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      • Bill, who appears to be the President of Local 666 of the Federation of Kooks, Crooks and Liars (AFL-CIO), appears to be unable to d0x anyone effectively without having his hand held or the information being handed to him on a silver platter (like John the Baptizer’s head). Even so, he screws that up too.

      • Willy is unable to “dox” anybody who does not have a presence on social media. That’s about all he does, inputs a name in google and sees if any hits come up on facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc. If there are hits, he just uses the first one as the person he is looking for, because we all know all names in this world are unique.


  1. And there’s the title of the book….”Wildly Bizarre, The Continuing Journey”

  2. I’m sure the allegations he’s referring to — and which got under his skin — relate to the clear and obvious attraction he has for young girls. Those facts are pretty well established, starting with a relationship documented in his AUTHORIZED biography.

    Most of the rest of his personal baggage is related to his convictions, and those are NOT wild allegations.

    And for those arriving late to the story, this guy brought a bomb to a high school football game, injured a man so badly that he committed suicide from the pain, then sued the widow to avoid paying compensation. He was the main suspect in a murder, and plotted to have his prosecutor killed. (Notes found written in his own handwriting.)

    • Thanks for the reminders of Brett Kimberlin’s violent, pedophilic exploits. Based on his stupid vexatious lawsuits, he must wish people would quit writing about it, which is why we won’t.

    • That bio makes allusion to a number of young girls BK took interest in, demonstrated and talked about by him in similar ways.

  3. Being a domestic terrorist is pretty wild.

    Plus, being the only person ever (AFAIK) to forge the Presidential Seal takes a special kind of person.

  4. FYI, BS wrote a new “book,” in less than a day, has labeled it a “satire,” and it appears that he will soon be hocking it.

    • Fatboi had to write something or otherwise he would be daydreaming about Mayo and his family, which might make his “condition” (and use the term loosely) worse. I do wonder if he knows a computer has this thing called “spell check?”

  5. There’s an old saying that truth is stranger than fiction because fiction has to be believable; truth has no such limitations. TDPK is living proof of that. If anyone tried to make him up as a fictional character, no one would believe it.

    • She can just “haz a sad”. MY gravatar is portraying my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. If her dear departed mother resembled Him, that should be seen as a blessing upon the benighted Schmalfeldt family.

      • Why do I have the feeling that this will not end the way “sister” (jury still out on whether she’s a sock or the real person) and BS think it will end?

        • Because she is under the same delusion as her brother is, that no one has the right to post anything on a blog or in any public or private venue that she doesn’t agree 100% with and that it must be a criminally actionable act to do so … What a pair of donkeys they are (perhaps “siamese twins”, the jury is still out on that).

      • The good news is that “she” will leave a paper trail that will be useful in subsequent litigation. For those who may seek to pursue it, that is.

        People who have reached middle age and continue to be bullies, do so because it has been an effective tactic for them throughout their lives. What they fail to understand is that other people have also grown older, wiser, and will not roll over but will insist on holding the bullies accountable.

    • Who thinks it will be very, very fun — for us. hahahaha

      I dunno… she may be even funnier than her brother. From what I’ve seen she/it has the family’s stupid-gene, and she claims to have the petty, vindictiveness we’ve all seen from him. However, she/it doesn’t have quite the same vulgar, violent and indescribably bitter mien of her brother. Yet.

      After she gets her asterisk handed to her a few more times, and in ways even she/it isn’t too stupid to understand, that may change.

  6. WJJ Hoge: “There are more shoes about to drop, both civil and criminal, multistate and federal, on members of Team Kimberlin. Indeed, over the next six months or so it may look like a centipede removing his shoes. The next few days might be the last opportunity for some of Team Kimberlin’s associates to turn state’s evidence.” “All Is Proceeding As I Have Foreseen,” Posted on 18 March, 2014


  7. Does anyone know who this Pamela Whitten is? She seems to know BK and BS so well, to the point of being able to determine whether or not they would do particular things.

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