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  1. Speaking of sociopaths, an article in today’s Telegraph:

    “A high-scoring psychopath views the world in a very different way,”

    At heart, Hare’s test is simple: a list of 20 criteria, each given a score of 0 (if it doesn’t apply to the person), 1 (if it partially applies) or 2 (if it fully applies). The list in full is: glibness and superficial charm, grandiose sense of self-worth, pathological lying, cunning/manipulative, lack of remorse, emotional shallowness, callousness and lack of empathy, unwillingness to accept responsibility for actions, a tendency to boredom, a parasitic lifestyle, a lack of realistic long-term goals, impulsivity, irresponsibility, lack of behavioural control, behavioural problems in early life, juvenile delinquency, criminal versatility, a history of “revocation of conditional release” (ie broken parole), multiple marriages, and promiscuous sexual behaviour. A pure, prototypical psychopath would score 40. A score of 30 or more qualifies for a diagnosis of psychopathy. Hare says: “A friend of mine, a psychiatrist, once said: ‘Bob, when I meet someone who scores 35 or 36, I know these people really are different.’ The ones we consider to be alien are the ones at the upper end.”


    Just wow.

    • She was running as soon as Willy showed up in the comments and proved pretty much everything that was being said about him was true.

  2. Didn’t Mr. Hoge try and try again to get Mr. Schmalfeldt to STOP contacting him, before getting a peace order? And didn’t Mr. Hoge wait until many many violations of the peace order were documented (while continuing to warn Mr. Schmalfeldt he was on thin ice) before asking for sanctions? And didn’t Mr. Hoge graciously enter mediation, letting Mr. Schmalfeldt off the hook?

    My memory of recent events don’t seem to match up with Karoli’s report. Hmmm.

    • People were repeating his actual tweets in the comments here explaining why they were violations. Spelling it out step by step.

      But psychopaths gotta psycho.

  3. Karoli wrote this in the comments:. “If you want to fight, take it back to your own space, but I will be removing comments relating to specifics of the dispute, which has been litigated ad infinitum all over the Internet.”

    She does not want comments relating to the specifics because she clearly did not report on the specifics accurately. It seems a bit of a stretch to create a narrative in which Mr. Schmalfeldt is an important media operative who is being shut up by powerful right wing forces. Actually, Mr. Scmalfeldt is an occasionally coherent left wing writer who becomes unhinged more easily than a Kansas shed door in a hurricane. He may be wheelchair bound and/or suffering from declining health. After reading what he has to say, and reading Hogewash/Other McCain and Lee Stranahan’s page, it really seems like Schmalfeldt is an ambitious and energetic internet troll. But just a troll.

    • It’s fitting that some readers here might be hearing of Karoli Kuns for the first time, and she goes into huge contortions to “not report on the specifics accurately” – and I get a kick out of how politely you phrased that 🙂

      Those readers will be unsurprised to hear that Kuns’ specifics can be quite inaccurate wherever Team Kimberlin is concerned.

    • Good question. I guess he’s more important than us poor Lickspittles™ ever imagined!/sarc

      He never will admit that he’s a lousy “investigative reporter”, who does it only so he can find people to harass, since causing pain seems to be the only thing that makes him happy these days.

      • Also notice that Karoli Kuns, who has a history of cooperating with Neal Rauhauser, is no stranger to using journalism as a cover for harassment. That’s how you know she’s just not trustworthy or honest at all, and it’s probably also how CBBS knew he would get special favorable treatment from her.

  4. Aye there’s the rub. Why, if it’s sooo easy to game the system in MD, did SchmalFAIL not do the same in return to Hoge’s supposed “harassment”??

    Because unlike Hoge, he has no PROOF that harassment has occurred (because it hasn’t). THAT’S why LE isn’t doing anything, because Hoge has not committed a crime (although Twinkie may well have several times over in trying to get Hoge arrested for anything/everything he can think of).

    Twinkie can claim all he wants (well until it reaches the level of defamation that is) and bluster he is going to do this or he is going to do that, but the reality (that he is still in denial of) is he ain’t gonna do jack spit, cause he doesn’t have a legal leg to stand on.


  5. FYI John Twinkie used your name is a 5 star ‘review’ of his new book at lulu. Its been reported but since its using your name, it is probably a peace order violation if not more.

    Also, a little birdy told me all of Twinkie’s ebook will be up on pirate bay for free distribution and analysis later today,


  6. I notice that Bill is’s claiming that his new book is DMCA proof. The first chapter actually does seem to be, in that he doesn’t use the parody, but instead discusses it in general, as far as I can tell, not using a single line from it. Does he realize that if he had done that the first time, Unintentional Fiction might still be up? Was it really that hard?

    Of course he’s still claiming it was the “single line” that had Journalistic Death taken down. He will not admit that he used all the comments too, so that if Mr. Hoge had not filed the complaint, any one of us commenters could have too. As could McCain.

    I guess we’ll have to wait til someone bites the bullet and buys the thing to see if he’s behaved in the rest of it, either DMCA wise or libel wise.

    I also note that he has memory holed his tweets yesterday boasting about doxing people and the like. I wonder why?/sarc

    • Based on the last few days, I think I really, really, need an edit button. I’d swear I closed those tags, and removed the ‘s from after is.

    • Yes, he does seem to have a problem with the “send” button, doesn’t he?

      Why, I believe that’s one of the 20 traits of a psychopath:

      lack of behavioural control

      Err, yep.

      I wonder how many of those can be ticked off in a “normal” day of Willy’s tweets?

  7. And someone has logged into LuLu.com as “John Hoge” and left a glowing review of the book and a 5 star rating. Since it wouldn’t be our host, I assume it’s Bill or one of his few friends, trying to make it look better.

    I still want Bill to tell me how he’s “indigent” with an annual income of over $30K. Unless, surprise, surprise, the 1040 he showed was bogus.

    • I left this review over there, under my name, so he can’t scream about pseudonyms, while using a pseudonym himself.

      Based on the first chapter preview, while Mr. Schmalfeldt has indeed removed the copyrighted material he had pirated in an earlier version of this book, replacing it with a legal summary, he still fails to admit that the only reason the parody even existed was because of an equally disgusting piece of “satire” he wrote, directed at the man he has been harassing for over a year, who has had a peace order granted against Mr. Schmalfeldt, and even had that order extended. Of course admitting that it was simply a parody of his own attack on the man he has been victimizing doesn’t fit his narrative of himself as this poor abused person, who has never done anything to deserve the vitriol aimed at him. If he was really more the victim than the man he wrote the “satire” about, he should have had no difficulty getting peace order. And he still needs to explain why he changed “vulnerable” in the first version to “indigent” in this one. The two words are not interchangeable, and if he doubts me, since I am another he claims is bullying him, all he has to do is check any reputable online dictionary.

      Preparing for incoming in 3…2…1… 😀

      • I never said it was incoming that needed to be worried about. I didn’t write anything that wasn’t true, and I don’t think he wants to add a restraining order from yet another state to his collection.

        And I’ve got a bunch of IRL stuff to do today, such as gettin the living room ready so my kid can sleep on the sofa for the next few nights. She’s having her gall bladder out tomorrow morning, and didn’t want to stay at my parents’ where the guest bedroom in on the main floor with a bathroom attached. Our place is an old victorian, so we only have plumbing on the main floor, with bedrooms upstairs. She thinks she’ll be able to do stairs right after laproscopic surgery. I think she’s being a bit optimistic. But the surgeon said she might be up for the chorus trip to the amusement park next Saturday, so we’ll see. She’s younger than I was, and her gall bladder isn’t inflamed, so it should be a faster recovery.

        I also need to do some online class stuff for technical writing cert I’m working on, as well as make dinner, and, maybe, start excavating the garden beds so we can put the tomato and pepper seedlings in. I’ve learned that peas and beans aren’t worth the hassle because we have a very healthy, agile groundhog who hasn’t found the fence that will deter her yet. We’ve also got rabbits; thankfully we’ve only seen one deer in three years.

      • So you’re being bothered by a fat, dirty rodent mucking about in the dirt looking to feed off the fruits of your labors…….

        ……and you also have a groundhog in your yard.

      • And trust me Tommy, the groundhog’s a lot cuter.

        At least last summer we’d occasionally catch sight of her gamboling in the grass. I hadn’t realized how active or even elegant they could be. But I’d much rather she did it someplace other than my garden!

    • And if he was a real “Pain-in-the-ass reporter”, reporter, he’d know what “No comment”, or “Go the f^^^ away” means, and do it. If a reporter from NBC or the NYT had done the things Bill does, they’d be lucky if all that happened was getting fired. They’d more likely be looking at some jail time or heavy fines to go with it.

    • People would not bother with you, if you did not incessantly lie, whine, and obscenely harass them, first.

      To say nothing of planting reviews under the name of your most prominent victim, which does tend to annoy people who like him.

      When you choose an action, Mr. Schmalfeldt, you choose the consequences of that action. All else follows from that.

      • This would be a good place to put that tweet explaining why SchmalFAIL “investigates” and how to make it stop, if anyone has it handy.

      • “When you choose an action, Mr. Schmalfeldt, you choose the consequences of that action. All else follows from that.”
        Exactly on point Dianna.
        This fact affects us all not only Bill.
        However it most affects those who engage in criminal acts and refuse to acknowledge their responsibility for those very consequences as the logical and predictable outcome of those acts.
        Bill laments and whines about his treatment by others online. Too bad Bill, your treatment is the direct result of your words and actions. If you want better, cease those actions. Spend some time examining your soul and the acts you have done that have brought you to this place. Ask forgiveness of God, then ask the forgiveness of those you have harmed in any way by those words and actions. Mean it. Make them as whole as they will let you. Reform yourself with God’s help and the help of those whom you gave damaged.
        You will still be a pariah (as I still am) but you will, over time, become a lesser pariah and slowly more and more will not despise you quite as much. Depending on the sincerity and longevity of your sed mutatio morum or change of life, you may even overcome the most stiff-necked opponent of your change. (I am still no where near that point).
        You must also be prepared always to admit publicly your former self and your former bad acts. Never hide from your sins, crimes and bad acts. Owning them is required, speaking (or writing) of them in the first person and with active voice is a must. Remember always Psalm 51:
        “1 Have mercy upon me, O God, according to thy lovingkindness: according unto the multitude of thy tender mercies blot out my transgressions.
        2 Wash me throughly from mine iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin.
        3 For I acknowledge my transgressions: and my sin is ever before me.”

    • His confusion about what are actual “rights” and what are his made up nonsense would be amusing …. in a junior high school student. A faux “journalist” likehim is simply a joke’s punch line.

  8. Poor man is just a GLUTTON for punishment today!

    Comes into my blog, leaves comments, doesn’t like the response he gets, so – again, as a VISITOR ON MY BLOG a he demands that I not contact him again, and that a response to him – ON MY BLOG – is contacts.

    They may be the size of BB’s but they’re definitely made of brass.

  9. You know, if Willy is telling the truth that he just wants to write a book to raise awareness about his perceived abuse because of his condition and to raise money for Parkinson’s, he could very easily write a book pseudonymously and change all names and personal situations so as not to involve any real people.

    But we all know that Willy is a pathological narcissist with an all-encompassing persecution complex. So it would be impossible for him.

    • The thing is, Tommy, if we all know he’s demented (he’s admitted to having dementia), and we all know what a liar he is, why we have a DUTY to act on our knowledge! That lying liar probably has information in his “books” that would hurt PD people!

      How can any decent person do nothing when they have good cause to believe a proven liar is trying to HURT PD people??eleventy!! We must notify the proper authorities and let them check it out. Think of the children!!eleventy!! Er, I mean, the PD sufferers! What kind of MONSTER would let someone deliberately put out info that would HARM those already suffering so?

      Just as SchmalFAIL has an obligation (in his dementia addled brain) to alert authorities regarding all who shun him, we also have an obligation to protect the PD patients. If we don’t down twinkle his books, who will? Who will protect the PD patients??eleventy!! Can’t you see, we MUST down twinkle at lulu.com, at amazon, and at any other place where he may be trying to hurt PD patients!!eleventy!! If we don’t INVESTIGATE and if we don’t down twinkle, we’re monsters. /end of SchmalFAILian specious justification.

  10. So SchmalFAIL (thank you to whomever coined such an accurate moniker) goes on a foul rant about down twinkles thinking, or whatever he does instead of actual thinking, he is immune to the Streisand Effect and to karma. How much time has he spent on down twinkles on the writings of others?

    Oh, the irony! It burns!

    • Before I take a break from this exciting train wreck to do some real stuff, I have to agree with you on his down-twinkles rant. And accusing me of doing it, without proof. There is no proof, and there never will be proof, because, I. Didn’t. Do. It. Bill just “knows” things. And if he “knows” it, it’s got to be true.

      He really needs to stop listening to the voices in his head. I don’t think they are giving him good advice.

      • Probably the voices are blaming you to take suspicion off of themselves, the real culprit(s). hahahaha

  11. Very rarely is one afforded the opportunity to witness the complete dismantling of a neighbor.
    Of course, with public figures, Lindsay Lohan, the entire Kennedy family, it is commonplace.
    But to see a regular citizen completely implode at his own hands is an astonishing show.
    Thank you, Bill.
    You’ve opened many eyes to the inner workings of a person not quite right in the head that may be living right next to you.

  12. Perfect Tommy wrote: “So you’re being bothered by a fat, dirty rodent mucking about in the dirt looking to feed off the fruits of your labors…….

    ……and you also have a groundhog in your yard.”

    LOL! HILARIOUS! Iced Tea met iPad screen!

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