15 thoughts on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

  1. I am submitting this for consideration for Prevarication du Jour:

    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@PatOmbudsman
    I told my sister not to bother Mr. Hoge. I really did. But the girl has a mind of her own. And she’s pissed off. Ay yi yi!
    7:29 AM – 29 Apr 2014

    No, he really didn’t:

    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@PatOmbudsman
    @bexmajella I still have a peace order preventing me from contacting @/wjjhoge. You, however, have no such restriction.
    6:23 AM – 29 Apr 2014

    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@PatOmbudsman
    @bexmajella The pockmarked @wjj/hoge gives this man an audience. He has 50 followers. I can’t tell you to contact @ wjjhoge.
    6:23 AM – 29 Apr 2014

    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@PatOmbudsman
    @bexmajella Nor, being you are a free American, can I tell you to NOT contact @ wjjhoge.
    6:24 AM – 29 Apr 2014

    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@PatOmbudsman
    @bexmajella You don’t need my permission.
    6:30 AM – 29 Apr 2014

    Her response?

    bexmajella ‏@bexmajella
    @PatOmbudsman I have got nothing to lose. I don’t fight fair.
    6:13 AM – 29 Apr 2014

    • Ok, so that runs in the family too: having “nothing to lose.” Sounds like a bunch of losers.

      And if this isn’t a violation of the peace order, I can’t imagine what a 3rd party contact prohibition is supposed to mean.

  2. Oh! I have another submission!

    @bexmajella The day Mom passed, Lee Stranahan and Janina — best buddies now — were smearing her. But I’m the evil one.
    8:33 AM – 29 Apr 2014

    No, they weren’t:

    “Bill Schmalfeldt–the Brett Kimberlin connected stranger who has harassed me and family for months–lost his mother this morning. His response to his mother’s passing has been another revealing incident, however, as he’s used the occasion to attack women. He continued his days-long ugly tirade against the wife he divorced in 1988. This is way he talks to the mother of his children. He is upset that they are talking to me and it’s some of the most disgusting, bizarre manipulative jealously that one can imagine.” http://tinyurl.com/n7m3adk

    • Funny how BS does not provide proof of his claim, just makes the accusation and expects it to stick, while Lee Stranahan provides actual screenshots of BS’s tweets. They are so disgusting that I can’t reproduce them here.

      • Bill Schmalfeldt never provides proof. He is wholly committed to ignoring the truth of any given situation. Just flings his poo in hopes something sticks. Case in point…


        TRUTH and PROOF:
        (Please note: The following are CBBS tweets. I’m quoting the text of them only (no screenshots) as I have redacted the Twitter handles of his poor children.)

        @BalmerLiberal tweeted:
        “I’ve invited my children to join me here to prove I am not the monster their mother says I am.”
        9/10/13 7:46PM

        @FTRRadioNews tweeted:
        (@ handle redacted by Grace) “I really don’t know what to say. I really don’t. Other than goodbye.”
        10/8/13 4:20PM

        @FTRRadioNews tweeted:
        (@ and @ handles redacted by Grace) “If you ever decide to open your eyes to the truth, check and see if I’m still here. Until then, goodbye and be happy.”
        10/8/13 4:25PM

        Yeah. Suuure. He’s asked them to lay low and avoid communicating with him on Twitter because… LICKSPITTLES!!!11!!1!

        His lack of self-awareness and personal responsibility is simply astounding.

  3. Thanks, John. So, it could very well be his sister. Whoever it is… *they* are claiming ownership of a recently-discussed photo. Which brings us back to the information CBBS is claiming he provided in the DMCA and in the phone call to law enforcement regarding the picture his “sister” claims belongs to her. *hmm again*

    Oh, what tangled webs he weaves…

    • D’oh. Sowwy. Two comments saying basically the same thing. I didn’t see the first one post. My interwebz connection is behaving in a funky manner today. I believe the nasty storms may have something to do with it… it certainly couldn’t be Operator Error. 😉

      • i truly appreciate and am grateful to you for removing the twitter handles of my kids. all of you have been very kind and respectful of their privacy by not dragging them into this mess. again, i give sincere thanks for your kindness. you are grace.

  4. Thanks, John. So, that could very well be his sister. Whoever it is… *they* claimed ownership of a recently-discussed photo. Which brings us back to CBBS and what HE claimed to have provided via a DMCA notice and a phone call to law enforcement regarding HIS ownership of a picture of his Mother. *hmm again*

    Oh, what tangled webs he weaves…

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