15 thoughts on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

  1. In Kimberlins case it is equal helping of each. He trades on the “Doonesbury” cachet from back in the day and the white-wash job the radical press concocted for him. He still usus that in his fund-raising for his “non-profits” dedicated to the ‘social justice’ scam (Brett’s codeword for cash for himself). His current lawfare tactics are designed to prevent the latter in your statement above …

      • That’s the one he says McCain “dishonestly cropped,” failing to realize that the RSM photo makes him look better than the full shot you see above.

  2. Reposting since it may not have been seen:

    it should come to no surprise that Twinkie was being dishonest about ‘voluntarily’ taking his twitter accounts down. A little birdie forwarded an email from twitter support rep Garcia in Twitter Trust & safety, it says (note this was for the patombudsman, then radiowiseguy):


    We’ve investigated and suspended the account you reported as it was found to be participating in abusive behavior.

    This help page has instructions and additional information on making your profile protected:

    Here is some additional information about dealing with bullying:

    If these problems persist for you on Twitter, please let us know.


    Twitter Trust & Safety

    • Well, whaddya know. Color me surprised. NOT. No doubt he has an alternate account up and running. I have no desire to look for it, but I am sure that some of his harassment victims are very much aware of it.

    • Wish we knew the details behind that one, but some things may best be left for him to wonder about.

    • Gee, I’m trying to think of a way, ANY way, to square his claim with the facts…

      I know – did he also say he doesn’t commit perjury?

      • An appellation that appears, BTW, in his own authorized biography. Not to mention contemporaneous reporting that he was very familiar with.

      • In Citizen K, it he term “speedway bomber” appears over a dozen times, the first on page 90

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