Meanwhile, Back in Annapolis

The Cabin Boy™ has missed the deadline to file any supplemental materials for his petition for a writ of certiorari in his appeal of the peace order extension. It’s not surprising that someone with neither the facts nor the law on his side wouldn’t bother to put a lot of effort into an appeal. It’s kinda surprising that Bill Schmalfeldt had enough sense to do so.

OTOH, a smack down by the state’s highest court may not fit the narrative Karoli & Krew are trying to spin for Schmalfeldt, so letting the case die may …

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  1. He was too busy doxing, posting pics of a couple’s home and baby, and threatening some guy with criminal charges if he doesn’t remove @embrriddlealum’s avatar, the salt vampire from Star Trek, claiming that it looks like his mom. Imagine trying to explain THAT to LEOs.

    • Uh… What? I probably shouldn’t ask, but why is he claiming that the Star Trek salt vampire looks like his mom?

      It should go without saying, but in the unlikely event that there WERE a resemblance, I think it’s still not criminal to use salt vampires in avatars.

      • He thinks he doxxed @embryriddlealum. Posted all sorts of info about the guy, his child, and his wife on the cesspool he calls a blog.

      • He also told me he pays amazon for copyright information – and can use it in a defamation and he also pays for royalties for music – or does he under the guise of changing stations in trial periods to avoid paying for service?


      • Interesting. Since Amazon only has a non-exclusive license, they can’t grant permission for anyone other than their own subsidiaries to use those comments and reviews….. He obviously talked to another member of the secret midnight clerks’ association.

        You’d think someone from the writing and editing industry would know these things.

      • Let us consider:

        1. He’s a liar and a loser.
        2. He knows he’s much too stupid to even score a single point in a fair war-of-words.
        3. He recently whined and begged a woman of the same claimed “team” to help shield him from the consequences of his many vile and disgusting actions.
        4. He’s been trying to not out his dangerously demented, misogynistic, racist, homophobic, foul, repugnant, revolting personality to the woman in fear of losing her support.
        5. As we all know, have experienced his true self, even his own children won’t have any contact with him. At least on some level he knows he has to hide his true self or even the most partisan hack wouldn’t have any contact with him.
        6. Despite being such an embarrassment, surely even one as stupid as he recalls what his mother looked like in life, despite his admitted dementia.

        Adding up the above, the answer I come up with is that he’s once again lying. He’s trying to impress the few paying attention to him finally. He wants them to think this actually happened. He knows they’ll never bother to check the source. After all, he got a lengthy article posted on his behalf with the author not even bothering to contact the victim of his abuse.

        OTOH, he’s so narcissistic he truly believes everything is about him. And since he obsesses about our host and constantly monitors the comment sections here, he believes/wishes anyone here were as obsessed as he. It is inconceivable to him that the avatar could be unrelated to him somehow.

        Maybe both. 🙂

    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@PatOmbudsman
    I am not REQUIRED to file a supplemental to ANYTHING! The CofA has ACCEPTED my appeal to the Carroll County Circuit Court…
    1:51 PM – 28 Apr 2014

    True. Careful reading of the blog post, however, reveals that nowhere in it does WJJH say BS was “REQUIRED” to do so. BS is just making stuff up. Again.

    • Given that this rant wasn’t the point, BS is happy to provide a name and number for who he spoke to. Wonder why he didn’t the faithful Christmas Eve when his story was…er, B.S.

    • Fatboi being a “journalist” (and I use that term very loosely), I am surprised he did not write a book/comic for the appeal and then try to publish it…

      • The amusement factor would be high with that. Can’t you just see an illustrated version of the flow chart, complete with all his screen caps and blog posts explaining how he decided each step was the correct one?

  3. Typical.
    1. BS tells @embryriddle to leave him alone, then keeps tweeting him.
    2. Crows that THIS time, he’s got the right guy, then tweets this:
    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@PatOmbudsman
    @embryriddlealum I’ve contacted the Yavapai Sheriff’s office. So, either you are Robin Causey, or you just got him in a lot of trouble.
    2:24 PM – 28 Apr 2014

    So, I guess he’s not so sure after all, but it’s somebody else’s fault.

    • Third option. The Yavapai Sheriff’s office now thinks you’re a loon. They’ve called their counterparts in Maryland to confirm. Robin Causey has Googled “Bill Schmalfeldt.”

    • With Gobbles, its always someone else’s fault.

      However, Gobbles did post a new standard today which I recommend be enforced against him by one and all:

      ” It’s time for you to shut up or pay the price of free speech, and that is — the consequences of said speech.”

      Remember, Gobbles – you defined your own life. The consequences for you will be rather awesome in nature. The only one that can control you is you, but the consequences of your speech can be applied by everyone you have victimized.

      I wonder what you say when you face your first victim?

      “Mommy?!” is my guess.

    • What does he expect to accomplish with that? Really, what is the sheriff’s department supposed to do?

    • Make a false report because it’s better to err than not to accuse at all? What about dear Kimby? No one even accused him of Swatting – just of swats having some links to (true) posts about him…. and the sky must fall.

    • Cabin Boy, take a deep breath and think. WHO got some poor innocent man in trouble? WHO called the cops on him? WHO posted personal information about him? WHO is asking his “friends” to call and harass him? Why that would be you ya big moron. So when the cops come a knocking what do you plan on telling them? I accidentally got the dox wrong again? Do you ever think? No, seriously, do you ever? Do you ever consider the damage you do to all the people you “out” and contact who are innocent folks? Yet YOU play the victim?

  4. Does BS have every law enforcement agency in the country on speed dial, or what?

    I swear, I’d dearly love to hear how these calls he claims to make transpire….

    “I haz a butthurt!”

    “Shouldn’t you be calling a proctologist for that? I hear they can help with cranio-rectal inversion, too.”

  5. Hey everyone! Look at the streamlicensing TOS – oooooh

    hands – how many people think he read it?
    Hands – how many people think he understood it?
    Hands – how many revenue and expense reports did he file?

    for the tie breaker – when/if they cancel his service – will it be the lickspittles or the sadist Hoge who was responsible for his not following the strict terms of service

    just a snippet…

    15. You agree not to contact anyone who does not wish to be contacted or collect personal data about other users for commercial or unlawful purposes, though any means, including automated means such as spiders or crawlers

  6. Or there’s this part – clearly a lickspittle infiltrated with a black nomex suit and inserted this in the Streamlicensing TOS when Bill wasn’t looking:

    14. Our monitoring activity goes beyond ensuring compliance with Sections 112 and 114 of the Copyright Act. Therefore, your further agree to refrain from posting content: •That advocates or encourages illegal activity;
    •That impersonates any person or entity or acts on behalf of another person or entity without authorization, including, but not limited to, a StreamLicensing™ employee or falsely states or otherwise misrepresents your affiliation with a person or entity;
    •That includes personal or identifying information about another person without that person’s explicit consent;
    •That is false, deceptive, misleading, deceitful, misinformative, fraudulent, relates to hate-groups or other racist activities, or constitutes “bait and switch”;
    •That constitutes or contains any form of junk mail, spam, chain letter, pyramid scheme or other unsolicited or illegal commercial advertisement;
    •That advertises any illegal service or the sale of any items the sale of which is prohibited or restricted by any applicable law, including without limitation items the sale of which is prohibited by law;
    •That employs any tool to disguise the origin of content, including false or misleading E-mail addresses.

    • I hope someone sends them screen shots of his latest doxing, which includes the picture of an infant.

      • For a man who labeled his own issue as illegitimate, there is no greater evil. No wonder they refuse to even speak to him. What a legacy!!

      • There are only a few reasons for posting the photo of someone’s living child in a hate screed like BS’s: to intimidate, frighten, and harass. His mother and brother have passed away and cannot be harmed, but you post a picture of someone’s child like that? The guy should file charges against BS.

    • Arizona cyberharassment laws would seem to cover that, especially since there would appear to have been more than one phone call from BS, since he’s now complaining that Mr. Causey isn’t answering his phone. How would he know if he didn’t keep dialing it?

  7. Has anyone ever thought that “Howard Earl” is @embryriddlealum’s real name? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

      • Ooooh, he sent a packet of info to the cops in Arizona, including the picture of the baby. And he’ll be sending all that info to HoCo cops tomorrow too!

        Is it really smart to send the police the evidence of one’s harassment/stalking directly? I suppose it could garner some good will since one has made their job easier.

      • You might want to tell your friend Robin that adjudicated harasser BS has posted pics of his home, his child, his wife’s name and place of employment. The AZ cops will want to have that, too, when they chat with th Howard County cops about the lack of adequate mental health care facilities in HoCo.

      • One of these days he is gonna go too far and dox someone with neither a sense of humor nor a sense of restraint, who will then proceed to “handle” the problem. The results will not be pleasant for BS, though entirely predictable.

  8. Another question might be, why would the Yavapi cops give a rat’s tuchus whether or not that cute little flow chart is correct? Say, by a small miracle, it is? So? Posting the picture of the baby is both harassing, even if the picture is on the net already, (because it’s being used for something it wasn’t intended for, to get the parents worried), and it’s also copyright violation. Doxing someone doesn’t come under Fair Use.

    Calling that baby’s parents repeatedly, to demand that they change a picture, which really, if we hadn’t been told whose mother the body was, no one would have known, is considered harassment, even if Boxer miraculously had the write person.

    So internet harassment, and telephonic harassment; can anyone think of a third charge for a trifecta?

    • Extortion.

      Howard Earl has chutzpah, I’ll give him that. His timeline is better than TV, which is why BS is probably trying to get him suspended. Howard should block Bill and file his own complaint against him.

      On another note, I keep picturing those poor cops trying to figure out why BS insists that the Salt Vampire and Jesus look like his mother.

      • Exactly. How anyone could look at the salt vampire and go “Of course, that’s Old Mrs. Schmalfeldt! Looks just like her!” is beyond any sane person’s ken. But then we knew that Boxer isn’t really sane. He keeps calling me “dim girl”. Should I start calling him “dementia boy”?

      • That’s part of his misogynistic streak. He uses it on you because you outclass him and have a heap of book learnin’, which he lacks.

      • Thanks! Of course a wasps’ nest would outclass poor old Boxer. 😀

        You almost feel sorry for him for what will happen when he finishes outliving his usefulness to people like Brett and Karoli. Like Boxer from Animal Farm, they’ll send him off to the metaphorical glue factory if it will gain them anything at all.

        Ah, what am I talking about. After they way he’s behaved the last few years, he’s exhausted everyone’s stores of pity or compassion.

  9. Feldt-charts are comedy gold. It’s like a map of the inside of his brain. All the confusion and assumptions writ large. Sooper Geenyus funtime logik flowz. yay!

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