24 thoughts on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

  1. I love the story about the bottom land that B’rer Bear owns and B’rer Rabbit wants to rent. So B’rer Bear works out a deal with B’rer Bear to ‘sheer’ (share) the crop as rent with B’rer Bear getting the tops of the crop and B’rer Rabbit getting the rest. Come harvest time, B’rer Bear comes to collect his ‘sheer’ of the crop. “Don’t they’s crop look beautiful” says B’rer Rabbit? “Go take the tops B’rer Bear” says B’rer Rabbit “so’s I can harvest my potatoes…”
    Thus it is for Bill as B’rer Bear.

  2. Spqr wrote in the CI “book” thread that SchmalFAIL’s hypocrisy is only exceeded by his incompetence. SchmalFAIL wasted no time in proving the statement true. If SchmalFAIL were to suddenly acquire self-awareness, his head would likely explode.


    Yeah, that’s nothing like creating an account titled for someone’s late mother. Our host is blamed by SchmalFAIL for all that displeases him. This is despite our host having nothing to do with them, or that those things are often directly copied from SchmalFAIL’s own diseased attacks. SchmalFAIL doesn’t like it when others use his own words, even to quote him! hahahaha

    • Don’t forget his dead Andrew Breitbart site. Classy, what with the grieving widow and fatherless children.

      • Yes, of course, we must note that one, A Reader. How long had his wife been a widow when SchmalFAIL, that sick, twisted freak, put up that website? Was it days or merely hours? And the Stranahan’s baby… let’s not forget tormenting a grieving mother recovering from childbirth.

        Oh, but it’s so wrong for anyone to mention his brother who passed several years ago. And SchmalFAIL demands we leave family out of things.

        I sincerely hope that SchmalFAIL’s dementia addles his brain so that he can finally see that the man in the mirror is truly a monster. It would be the worst kind of torture for SchmalFAIL to have to see himself as do others. I hope his final years and months on this earth are spent doing just that. I’m certain he will for eternity.

  3. Bill deleted all his tweets about me attacking the NPF – too late it was all forwarded on to them along with a history of his conduct

  4. ooo i helped this time too, got a new friend in twitter support out of it too, most likely a new reader of this here website too

    • You need to tell your friend about WMSRadio and the NatBloggersClub accounts too. They are both his as well.

      • WMSRadio seems to belong to some outfit in Illinois, with one tweet from 2010. I was going to say that the NBC one was still there, but it’s been taken down in the last 5 minutes.

        Hmmm. Since he keeps swearing that we’re the ones committing all the crimes, I wonder what he has to hide? Not exactly the behaviour of a man who feels he is innocent. 🙂

  5. Willy’s said so many monumentally stupid things recently, he’s going to need a few days to scrub them all.

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