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  1. Bill Schmalfeldt @PatOmbudsman Β· 7m
    I told my sister not to bother Mr. Hoge. I really did. But the girl has a mind of her own. And she’s pissed off. Ay yi yi!

    Some all I can come up with is Bill in drag… what a horrible horrible thought.

    In meantime, Twinkie is just asking for new charges and trouble.

  2. The next time BS is tweeting out filthy tweets calling people “nutless,” etc., remember this past week when he had to get two “girls,” Karoli and his sister, to fight his battles.

    • Good point. The foul mouth, avoidance of facts that will destroy the desired narrative, plus the threats, DO make me wonder if it’s just another sock.

  3. The possibility of a Carrington event striking the Earth is still my number 1 candidate for the classic global apocalypse.

    bexmajella @bexmajella Β· 3m
    @PatOmbudsman This would all be funny if it weren’t so sad.

    How appropriate… apparently the moron gene is strong in the Schmalfeldt family, not just Twinkie (William Schmalfeldt of [redacted] TRLR 71. ELKRIDGE, MD)

    • Johnny, you are breaking WJJH’s commenting rules by posting this, even though BS posts his own info all the time. WJJH is at work and will not be able to review until he has a break. If you keep doing this, it will sure look like you are a member of Team K trying to stir up trouble over here. Why, is that you, Bill?

  5. Wow, and your post here has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with my family. You have trained your minions well!

    • So what? Start your own blog and do what you like over there. Stop harassing Mr. Hoge by acting as an agent of your brother.

      • Exactly. She is more than welcome to move on any time.

        And, if she truly cares about her family as much as her trolling claims, encouraging her brother Bill’s destructive behavior is a poor way to go about it. Inciting him does not convey good intentions toward a fellow family member. Just sayin’.

      • Grace, what makes you think she “cares” for him? Could be she saw an opening to push him further into the abyss. After all, the rest of his family can’t stand him, his “friends” have mostly deserted him all because of what a vile man he has become. Why should his “sister” be any different?

      • Sorry, I’ve been out of pocket and am catching up with Barb reading and typing for me.
        Dear idiot: You are fully invested with your first amendment right to free speech in your own space! Say what you will on your blog, website, printed material or broadcast. You do not, however, have free speech rights in or on someone else’s space, blog, website, printed material or broadcast. I do not have free speech rights on your putative brother’s blog nor, at his request, do I have permission to tweet him or contact him in any way. That’s his choice and I abide by that request without any formality such as a Cease and Desist order. He can write what he cares to about me as long as it is truthful and provable by facts beyond reasonable doubt. Write away, I’ll smile and go on living what’s left of my life as I see fit. As of this writing your brother has not, to my knowledge, attempted to contact me on twitter or via any other means. At my own choice (this is not a requirement of law, only a convenience for myself, nor should anyone see it as an obligation any citizen has been burdened with) I have blocked any contact from your brother. Were I the object of your brother’s harassment and stalking, I am afraid I would be much less Christian about it, Have much less equanimity, be much less kind and forgiving. I am not making a threat as I am physically incapable of carrying out any such, being housebound and several states away. Empty threats are a waste of pixels so I refrain from making such. I simply point out to you the fact that WJJ Hoge III is a man of honor and if your brother had simply desisted including the @wjjhoge twitter handle there would be zero drama. The onus in this case is on the sender to desist sending tweets to Mr. Hoge via @mentions. Simple and easy. Mr. Hoge is not any obligation to block or not see the tweet addressed to his interactions on twitter, Bill is obligated to not address them to Mr. Hoge. As in mail harassment, it is not on the recipient to not open the mail is it the obligation of the writer to not send it.
        I have only faint hope this will actually be understood by you.
        (Whew! Paul got long-winded! I guess he’s feeling better if a bit cranky. — B)

      • I’m glad to hear from you too, Paul (and you Barb!). I was beginning to be a little worried, you’d commented so little.

    • Fatboi, you’re turding in the wrong place again! You are supposed to use the bathroom, you moron!

    • Oh, goody! A granola-crunching, peasant-dress-and-Birkenstocks-wearing, patchouli-smelling, baseball-bat-wielding Angel of Schmalfeldt Vengeance!

      I’m quaking now!

    • You are more than welcome to move on.

      And, btw — If you truly care as much about your family as your trolling claims, you are not doing your brother Bill any favors. Encouraging him, and inciting his destructive behavior, does NOT convey good intentions toward a fellow family member.

      Just sayin’.

      • Good grief. Another double post?!

        Tis a good thing what I have to say is important enough to read twice. πŸ˜‰

  6. “Your feelings betray your thoughts of …sister. So you have a twin sister. Now your thoughts have betrayed her too.”


    Somebody let me know if CB suddenly shows up one-handed.

  7. Ah, now sister Rebecca is calling and harassing Patrick Grady. Wonder if she has called WJJH yet?

    • Wow, I’m just a lickspittle with a 20 year career in . . . well, you know . . . but it sure seems to me that Bill Schmalfeldt, adjudicated harasser, has asked his sister Rebecca to act as his agent. She is calling, email and posting on his behalf, despite the fact that he is bound by a PO as to certain parties.

    • She is also insisting Patrick Grady remove HIS Twitter avatar. Huh?

      Does she hate Jesus? Firearms? Is she high on BOSSY? Or, is she simply as confused and mentally-challenged as her brother and addressed the wrong individual in her tweet.

      #TwitterIsHard… for some. Apparently, derpitude abounds in the Schmalfeldt clan.

      • I know. She said this in a previous thread: “I can run rings around you logically, but I have better things to do,” yet she is telling two people who have Jesus avatars to take them down.

  8. sooo funny that ‘sis’ shows up now, when shaky has been beaten in to submission on all sides.

  9. Wow, for a disabled, oh, excuse me, “disabled” man who allegedly has PD, BS sure hates other people who are disabled. Question: would those new laws that Bill Schmalfeldt is agitating for in Maryland apply to him, too? Would his harassment of Patrick Grady be covered under that law? Would his sister Rebecca’s harassment be covered?

    Bill Schmalfeldt @PatOmbudsman
    Just be ready when you get home from work, @PalatinePundit. Tracey Lynn might have some questions for you to consider about being manic. 12:26 PM – 29 Apr 2014

    Bill Schmalfeldt @PatOmbudsman
    @palatinepundit @bexmajella Sis, have you ever noticed how big brave he-men like Bipolar Pat here have to make sure they @mention EVERYONE!
    12:44 PM – 29 Apr 2014

    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@PatOmbudsman 11m
    @palatinepundit @LibraryGryffon @newagerain @embryriddlealum @PaulLemmen @kylekiernan @bexmajella Where your pills are is your biz, nutbar.
    12:43 PM – 29 Apr 2014

    • *pfft* Surely you jest, A Reader. Everyone knows laws and rules — HECK! Even common human decency. — NEVAH apply to a Schmalfeldt.

    • Oh, dear, really? He needs to stop this. He’s eventually going to faildox someone who won’t just shake her head and move on.

    • Having blocked Boxer after telling him to never tweet me directly again, I note that he’s got me in one of those tweets. He finally figured out about checking for @ signs before Mr. Hoge’s twitter handle, he needs to start doing it for others. O

      Of course, since he’s gone back to @s not being mentions, it’s pretty damn hypocritical of his sister to keep screeching at the “felon” to stop contacting her, since according to her brother, it’s not contact.

      Boxer and Bex need to remember that they can’t keep holding others to rules they themselves insist on ignoring.

  10. A Reader wrote: “I know. She said this in a previous thread: β€œI can run rings around you logically, but I have better things to do,” yet she is telling two people who have Jesus avatars to take them down.”

    Maybe “she” actually suffers from PD-D (read: Headuprectumritis), too. Silly Schmalfeldts.

    • You know, Jackie and Chris would not be pleased at her behavior. Now, if it really is Rebecca sending out those tweets and calling people’s families, she knows exactly what I mean by that comment. If it’s not, and it’s BS impersonating her, he’d better start behaving before he causes her any problems.

      • o.0 I have no idea what any of that means.

        I’m simply going to respond with — whoa, and heh, and… someone best check themselves right quick.

  11. Gosh, Karoli must be just thrilled how this all turned out…

    I can almost feel the sharp pains she suffers every time Willy links to her opus.

    And it feels like………..schadenfeldte.

    (I’m claiming that word)

  12. How many times has Willy lectured us on the workings of the Maryland Court system, only to be proven completely wrong?

    Why the bloody hell should we believe anything you say Chubs?

  13. Barb wrote (for Paul): (Whew! Paul got long-winded! I guess he’s feeling better if a bit cranky. β€” B)

    Grateful to see Paul… long-winded, cranky, whatever. God bless, my brother.

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