Common Core and the Holocaust

There’s a pencil sketch of a young Army captain hanging among the family pictures in the hall in my house. It’s dated “Dachau ’45.” The artist was a Jewish prisoner. My father was involved in the liberation of Dachau and contributed to the official report on the camp as a military intelligence officer. My father didn’t speak much about that experience, but his letters home from that time painted a picture of inhuman horror.

The Gentle Reader should therefore understand my lack of patience with holocaust deniers and should understand my utter disgust at the recent stories of trying to teach “critical thinking” by arguing that the holocaust was a hoax.

13 thoughts on “Common Core and the Holocaust

  1. The very idea that the Common Core curriculum has among its goals the teaching of “critical thinking” is absurd on its face. One only needs to look at the methods pushed in the mathematics discipline to see that where following the approved method supersedes achieving correct results, the objective is to Follow Directions Without Question.

    When the reading discipline offers comprehension problems that discuss how Mommy feels about Daddy when she finds a fashion accessory that does not belong to her under the bed, the objective is not reading is not reading comprehension but Normalizing the Abnormal Situation.

    When the history discipline offers exercises in seeing the Holocaust “from the German perspective,” or “arguing that the Holocaust was merely propaganda” the objective is not to teach critical thinking but to Minimize the Horror of the Actual.

    Why do we want that? The answers should be obvious.

    If our next generation Follows Directions Without Question, they are easily controlled.

    If our next generation has Normalized The Abnormal Situation, they will soon find anything permissible,

    If our next generation Minimizes the Horror of the Actual, the next atrocity to come along (for a pure hypothetical, consider the kidnapping of hundreds of Nigerian schoolgirls by Islamofascists…but that would never happen!) will be just another blip on the radar of the 24 hour news cycle. Say, whose house did Justin Bieber egg this week?

    Somebody wants a constituency of non-thinking robots, immune to the moral imperatives of the past and unmoved by the horrors of today.

    Critical thinking is as far from the goal as it is possible to get. What the Powers That Be say must cross oceans to align with what the Powers That Be actually do.

    If you are a parent, and you are unable to do anything else well as a parent, please, please, PLEASE!! teach your child to think for himself and to measure the worldview of every last teacher against the state of the world around him.

  2. The only Holocaust now is how quickly we forget that people were murdered wholesale for their religious beliefs and we are now not teaching those lessons critical to the core of our freedom and strength that all races signed on to when they passed through Ellis Island

    • My joke is hardly a joke, but here it is: in the 60s the twin mantras of the Baby Boomers were “don’t trust anyone over 30” and “Question Authority.”

      Now those same Boomers are in their 7th or 8th decades and while their philosophies are unchanged, the mantra is now “Who Do You Think You Are To Question Me, Snot-Nosed Brat?”

      I didn’t say it was a funny joke…

      • To quote the philosopher Hawkeye, “I find some of their actions highly questionable.”

  3. You know why “critical thinking” is the new educational buzzword? Because actually teaching a subject to mastery is no longer possible. As long as we set the standard for education as “creating critical thinkers” then we won’t have to worry about kids who can’t read, write, problem solve or compute.

    Plenty of teachers see the craziness, and are getting out FAST. Teachers are heading for the exits as quickly as they can.

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