12 thoughts on “That Was Quick!

  1. I notice that the JTMP/Terrorist Diddler PR flack has not had much to say about these cases in a while. I guess even an inveterate liar like the Cabin Boy can’t find a way to spin multiple cases of admitted forgeries and frauds upon the courts.

  2. BS just doxed an entire family, and posted a picture of their house and infant daughter. He cites an Arizona harassment statute that, curiously, he may have violated by this action.

    • I really hope he does call the police over an avatar. They’ll be quite interested in his posting personal information on his blog. Yes, CB, it’s available on the Internet, but if someone wasn’t posting under their own name, it has consequences.
      You have yet to realize what those are.

      • I believe it was Betty who made the astute point awhile back that just because personal information is publicly available — that in NO WAY means one is *legally* allowed to willy-nilly share it in any venue they’d like with the sole purpose of intimidation and/or harassment — which just happens to be the deranged cyberstalker Bill Schmalfelt’s forte and intention. Oops.

        Forgive me if I was less than elegant in paraphrasing your original and most valid point, Betty.

  3. I’d have to say [unintelligible] that unless [unintelligible], i’d probably [unintelligible] or maybe [unintelligible] [unintelligible] [unintelligible]. And I am unanimous in that [unintelligible].

  4. I bet the judge gets a really stern tone when admonishing TDPK over this! Then he’ll deny the motion to dismiss and issue an order that gives TDPK “one more” chance.

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