22 thoughts on “What I Saw This Morning

    • Excellent article. The ideology of the Kimberlins of the world appears to be poised to crush actual freedom and liberty as well as true religious belief.

  1. fyi BOTH of Shaky’s twitter accounts are either renamed or gone, not private. Maybe those complaints finally caught up with him.

  2. Eh, he’s running scared yet again. Making bigs and peeing in fear. Soon enough he’ll start forging death threats again. Oh, and his blog in Members only again I hear.

      • The new stuff and some of his more vile rants are now behind a member only wall. See his Evil Blog heading.

      • Radio Wise Guy is still open as far as I can tell. Many of the posts at P-O (including the Causey dox) now require login to read beyond the first paragraph or two.

      • Well, apparently, he is monitoring us (yeah, I know) in order to prove something or other, and Karoli allegedly spanked him for “getting in the muck.”

        In what is supposed to be an email to Karoli, he claims that the NPF allegedly has asked him to stop raising money so that they can “stop the trolling.” He flat out claims that Hoge did not purchase the rights to the Krendler parody. In a mind-boggling display of mendacity, he says “they” have discovered that he has a sister in Milwaukee and are “attacking” her, failing to mention that he exposed her and is inciting her to harass the wives of some of his critics. He chastises Karoli for telling him that he is in the muck, thanks her for giving him “permission,” and says that he doesn’t think something, I know not what, will work.

        I say “allegedly” because anything he writes has to be verified independently. Can you folks see that post? I can. I am not a techie at all. Must be the computer I was logged into.

  3. I think he wants to show that even if he leaves twitter that the “Lickpittles” will continue to harass him. What he doesn’t understand is that we don’t harass, we simply point out his endless lies and failures. If he quits pulling his crap, we’ll have nothing, well nothing new, to point and laugh at.

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