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Sergeant Friday and Officer Smith are off working a case today and tomorrow. As a result Blognet will not be presented tomorrow evening.

Tune in Friday next week at 6 pm ET for the next episode of Blognet and remember to tune in on Monday at the same time for the next intriguing episode of Yours Truly, Johnny Atsign.

60 thoughts on “Programming Announcement

  1. Given all that has occurred (and not occurred), I am amazed that you keep body and soul so well together. Conversely, the Elkridge Horror (with apologies to HP Lovecraft) seems intent on driving himself into a Deb Frisch moment except that he doesn’t have the wealthy parents to save him from herself (gender identity confusion moment confirmed).

    Stay thirsty, my friend.

    • I see what you did there… contacting those victims in AZ to advise them of their rights… WTG and thank you! [blows kisses]

      • Schadenfreudelicious!

        How many calls to authorities has he made about people who had done nothing to him, never heard of him until he pushed himself into their lives? How many calls involving innocent children?

        It’s about time he got another taste of his own medicine. But the charges against him are real, and will stick. His calls were malicious and vindictive, just more harassment for his victims and their children.

        If it keeps happening, he’ll either figure out the cause is himself, or eventually he’ll be ordered off the internet. Either is a win for the world.

      • I find it amusing that he says it was only two calls. But he had tweeted that they weren’t answering their phone anymore, which made it sound like he must have tried several times. Perhaps he only counts it as a call if someone picks up?

        Poor Bill. Whether or not someone picks up, it’s still harassment.

  2. Oh my! Mr. and Mrs. Causey got a restraining order against the previously adjudicated harasser, Bill Schmalfeldt.

    Failures got fail, harassers gotta harass, and doxers gotta dox and we know CBBS is all three. He wasted no time in violating twitter TOS in demanding our @embryriddlebaum ID himself. He also threatened to “accidently” [sic] set his twitter account to send harassing messages to @embryriddlebaum every 30 min.!

    Oh yeah… that failure’s gotta #FAIL – can’t even slow himself down.

    • His response to be hit with another restraining order? A promise to harass someone else. Hey, is anybody at the various Maryland SA offices awake? Hello?

    • While I do try to avoid his Twitter feed; and I would never endanger this computer by visiting one of his blogs; I am truely grateful for you brave and sturdy souls who bring the faintest essence of this steaming pile of putrid villany to remind us of our fortunate distance.

      “…and I will leave them alone…” a lie of the greatest magnitude.

      Excuse me now, I must submit to L4 decon at my local nuclear plant. I should feel better after that.

    • Its pretty obvious that Cabin Boy really, really wants to go to jail. Must think he needs that kind of “street cred” with his fellow gangbangers.

    • Sadly, it’s past his bedtime so we’re not going to see the normal full implosion. All this popcorn popped, and no freak out to watch. I wish law enforcement had gotten there earlier!!eleventy!! hahahahaha

  3. We can still mock the idiot. I’ll start: How stupid does one have to be to expect law enforcement to issue an out-of-state arrest warrant over an avatar?? hahahaha

    I’ll bet Mr. and Mrs. Causey and our embryriddlealum are just shaking with fear over that threat! hahahaha

    And doesn’t he have them over a barrel if they’re the same people because it’s not like it’s against twitter TOS to make threats, harass, send unwanted tweets every 30 minutes, etc. etc. Oh, wait… hahahaha


      • No wonder you’re so good at it. Quite the expert, even. I do hope your report him to twitter if he keeps harassing you with @mentions. How many times will twitter have to ban him before they figure out a way to block his computer?

  4. His neighbors must wonder what he’s up to over there, what with all the police visits.

    • I was leaning toward this not being his sock, but the timing is just to damn coincidental to no be under his control. imho.

    • hahahaha I hope she keeps chasing him down his self-created rabbit hole. That’s going to end well. hahahaha Probably with Schmalfeldt on Schmalfeldt war that they’ll both manage to LOSE.


      • If he is controlling her account, he is getting her into trouble – who in their right mind would … Never mind. Her fortuitous appearance combined with Schmalfeldtian linguistic “tells” make me think this is BS.

        If she’s doing it, the truth will come out, and she will have to face the consequences.

      • I’m not convinced yet either way. Siblings who are raised together would be expected to have similar speech patterns, etc. Either way, sock or sib, it’s funny and pathetic all at the same time. hahaha

      • LOL — and wasn’t it just yesterday when CBBS proclaimed to be an expert at them too? hahaha

    • Based on the patterns of early tweets, followers and followed, I’d say that @bexmajella began life as one of Rauhauser’s many cookie cutter sock puppets. It was started and occasionally updated so that when it was called into service it would have some background and not just pop into existence, but that initial history is very generic and noncommittal. At some point, Bill took possession of the account, added his particular circle of associates, and it started being his “sister”.

      It’s remotely possible that Neil wasn’t involved, but I really can’t see Bill having the foresight or discipline to plant and tend to a sock farm for that long, while that’s the kind of thing Neil lives for. And he has enough of them that he could easily give one to the Cabin Boy to assist him in spreading grief and misery.

      • Well that’ll teach me to double check before posting. First time I looked at the early posts I didn’t see anything to or about Bill before 2013, but I missed a few mentions of @parkybill in 2011. So that means it’s probably a CB originated sock after all.

        Didn’t think he could plan that far in advance.

    • I’m telling you guys, she’s real. I just feel it. There’s some similarity in speech, like her talking about penises, but that’s probably a family trait. Don’t forget, our esteemed host mentioned that her comments came from a Milwaukee IP address.

      Besides finding her on LinkedIn, I looked her up in several other places. One interesting place where I found evidence of Rebecca Schmalfeldt was on the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access website. I went there to see if she has any harassment violations or such like her brother. No record of a criminal history, but here’s the surprise of the day: She was [redacted] Commenter incorrect interprets the court record—wjjhoge
      And, if she is real – I’m pretty sure she is – then Bill was goading Rebecca to contact our esteemed host, which seems to me (I’m not an expert here) to be a violation of his Peace Order.

      • She could be the real deal. Unlike BS, however, I need more proof. Like a conclusive IP, MAC, etc. Time will tell.

  5. Does Howard County MD have the police resources to handle two major cases simultaneously? Will they have to divert some of the team handling the “Hoge/Krendler Conspiracy to Commit Bookslaughter” case in order to deal with the “Embryriddlealum First Degree Avatar Butthurt” caper? And will this leave anyone to protect Bill from the rest of the people he’s reported? Kiernan and Grady are still at large! And who will be left to read his new emails?

    Hopefully, they can call in the MD State Police and the FBI can form a task force to keep Schmalfeldt safe.

    In a soft room. With sweaters that have really long sleeves.

    • how can you kill something that never lived? just curious, and how can you defame someone by hiding their image?

    • Gave you an uptick immediately after the word ‘Bookslaughter.’ Wanted to give you another after finishing the rest of your comment.

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