34 thoughts on “Prevarication Du Jour

    • The better to harass you with? I hope you reported the harassment to twitter. BTW – does twitter allow users to have multiple accounts?

      • Notice that he is spamming Howard via his radiowise guy account, which has 12 followers. He knows that Twitter will probably take down that account, leaving his PatOmbudsman account with 124 followers intact. That way, he can just start harassing people from that one. What I would tell Twitter, if I were his victim, is exactly that – that he switches from account to account, takes it private, etc., to circumvent Twitter TOS. Of course, I would send screen caps of the obscen abuse, too.

      • Well, seeing as how he threatened to spam/harass another twitter user last night from his FatOmbudsman account last night and he’s doing it from his idiotguy account today, seems like one could get a twofer, both accounts banned, kwim?

        I kinda thought our Howard would have too much fun pulling the moron’s strings to want to stop it so soon. Also, getting the tub-o-stupid banned from twitter would actually be doing him a favor, something I doubt anyone here is inclined to do.

        Besides, if Howard really is Mr. Causey, he’s got a ton of violations to show the court already. No judge is going to agree Mr. Causey should have publicly outed himself on twitter because his stalker demanded it. No judge is going to see the lowlife loser’s lame attempts at playing semantics to be anything but an admission of guilt.

        Whether or not our Howard really is Mr. Causey, sooper moron believes he is, and that’s very clear from the tweets I screencapped last night. If Howard were to give his twitter account over to Mr. Causey, buffoon bill will be lucky if he does less than 30 days in an AZ jail for egregiously violating the court’s order. Aggravation isn’t just a board game. 😉

        It could get very interesting very soon. Meanwhile, there is plenty of evidence including a zillion tweets today that I hope someone has already recorded. Plenty there to get the jackass jailed, so do the rest of the world a favor and get his twitter access yanked, is my vote.

        And anyone reporting should be sure to report both accounts. The tweets from last night are posted in the Programming thread, iirc, or I’ll provide them, should anyone be interested. 🙂

    • And the inevitable purge of all his threats and failures and humiliations. You can set your watch by him flushing his crap everytime he steps on his crank again.

  1. “THE c-o-l-l-e-c-t-e-d works of Bill Schmalfeldt”

    that’s why Amazon banned his books

  2. I note he has moved his blog entirely over to OVH out of the Netherlands, presumably among other reasons so that he is safe from standard DMCA requests.

    He would seem to believe that what is his is his and what is yours is his.

    • Perhaps a location change. I hear Yavapai County Arizona is nice and warm this time of year … and the county lock-up is serving stale bread with greenish bologna with mayonnaise, the height of Haute cuisine! Enjoy your trip!

  3. Schmalfeldt should just name his book “Intentional Dumbass”. He doesn’t seem to care that he’s being played by monsters like Neal Rauhauser and Brett Kimberlin.

    Years ago, Schmalfeldt may originally have thought that he was doing good work for a “team” of political activists, but along the way, before he could realize that these “activists” were actually different than how they portray themselves, he reached some point where his ego wouldn’t allow a halt to his transformation into another… monster.

    The longer Schmalfeldt waits to make things right to the people he has intentional damaged, the longer he will be remembered as the worm who assisted monsters like Rauhauser and Kimberlin.

  4. Grace and humor, how refreshing! I do so wish CBBS would find some; his world is so dank and stuffy.

  5. “Now, that’s silly. Everyone knows that the letter W belongs to George Bush.”

    LOL. Yes! My second favorite president – in relatively short life – behind Reagan

    (I proudly throw the W. up for my middle name, in large part because of my respect for dubya).

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