11 thoughts on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

  1. Actually, embryriddlealum, you just gave me an idea for a drink

    1 tablespoon of freshly prepared pure lard into mixer
    Add 1 oz 160 proof distilled spirits of any kind
    Add 1 oz strained bull droppings

    Mix thoroughly at extremely high speed (about 5 minutes)

    Immediately place on a cake of dry ice
    Serve with a sprig of bull thistle
    Leave sitting on ice for 85 years, then place into blast furnace

    It’s called “The Elkridge Crawling Chaos on Ice”

    It’ll just kill you!

      • What the hell does she think the good folks there are going to do? If she’s just going after someone because of the avatar, an avatar that no one would recognize as her mother, even having been told it was, I don’t think she’s going to “WIN!” this one. Or else she’ll do like her brother and change the definition.

    • Making fun of BS’s sister’s employment is not proper. The goal should be to fight harassment, not just to turn it around.

  2. Well? Did she tell us what she “won” yet? I wonder if she “won” a 72 hour hold… hahahaha

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