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Bill Schmalfeldt has yet another cut-and-paste “book” out. It’s called Cyber Ins@nity. The Cabin Boy™ has been whining about reviews from people who haven’t actually read his books. Fair enough. Since I’ve read this one, and it was a quick read because it’s mostly recycled from earlier work that was pulled for copyright issues, I’m entitled to review his book under his rules.

Here goes.

Bill Schmalfeldt should have had his work reviewed by competent legal counsel prior to publication.

End of review.


“Drown me! Roast me! Hang me! Do whatever you please,” said Brer Rabbit. “Only please, Brer Fox, please don’t throw me into the briar patch.”

106 thoughts on “Cyber Ins@nity

  1. CB has bigger problems than your review or even a lawyer. He seems to think God is going to welcome him with open arms for his good works. I’m still wiping the coffee off my keyboard.

    • Shaky echoes what Bloomberg stated a few weeks ago. They will be disappointed when they meet God.

      • They won’t be disappointed at their meeting, because neither will ever actually “meet God”. They are headed to the one place, He has turned his gaze from.

      • Their destination is γεένα (גיהינום) or Gehenna from whence they shall be thrown into the lake of eternal fire …

  2. And I should mention, that while I only read the preview, that was what I stated in my review, and that was what I was reviewing.

    Apparently CB thinks that is committing “fraud”, though he also seems to think that posting a glowing review under the name of the man he has harassed for over a year is just fine, as well as giving a 5 star rating himself while further libeling someone,

    And he still hasn’t told us why he now thinks he’s indigent.

    • Because I’m in an explanatory mood, I’d like to add the reason WHY CBBS has been harassing Hoge for over a year is because he heard Hoge gave car rides to a DIFFERENT man that CBBS was harassing. Harassing in the most disgusting, vile, filthy, illegal, inexcusable, and contemptible ways. All of which somehow escaped the notice of “journalist” Karoli Kuns, who has a rather interesting history with online harassment herself.

      • I keep asking myself how many fish Bullyville will net, and if people like KK and BS will be among the catch.

      • Thanks for the reminder. The harassment has taken on such a life of it’s own, that we tend to forget what actually started it.

  3. Our Gentle Host wrote: “Bill Schmalfeldt should have had his work reviewed by competent legal counsel prior to publication.”

    Good grief. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Someone needs to inform CBBS that the brick wall he continues to bounce his ginormous noggin off of ain’t gonna get any softer. Unreal.

      • He’s got some basic cunning, but no smarts to go with it so he can never keep his lies straight. A former supervisor of mine was like that. She’d tell me to do X, not Y, and then tell other staff that they’d have to cover for me, because I must not realize Y was part of my job. It never occurred to her that the other staff had been there when she told me that. One day I became ill (stomach flu) and she told me to go home early, she’d cover for me, and then wrote me up for leaving without permission, again with witnesses to her original behaviour. Of course she’d head out whenever she felt like it (without putting the actual time out down on her time card) for things like haircuts, leaving us in the lurch. Bringing the boom down on her felt so good. As one of her previous supervisors, a sweet, gentle woman, put it “I’d love to supervise [critter] again. I could make her life hell!”

        I sincerely hope that Bill’s hell is starting.

  4. Now that Bill is invoking the NPF in his open harassment of Hoge, they are going to be contacted tomorrow to be warned that the majority of funding for their corporate operations is subject to review as most of their funding comes from just a handful of companies, companies that have strict codes of conduct and the possibility that the NPF has knowledge of Bill’s activities will cause an immediate suspension of these enormous resources.

    The following twitter account has been forwarded to the vice president for public affairs for NPF with the following example:

    Bill Schmalfeldt @PatOmbudsman · 2h
    You are not only fucking with me, you are fucking with the self-publishing platform, you are fucking with the NPF which benefits from sales.

    Bill Schmalfeldt @PatOmbudsman · 3h
    Aren’t hate-filled ignorant c*nts just WONDERFUL??? I love them SO much. What a way to “stick it to me”… hate me, hate my books.

  5. Also, out of fairness that Bill is lying and never ever donated one red cent to the NPF, I am alerting the entire management team at the NPF, someone somewhere will tell them, that to ignore these kind of complaints is at their peril, to allow someone who doxes dead babies and live one’s who libels people in support of a terrorist – I will plaster this across to all of their major donors, to their public events, to attendees at fundraisers.

    They need to take care of this and be aware of it.

    all the links you will need are right here

    be respectful, and just quote Bill Schmalfeldt – no need for commentary – just were you aware – or FYI – bombard them with the harassment orders, the tweets, the drunken blog posts, etc.

    send them reeling into the bathroom to vomit – I know these gentle people will, they seem to be people of conscience, caring people, we will find out, remember he is invoking them. Also I am contacting the NIH, they also have a code of conduct and perhaps his activities can come under some kind of review.

    • I recall someone tweeted them last year and asked them if they wanted to be associated with Willy, they responded what a swell guy he was and they didn’t get into personal spats, or something like that. So, we’ll see where this goes.

  6. Poor Bill. He’s threatening us all with who knows what for writing “fake reviews” or “false reviews” which is “illegal”.

    As far as I can tell, what is illegal is for a company to hire someone to writ a review, untrue or otherwise, for money, especially as part of a image campaign. An individual writing a review based on a legitimate opinion of a product, based on the sample of said product and knowledge of its source is not illegal. It is opinion. That Mr. Schmalfeldt does not like the opinion being voiced does not suddenly make it illegal.

    If writing a review based on only the online sample is “illegal” he better start demanding that Amazon take down all those 5 star reviews on his Parkinson’s books from people stating in the review that they have only read the preview.

    It’s not illegal Bill just because you don’t like it.

  7. as usual Bill just admitted to committing crimes in the name of the NPF, the administration of the NPF could not ask for a more clear understanding of Bill Schmalfeldt, and he has contacted them and confessed to them
    Thank you Bill for confessing, now we will send them even more information so they can be aware of the fundraising activities instigated by you in their name.

    Bill Schmalfeldt @PatOmbudsman · 43s
    Now keep in mind that I have already apologized to Stranahan for the stress I caused his family that he made necessary by dodging a simple ?

    Bill Schmalfeldt @PatOmbudsman · 1m
    So, you’re harassing Leilani at NPF? Nice job there, EPWJ. Doxing an innocent? GREAT idea. You’re a sweetie!

    Bill Schmalfeldt @PatOmbudsman · 13s
    Imagine. Hating me SO MUCH that you try to fuck over a million Americans with Parkinson’s disease!

    • To be clear, EP, I think you’re giving Willy an easy win on this one, but I appreciate your position. His hiding behind this organization is pathetic and wrong.

      • If EP is even really contacting them. What was completely predictable was BS’s Pavlovian response to EP’s simple claim of polite contact with the NPF. I would not be surprised for this PR person to open her email and find the incomprehensible rant from BS, in which he falsely accuses WJJH of harassing her.

        Of course, something the Lickspittles could do is make donations to the NPF in Hoge’s name. Heh, heh, heh. Paypal, here I come.

      • really? he invoked their name, they are an extremely minor organization, who must protect their reputation, honestly they have been aware for sometime and if they WANT to be associated with him, then that’s a decision that will be publicized

        that is a decision they have to make

    • So, did he apologize to Stranahan again after his last attack on him? Or the attack before that? Or… well, I mean, is he referring to the apology a month or so ago that was accepted? Does he really think that apologizing gives him carte blanche to do it again and again?

      Even now he blames Lee. It’s Lee’s fault because he “dodged a ?” and not SchmalFAIL’s fault for harassing him to the point where Lee, who is not a wealthy man, spent money to fly to MD to try to put a stop to the harassment.

      What a twisted freak SchmalFAIL is.

      • After the National Blogger’s Club fiasco, Lee had some information Willy wanted, so Willy was all buddy-buddy with him. He then proclaimed that “he had forgiven Lee” (what for, I’m not sure), although he never apologized to Lee publicly. After a week or so, Willy was back to calling Lee all the horrible names he did in the past. Lee wanted nothing to do with Willy.

        SchmalFAIL is a truly loathsome “human”.

      • Jane,

        Hee Hee Hee he confessed to the NPF that he harassed a grieving mother over the loss of her dead daughter, blamed her for that, claimed she was a slut, a prostitute, and contributed to the death of the child, called Texas CPS and filed a false claim which has been forwarded to the Attorney Generals office.

        All this is going to be forwarded to the NPF.

      • Good. I’m so glad he’s finally facing consequences for that revolting and repeated display. That poor family. They did nothing to him and nothing to deserve his “attention”.

        What was it? Maybe a week after the big “apology” that he was back at it again? Lee hadn’t had any contact with him or written anything about him. SchmalFAIL was just lashing out because he was in a rage and started attacking Lee out of the blue.

        I sincerely hope SchmalFAIL gets every bit of pain and upset he has dished out that family back with a lot of interest. Isn’t it seven-fold? Why, he’s barely begun…

    • I certainly wouldn’t want SchmalFAIL claiming to represent any charity I cared about. NPF is the last charity that I would donate to because of him.

    • Ah, no. It appears you are trying to prevent those millions of people with Parkinson’s from being harmed by the antics of Bill Schmalfeldt.

      • They only have themselves to blame – its the NPF who would not tcare about the Parkinson’s patients – if they dont take action – not me I didn’t write a false book about Hoge, harass him for years, attack the grieving family of a dead baby, write thousands of vile misogynist tweets

        If they want to own the phrase “C*m gargling” – its up to them

  8. And now Bill is lying to the NPF, claiming that his @ mentions of Mr. Hoge are the only reason the peace order was granted. Does he think she is that stupid to not realize that there would have to be more than that for the state to grant the peace order? And of course he doesn’t say a thing about his doxings, and the harassment of Stranahan, et al. Because of course the NPF totally supports people who raise funds for them doing that sort of thing and then tying the foundations name to those behaviours by writing books about them to benefit the NPF.

  9. Boom! Another bulletin – saying scared to death that he has been exposed:

    It is funny as hell especially the moral compass part

    NPF is a organization with less than 10 million a year in funding – typically organizations like that have a small donor list – corporate or foundations have as strict, very strict code of conduct for their receiving donation partners.


    • My understanding is that NPF is respectable organization that does good things. It’s a shame SchmalFAIL is so determined to damage them. It’s even more of a shame that he’s succeeding at damaging them more than he’s ever been able to accomplish against one of many targets of his harassment.

      • Jane, they knew about it and in their silence encouraged it?, they have a one time chance, otherwise there are MANY NUMEROUS Parkinson’s foundations, the NPF is but one of many, the leadership team accept impressive six figure salaries, I doubt these were to promote vile nasty filthy disgusting adjudicated harassing material from this man, to illicit donations,

        They can reap what they have sowed – if they chose not to act

      • NPF really should consider better protecting their name from people like Cabin Boy who illegitimately use it.

  10. Let’s use a little SchmalFAILian logic here: SchmalFAIL is causing this. It’s not our fault if NPF is damaged. SchmalFAIL is causing those emails, future blog posts, web ads, etc.

    You know, like SchmalFAIL’s victims brought on their own victimhood by doing things like giving someone a ride… or using social media with a name similar to one SchmalFAIL believes should be doxed… and so on.

  11. The NPF is a reputable organization that does soome good things. I would never discourage anyone from contributing if they wish.

    But, growing up, I had a close relative with one of the neuromuscular diseases covered by the Muscular Dystrophy Assn, and I found them to be unsurpassed in the service, caring and research they provide. Joke all you want about Jerry Lewis, but MDA is first rate. Even though I have PD , MDA still rates number one in my book as charities go.

  12. Remember billions are spent fighting Parkinson each year – billions – the NPF is about awareness – billions are spent in hospital care paid for mostly by the taxpayers

      • I understood the suggestion to be that there are more important aspects than “awareness” with medical care being one. I’ll add that research may be another.

        It’s about what kind of bang one wants from their charity buck – awareness or actions. Both have merit.

      • Dianna,

        I wasn’t arguing entitlements as much as debunking Bill’s claims that the NPF is integral to the 1.5 million Parkinson’s patients to receive care – it isn’t – in fact – its immaterial in the large scope

        Sorry if I was unclear

    • If your aim is support for PD research, your donations to the APDA or the MJ Fox foundations would be much more worthwhile than the PDF.

      But don’t get your hopes up about any radical cure in the foreseeable future. They don’t even have anything promising in the early pipeline.

      • I don’t follow Parkinson’s as closely as I do MS, but I thought they were feeling pretty bummed out – a drug that initially looked promising has failed in further trial. Very sad, that.

  13. BS logic:
    If WJJH says he has acquired to rights to Krendler’s parody = LIE
    If Krendler confirms on his blog that he has transferred the rights = LIE
    If EPWJ says he contacted the NPF = TRUE!

    Anything he wants to be true is true without independent proof. Anything he wants to believe is a lie is a “lie,” even in the face of incontrovertible proof.

    Oh, he just emailed the Carroll County and Howard County popos again. They must DO SOMETHING!!!

  14. BS has made available, via lulu, the first chapter of his latest book. No, I will not review it here or over there. I will, however, quote in part from it: Hoge, yadda, yadda, yadda …”filed the first of his 367 criminal charges against me. That is not a misprint. Three Hundred Sixty Five criminal charges.”

    Pro tip: 367 does NOT equal “Three Hundred Sixty FIVE.”

    • That was a major complaint in my reviews of his previous books.

      Even if his story was one I considered worthwhile, it is so badly written and formatted that it’s nigh on unreadable. His days as a professional editor are obviously far, far behind him, and either he wasn’t that good at it to begin with, or his advancing dementia and/or inability to wait to gratify his urge to stick it to us has prevented him from using what skills he may have had.

      • If you’ve bothered to “read” more than one of his “books” you wouldn’t be surprised by the mistakes. He just pastes entire portions of one “book” into the next one. He doesn’t even seem to make the attempt to fix things up.

      • I know. I know. (Hangs head in mock shame.)

        He keeps claiming that he’s smarter than any Lickspittle™ out there, and he can run rings around us, but he keeps getting his nether regions handed to him on a platter. Even “dim girls” like me can figure out when A produces B more than twice is not coincidence or even happenstance. But he’s working hard at proving the old adage about how repeating the same thing over and over expecting different results is insanity.

    • I have been out of the loop, obviously. Where can Fatboi’s new literature project be found? Last time I read something from him, it burned my eyes and I had to stop.

  15. Kyle, yep, huge margins, and a larger than standard font. At least unlike Unintentional Fiction those margins mean that stuff isn’t stuck nearly in the binding.

    I’d guess with normal margins and a more standard sized type face, it wouldn’t have reached 90 pages, and I suspect that’s a generous guess.

  16. “My brothers and sisters, it was for you. Whose world do you want to live in? If no one cares, then I leave you to Hoge’s world. Have fun.”

    Another long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long goodbye.

    His rage exits are top-shelf in pity but lacking in honesty.

    • The “My brothers and sisters, it was for you.” part is especially nice.

      You could almost envision the cross.

      Very messianic, except without the actual, you know, messiah.

      • Aww, how sweet. He violated copyright and added some poorly written original prose FOR US. Let Cabin Boy cleanse us of our sins and transgressions, as he is a pure manifestation of the Word.

  17. In all probability, his latest publication was reviewed by the same caliber legal team that reviewed TDPK’s postal records that were submitted with his briefs…

  18. Hey, did anyone notice how SchmalFAIL apparently defines “progressive principles”? If I were a progressive, I’d be very offended.

  19. Heh. Honestas omnis et neglegendo turpitudo. All the honesty and neglect of obscenity. — Marcus Tullis Cicero

      • Oh, yes, though he avoided calling me a c*nt or a whore in the process, showing a lot more self restraint than usual. He also accused me of going through all his books on Lulu and marking them as 1-star. I added an edit telling him that I had done no such thing, that book was the only one I had ever reviewed or rated on Lulu, and he better prove it or remove his accusation.

        I’m not sure what grounds were used to remove my review, since I did try to be fair, and did not discuss his obviously false review right below with the 5star rating under the name of John Hoge.

        I suspect Lulu decided a pox on all their houses and removed everything to start fresh.

      • Thanks for explaining. Doesn’t seem fair that a reasonable review is trashed because SchmalFAIL was a jerk. If it keeps happening, they’ll likely figure out that he’s a lot more trouble than he’ll ever be worth.

        If you saved a copy, you should re-post your review. Or copy it from the thread here. Seriously – if he keeps demanding reviews be deleted, they’ll tire of him quickly.

        SchmalFAIL can’t help himself. He’ll prove all of the allegations are true. That’s why he’s known as SchmalFAIL.

  20. My review….which might not survive the Lulu editors:

    Sadly, the preview had some large errors. The book seems to be about how Mr. Schmalfeldt has been bullied, while it leaves out how much bullying the author has undertaken. As for the disgusting google results mentioned on page 6, these seem to lead to the author’s other public writings. It’s refreshing that in this book he does seem share his opinions about anal rape or feces. Good work!

    On the positive side, the book features luxuriously large margins and large font, so it’s easy to read.

    • Well done, ukuleledave. I can’t see why it would be a problem for the editors. I didn’t go anywhere to see the first chapter, but from what others have written here, your review sounds accurate. If anything, you were a lot kinder than SchmalFAIL deserves.

      • Thanks Jane. It was deleted. The Last Remaining Journalist who respects the First amendment complained since I didn’t buy the file. (A book has a publisher and contract and pages.) No big deal. He is no doubt thinking that Hoge’s minions are spamming the comments on Lulu. Actually I just read the free content and decided there were enough lies that I’d try to warn others. ‘Cause that’s one of the reasons to review a book. (File)

  21. My review did not last, but neither did either of Bill’s, presumably because the one was using a false name to continue harassing, and the other was attacking my comment. Sadly though I think Lulu left their ratings up too.

      • Perhaps because I edited it to add a response to Bill’s attack, and Lulu doesn’t want any references to other comments?

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