Intended Unintended Consequences

People are often surprised by the unintended consequences of their actions. For example, it was forest management policy to aggressively put out wildfires for many years. That resulted in forests full of quick-burning fuel in the understory—and spectacular, devastating forest fires.

The government’s attempts to manage the economy have been no better. The more it has fiddled, the worse things have become. Now, the Brookings Institution is reporting an across the board decline in business dynamism around the country.

The Blue State Model suggests responding with more government intrusion into the economy. States such as Maryland are doing things such as raising their minimum wage above the national level. The unintended consequence will likely be that marginally skilled workers will be priced out of the legal job market to become more of a drag on a state budget starved because of reduced economic growth.

DaTechGuy suggests that the conservatives in the Blue States should call the Left’s bluff and let them pass such ill-conceived laws. He suggests that the result would be to drive economic and population growth to the Red State, increasing their clout at the national level. It’s a strategy not unlike letting a drunk keep going till he hits bottom.


15 thoughts on “Intended Unintended Consequences

  1. The bad thing about migration such as described, blue state citizens will bring their voting patterns to red states and vote in the exact same policies that doomed their original states.

    • We are already seeing this in places like Dallas and Houston. It’s much like immigrants coning to the US to get out of whatever bad things are happening in their country, then demanding that we bend to their culture and make the US more like the country they just fled.

  2. Sounds great in theory, but….. That great leftist migration to Red States will fill said States with.. leftists, who then want to turn the State blue. (See Texas.) Their feeble little minds don’t take into account that Red ideas made that State economically sound and hospitable to business, and I fear their ignorance will turn all of the US into Detroit.
    **drops mic**

  3. Unions in the Coal and Steel industry exercised this genius back in the 60’s and early 70’s followed by their fellow genius’s in the auto industry and looked how that turned out…

    Now when I was in California they were trying to get the Hispanic maids to unionize for 15 and the fast food workers

    I’m wondering, can everyone fit inside Texas

  4. Personally, I’d recommend proposing amendments that go further. You want to raise the minimum wage to $11.50 an hour. That’s not a living wage, let alone a “middle class” wage. I won’t vote for anything less than $75.00 an hour. What’s that you say? Raising wages to $75 an hour will reduce employment? But you just told me that raising the minimum wage had no effect on employment. You are just a shill for those greedy capitalists. I stand with the working man, not the 1%.

    Or how about: Now that the science is settled, we can stop wasting money on these grants to climate science research. No, we don’t need research on how to initiate global cooling. The science is settled: just stop burning things like gasoline: it’s the carbon, stupid. So stop the grants and tax gasoline at $40.00 a gallon. We balance the budget and SAVE THE PLANET at the same time. What do you mean, people can’d afford $40 a gallon? They all will be earning at least $75 an hour.

    • How about One Meeeeellion dollars as a minimum wage. We’d all be rich after just a week.
      Its like winning the lottery!

      • And bread is $5 million a loaf. Can you say “Weimar Republic?” It took a wheelbarrow full of high denomination banknotes to buy a loaf of bread …

    • Nancy Pelosi said in 2010 that handing out more unemployment checks “… is one of the biggest stimuluses to our economy.. economists will tell you this money is spent quickly it injects demand into the economy and is job creating.. it creates jobs faster than almost any other inititative that you can name.”

      And she’s so smart, who could possibly doubt the truth of it?

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