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  1. Complete agreement with you. I intend to finish “Raising Steam” this evening. I wish you as pleasant an activity.

  2. Bill Schmalfeldt @PatOmbudsman · 3s
    Sycophants think Hoge knows more about the law than the Clerk of the Court of Appeals. I have been blessed with idiot adversaries

    – said the appellant

    Appellant. A person who, dissatisfied with the judgment rendered in a lawsuit decided in a lower court

  3. The thing is…he doxed a baby. A BABY.

    So I’m pretty sure all bets are off at this point with most people on the twitterz. But I here at Casa De Hoge, I think folks can probably chill.

    • Yeah, I’ve got some IRL stuff to do, including sending out a meeting agenda and minutes for next week, and starting to rearrange the living room a bit so the sofa in the front room will be ready as a bed for next week (asap, we hope). (We have an older house and the bathroom is downstairs from the bedrooms.) Eldest child has to have her gall bladder out, poor thing. We went to the ER last Tuesday thinking she might have appendicitis. Since her father and I both have had ours out, I’ve apologized to her for giving her crappy genes. 8)

      • Thanks Frankie. She’s just bummed out that she’ll likely miss her chorus field trip to the amusement park. But it’s been a low grade pain with mild nausea for a week and half now, so if she doesn’t get it out, she’ll definitely not be up for the trip. So she signed the consent forms at the doctor’s today (she’s not real keen on this whole “legal adult” thing), and the office will call us as soon as it’s scheduled. We’re hoping for Monday.

      • So sorry. Had our kiddo hospitalized last year convinced it was appendicitis then wondering about a gall bladder surgery. Final diagnosis — acute pancreatitis. If it happens again… gall bladder gone.

        God bless your kiddo and family. Tough stuff. *praying*

    • To have done what Gobbles did to his children is the absolute height of evil! That they will not even acknowledge his existence is remarkable given his selfishness and lack of integrity! He can never be forgiven for that act!

      Paul, I know what you are going to say, but Gobbles asking for forgiveness at the last second……….is a non-sequitur. He will spend an absolute eternity in hell!

      • Last second or not, true sorrow, true repentance and true belief are required not some formula utter in the last seonds of one’s life. Prayers aren’t magik incantations and have no effect unless the above conditions exist in his soul. Wheww, time for another nap!

  4. Yep, just sit back, chill and contemplate the genius of Black Betty:

    [redacted] imperfect image—wjjhoge

    Haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

  5. Willy, you keep tweeting, but it’s impossible to understand what you are saying with that [redacted].

    (Or is that a [redacted]?)

    • He’s #FAILdoxing me. Pretty much all of the information he’s tweeting is wrong. He’s even claiming I have a vet page. He’s trying to imply that I’m a fake, and yet he’s claimed to have found where I was stationed. It’s all so strange…

    • It sure ain’t his if he was cuckolded as much as he claims. Perhaps his lack of manhood is what causes all that rage and hatred as well as his puerile fantasies!

      Maybe his alter ego, his “sister”????, has his in “protective custody”? (To protect him from himself)

    • He flipping admitted it. He’s crazy. And he still claims that I’m the one who created that beautiful work of art. Get it right! It was Owain.

      And everyone should enjoy it while it’s still up, because when Mr. Hoge catches wind of this…it’ll be REDACTED. Although, I do have a feeling that picture is going to be retweeted a LOT tonight.

    • Wait a minute…a “two year campaign”? Uh, I’m pretty sure that he’s lying. In fact, two years ago I was consumed in a massive court case. And Lee didn’t tell me about him until I asked around the late summer/fall of that year. There was no campaign. And after that case wound down, I spent the next 8 months or so dealing with another legal issue. So he’s totally full of it.

      What a lying tool.

      • Well, it was about two years ago that BS began harassing Ali Akbar and Aaron Walker. However, I never heard of BS until about 5 months later.

  6. Let’s recount…

    Gobbles has admitted to one and all that he ‘doxed’ an innocent baby and seemed rather proud of it!

    Gobbles has admitted to one and all on many, many occasions that he was repeatedly cuckolded during a previous marriage and seemed rather proud of it while ignoring the fact that by admitting said repeated cuckolding by his previous wife, he was consigning his issue to a status of illegitimate. In a spiritual sense and, in fact, these children are actually children of God; these innocents should not have to bear the brunt of Gobbles’ puerile fantasies.
    While some may find reconfigured photographs of Gobbles somewhat over the top, I for one, think that it is a fair judgment about the kind of monster Gobbles has become. I fear for the safety of anyone who is dependent upon him. He should be housed in an institution for the Criminally Insane.

    I note that he spent more time trying to play up to Karoli Kuns than he manifested in caring about this innocent baby. In so doing, it was evident that he once again betrayed the trust of the very persons who are forced to depend on him as well as occupy his ramshackle hovel.

    Shame on you, Cabin Boy or as you are also known…..The Elkridge Horror.

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