Prevarication Du Jour

Not surprisingly, we have another one from the Cabin Boy™. (H/T, @embryriddlealum)@PatO201505040051ZAccording to their communication with me, CreateSpace doesn’t need to see any documentation from me. They’ve pulled Schmalfeldt’s book until a “resolution has been reached between both parties.”ECR_Email20140430

Since I do not wish to grant permission to anyone to publish the work in question in book or ebook form, the matter is now resolved as far as I’m concerned.

24 thoughts on “Prevarication Du Jour

      • ..but he’s a prostitute, no I mean destitute, no I mean disabled, no I mean hirsute, no I mean debunked, no I mean disadvantaged, no I mean indignant, no I mean indigent, no I mean repungent, no I mean repugnant, no I mean he’s got no nutz, no I mean he’s a pimp, no I mean he’s on third and who’s on second, no I mean he’s got terminal super secret advanced stage wallhanger’s disease and needs to gratify himself in some warm, dark and dank, sweaty-palmed place while he loads his Depends with “biggies” while he keeps lurchin’ from comfy chair to comfy chair wif soft pillows because he is one of dem’ dar’ federal boys what’s got him a cushy pension cuz’ he was some sort of G-man wid a law degree who done give da third degree cuz he gots one of dem dare memberships as some sort of ‘porter who ‘vestigates people who he don’t like cuz’ they don’t like BamBam what got medals in the Navy while he a-gettin cock-colded cuz he weren’t taken care of his’n duties at home cuz he were a wantin’ to wear little girl’s frilly underware wif all dem dare wires and whatnot so dat dare issa why he got dem dare copywrites, fer’ sure, fer sure. Now, have I got that straight?

  1. How odd that BS wants to publish and widely disseminate a parody that he claims to find so offensive. CLAIMS to find offensive….

    • I guarantee that parody had more views on my blog both before his book was published, and also since it was pulled.

      “Widely disseminated.”

      You make me chuckle.

      • If you break down that second word a bit, you get closer.
        ‘Cause something just took all the lead outta his pencil.

  2. I love how he writes that like he really thinks you both will say “Oh, of course, Willy needs this information. Let’s send it to him. He’s such an honest person.”

    We are running out of #WillyFail hashtags.

    • It’s always been simultaneously laughable, irritating, aggravating his automatic assumption of his Master of the Universe stance “You must reply immediately to my demands! FOCUS!”.
      I imagine it worked once for him and he keeps going back to that well hoping for another lightning strike.

      If his claims of being a serious person in NIH had any truth about them, then I can only imagine the level of joy for anyone working under him, and I would also have been able to find the office with the highest turnover, labor grievances, and harassment complaints.

  3. What’s the matter? Can’t Bill come up with any original material? Or is he under pressure from the Bomber to come up with things BK can quote in his legal filings?


  4. BS has fun confusing the difference between his self-proclaimed “needs” and his legal “rights.” I doubt he does not understand the distinction: it is merely inconvenient for him to acknowledge it.

  5. Considering the content, I would expect CBBS would be grateful for its expungement ( if that is a word?) from the collective memory of the internet. Of course, your milage may vary.

  6. There is a word for someone who lies continuously even when he knows that his lies can be easily exposed and disproved. Well, there are multiple words that might apply.

  7. Short bus Bill couldn’t win at tic tac toe even if you spotted him a two move head start. His reasoning is only good for pure entertainment.

  8. Terror grips the National Parkinson’s Foundation that another major source of income has yet again been pulled from production

    again… and again….

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