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hindenburg_OKThe Cabin Boy’s™ paperwork for his petition to the Maryland Court of Appeals for a writ of certiorari for his appeal of the extension of the peace order against him is due by close of business today.

If I get served with a copy, I’ll pass it along.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Came across this reference to a quote on AoSHQ which struck me as appropriate to him:

    Long ago, Tacitus said “Proprium humani ingenii est odisse quem laeseris. (It is a principle of human nature to hate those whom you have injured.

    • Did not Tacitus also say : ubi solitudinem faciunt, pacem appellant? (they make a desert and call it peace).
      Destruction of all opposing voices is their goal, the consummation of ultimate shut-uppery. That is their desert, what they would call peace.

      • heck if I know, he probably did being a wordy kind of guy, what would I know being a super time criminal and all, its not like we hung out drinking beer, watching gladiators and swapping quotable quotes.

        Thats a good one though.

      • Kyle, why don’t you just go back and ask him in person? I mean, in between doing crimes and all.

        • If you do, remember to take along as a gift a “Team Lickspittle” 15 oz. mug from the Hogewash! store and some Mystic Monk coffee from the Amazon link on the homepage! (I’ve got a large .pdf of some of Cicero’s works {de fragmentum} that I can email if you would like to brush up on your Latin {start on page 69, the early pages are old style indexes and ADNOTATIO

      • If any of you have a Kindle (and really, you all should), you can download just about all of the classics for free. I have Aquinas, Machiavelli, Sun Tzu, Homer and a few others I’m slogging through. They were all either free or 99 cents.

        A great bargain.

      • Tommy – good point! I downloaded Summa Theologica and am about to start reading it. If you read 8 pages a day, you can finish it in a year.

        • I do have a .pdf of Ciero (searchable) that anyone interested may receive via emailing me.
          In Latin so you’ll need to either be quite conversant with the Latin used in 5th century BC Rome or the 1800’s interpretation of it. Use of a lexicon and a Latin-English dictionary as well as a translation tool like Babylon.

  2. Spend the weekend enjoying the outdoors and good friends and miss all the fun. First the huge steaming pile that Karoli wrote, the bunny idiot making his dishonesty apparent again, and now the Cabin Boy threatening John that he will NOT make the Cabin Boys petition public.

    So in other words…..different week, same lame crap from Team Kimberlin

  3. Sounds like someone forgot in all his sweaty happy place to file the paperwork that he has been threatening the world with….


    • And he will spin it as a generosity to John … he could have crushed him in the appeal but his christian (HA!) sensibilities stopped him.
      The usual claptrap of a disingenuous liar and notorious harasser …

  4. He’s saying that his appeal has been docketed for the Sept 14th term. Since the Peace Order expires well before that, what’s the point?

    And if dropping the appeal was indeed part of the mediation, I would hope that MD would reinstate the 366 “bogus” charges, since they were only nolle prosequi-ed as part of the agreement, an agreement which Boxer Bill would seem to now be in violation of.

  5. Okay – after two years Bill finally gets someone out from under her moldy cat strewn cave to defend Bill with a passionately lying post and she didn’t even make it a day

    ‏@Karoli @PatOmbudsman take me off the thread please. Thank you.
    7:32 PM – 27 Apr 2014

    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@PatOmbudsman · 4h
    @Karoli Yes ma’am.

  6. I’m sorry its unchristian to see the lord work in mysterious ways…


    please Bill, find it in your heart to forgive me……………..


    • I wonder which Amazon review he claims is a lie? The review of Christ, the Wingnut is still there,and Amazon has taken down two of Boxer Bill’s comments on it as inappropriate. The two negative reviews of his latest effort are still there also and I see that Amazon has had to remove his comments on those review threads too. Just as C&L had to take down his comments.

      • Boxer Bill is proving one again that reading comprehension isn’t his strongest suit. Nowhere in this comment do I talk about him reviewing his own books. I do talk about his comments on the reviews, most of which have been taken down by Amazon after complaints concerning their inappropriate nature.

        And he still hasn’t told us which review is a lie.

      • Bill Schmalfeldt @PatOmbudsman · 13m
        For some reason, Amazon DOES allow people who haven’t read the book to LIE about it, though. Odd that, I think. But, oh well.

        Ahhhh hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

        someone thinks that people actually read his books



      • You know Bill never bothers with facts. If he says it’s a lie, why in his mind, it’s a lie. Why should he have to back anything up with facts? You should just believe him. Ignore the fact that he is stunningly dishonest, has the morals of John Wayne Gacy, Jr., and the brain power of your average caterpillar.

  7. wait,

    Sooo Biiiillll

    Why did you sleep with your brother’s wife/girlfriend/whatever again?

    Are you sure he laughed it off!!!!

    Also, in your reviews – Nash who (that you aaaahhahahahahahaha) your only positive review – didn’t read the book


    • Look at his other reviews. Most of the positive ones state they have not bought the book and are reviewing it based in a one or two page preview. Funny he doesn’t complain about those reviewers reviewing it without buying it, but then again, he is a dishonest hack.

  8. Alllso, got proof yesterday that someone lied in a court proceeding multiple times or did they? From their own hand no less in the same method that they argues sooooooo well lets not let everything out… but its solid 100% better than a checked green card – oooh its going to be good – sooo good

    andnnd who could it be –

    could it be the rocket scientist behind door number oooone?

    hmmm, could it be the boot camp graduate of the mil school basic press release writing course for low level enlisted behind door number 2 (lots of 2)

    oooooor could it be the bombing psycho, 14 yr old girl watching, vexatious irritant to humanity behind doooor number 3

    (hint its probably between doors 2 and 3 – most assuredly likely between 2 and 3)

    • Good lord, if that’s Boxer Bill, he’s even more delusional than usual. Because no one in their right, left, or wrong mind would ever think they could raise money off of his name.

    • sure why not – hey we all are getting paid with Bill Bucks

      Bill Bucks are good for lots of things

      Diplomas from imaginary schools of journalism

      Corporate donor status at the: National Parkinson’s Center for Self Libeling Authors Seeking Shelter From the Wreckage They Made Out of Their Lives (also known by its short version – the crutch)

      One free post from the crooks and liars at a blog surprisingly called CROOKSANDLIARS (good for 7 hours then they ask you never to contact them again)

      Free Visits from the Howard County Police – and phone calls on weekends and holidays with your favorite fantasy county officials

    • How does he go from “PETE, old boy. About to write a story about you” to “I never knew you existed, Pete. But I want to know you better. Follow me and we can DM.” ? Such a lying sack the Cabin Boy is. But after having read his writing I can certain believe he was just about to write a story about something or someone he has no knowledge of. Seems to be his specialty. Making it up as he goes along.

    • Never mind, he has now memory holed the tweets. I guess even Schmalfeldt has some sense of shame or embarrassment.

    • That’s good to know, I went to twitter and went back through his feed for July of 2013 several times and didn’t see it. Oh well. I’ve got to call the optometrist anyway – I guess I can add one more reason. 8)

      At least this means his intended target knows who/what he’s dealing with.

  9. Bill

    You are to remove my Amazon Quote without permission or I will file criminal charges in the State of Tennessee.

    You have 24 hours to remove my name from your blog, I cannot be associated with you or your illegal use of copyrighted material for profit

    Also your use of copyrighted music is being reported

    • Boxer Bill is showing his total lack of research skills again. According to information on Amazon reviews retain copyright, but grant Amazon a non-exclusive perpetual license for use. So a reviewer can post their review on their blog, or elsewhere, but the author needs the reviewer’s permission to use it on his or her blog.

      • Oh, and Amazon prohibits authors from using Amazon reviews on “other sites”. So Bill is violating the Amazon TOS by using EPWJ’s review on his cesspool.

        In regards to authors using reviews on other sites, please know that this type of activity is not endorsed by Amazon and is prohibited by our Terms and Conditions

    • What the heck would he even say? “HALP ME, PO-PO! HALP ME! Someone posted a pic on teh Twitterz!!! It appears to have the body of an elderly man or woman and a photoshopped monster head on it!!!!! ELEVENTY!!1!!11!!!”

      Yeah. That receiver isn’t going to make it back onto the hook before the gales of laughter begin.

      And, isn’t this the same Bill Schmalfeldt who has vehemently declared for months that the Gentle Host of this blog has been abusing law enforcement and the courts in an attempt to stop unrelentless harassment courtesy of a deranged cyberstalker? Why, yes. Yes, it is.

      Hilarious and sad at the same time. *smh*

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