and then used it to satisfy the judgment in favor of Sandra DeLong, that could be OK with me!

      The reality is he raised millions from lots of people, of course on behalf of different causes, and I suppose it was often handled in a fashion similar to how he learned to handle money when he was a bigtime international drug smuggler. Or when he was laundering money paid to him by jailed mafia guys.

      It is really a terrible shame that lawyers Kevin B. Zeese and Jeffrey R. Cohen sign their names to help legitimize this aspect of Brett Kimberlin’s criminality. I call upon them to immediately join the side of good, and vigorously expose every irregularity of Brett’s “charities.” I further call upon donors who were duped to admit their mistakes and try to right the wrong by demanding Kimberlin’s “charities” square up.

      • BTW when you put the whole picture together it is even more sickening than some rich left-leaning celebrities parting with money for no good reason.

        Since funds given to Brett Kimberlin “charities” are probably VERY fluid and fungible, how much of it went to Neal Rauhauser harassment activities? When Brett Kimberlin learned of Neal Rauhauser, Neal was already known as a vicious attacker who doxes, harasses, calls associates to spread lies, libels… nothing was off limits for Neal. I am not sure if Neal had taken up arranging SWATs back then but many did think he was actually dangerous. And that is what Brett Kimberlin knew when he paid Neal to start harassing Brett Kimberlin critics.

        It is so terrible that Americans give money to what they think is often pretty mainstream Democrat stuff, and it goes to a violent murderer pedophile forger perjurer felon, who uses it to fund totally evil disgusting harassment campaigns which are genuinely damaging and dangerous in the real world.

        So again, Kevin B. Zeese and Jeffrey R. Cohen need to do a 180 degree turn to conscientiously and vigorously undo any damage Brett could have used the “charities” to help cause. It is a moral imperative and not just about left or right or something.

      • OK I know you will all think I am super naive for even having written these tweets I’m about to link to, but let me follow my dreams! I sent a tweet to @KBZeese asking him to stop helping Brett Kimberlin and start helping Brett’s victims instead. Head in the clouds? Too idealistic? Yes, but like a navigator follows the stars to go in the right direction, I keep my eyes on the ideal goal even if I think it might not be practical.

        If you approve please see but leave left/right politics (or other politics) behind first. My piddly overlooked quixotic twitter account could use a little help on this one, if you believe it’s worthy of the attention.

    • You should read up on Zeese.

      He is a founder of Occupy DC. He is/was big in NORML. Appealing for him to do the right thing and stop enabling BK is not likely to work.

      • I am not familiar with Occupy DC but I have always thought the Occupy movements suffered from bad lack of insight about which means are just. Anyway most of them are not strongly in favor of murdering, bombing, pedophilia, harassment of critics or making a mockery of the legal system.

        Marijuana legalizers aren’t associated with those views either. I said it elsewhere, but I think marijuana should be legal because the trade is full of Kimberlins when on the black market. It’s similar to how Al Capone was important in the alcohol trade, but when prohibition ended, the trade was taken over by peaceful and honest businessmen.

        Anyway I don’t think it is beyond Zeese to do the right thing regarding Kimberlin. You know, you must always remember, being able to peacefully cooperate with different people we don’t understand is a main goal in and of itself and is what civilization and the free market thrived on. I do not need Zeese to agree with my politics, just to take care to not support Kimberlin’s immorality and evil. And I can be friends with people who don’t share my opinions on everything!

  2. Until judges have balls and stop tolerating lies and dirty tricks, he will continue. My message is actions must have consequences.

  3. So far, there appears to be little downside for Brett regarding forgery. His initial charge got rolled into his larger crime spree of the late 70’s and his sentences were served concurrently instead of consecutively. No sanctions have been imposed for his admissions of forgery to both state and federal court judges so there is nothing that succeeds like success. When there are no overt and specific punishments for bad acts, they continue unabated because they work in Brett’s favor every time.
    As do his lies, both of commission and omission. His soi-disant “charities” are on the receiving end of large cash donations mainly because of lies of omission. His vexatious lawsuits succeed via direct lies of commission, overt acts meant to deceive (his penchant for fraudulent service is a main feature and, in my opinion, the reason for his “win” over Seth Allen). Sans any real and effective consequence for his bad acts they will not only continue, they will become ever more egregious. Mendacity, grandiosity and magical thinking are the core of Brett Kimberlin’s personality and the drivers of his narcissistic behaviors.
    In most criminals lives, the point is reached where the necessity of the three R’s is finally recognized (either through punishment via the legal system or through the action of the conscience or both) and the criminal undertakes the necessary actions within themselves. Those three R’s are:
    1) Reform. The individual recognizes they must reform their life. They need to undergo a conversio morum or conversion of life.
    2) Responsibility. Personal responsibility for all acts, full acceptance of culpability and the consequences of those acts.
    3) Restoration/Restitution. The victims must be made as whole as is possible (and oft times made as whole as the victim themselves will allow, some will never allow themselves to be made whole).
    This all leads up to the desired end: Redemption, the fourth R and the goal of all individuals with a conscience.

    • “No sanctions have been imposed for his admissions of forgery to both state and federal court judges so there is nothing that succeeds like success.”

      – Yet. No sanctions have been imposed yet. In the Federal case, I do not believe the Judge has ruled on the motion for sanctions. Don’t make the mistake of prejudging the outcome. The wheels of justice turn very, very slowly for lay people. To attorneys and judges a few months is a short period of time.

      In the state case, I believe only a motion for sanctions seeking dismissal was made. It is probably not too late to file a motion to show cause, I would defer to someone licensed to practice in Maryland, on that issue, but I don’t believe has has necessarily escaped punishment on that case either. He just hasn’t been punished, yet.

  4. Just a side note.

    Milwaukee county prosecutors have been ordered by a federal judge to stop the persecution of conservative groups.

    This is a major legal event for Wisconsin, but still just a small dent in the war against our individual civil rights by the “progressives”.

  5. Oh Joy! I expect this latest tragedy will inspore a NEW book by Msr. Schmalfeldt. How the RWNJ Took Away My Health and Chased Me Offline!!!eleventy!!!

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