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  1. So, in addition to thinking that the Salt Vampire and Jesus look like his late mom, BS is unaware of certain facts of life. The man needs help.

  2. If you’re going for an Animal Farm analogy, there’s so many better directions to take then to call commenters the sucklings of a boar pig.

    Fortunately, given that he’d never copy a Lickspittle, I can point it out.

    Calling the Lickspittles the brainwashed pups/dogs under the command of the master Napoleon, for example. It would’ve made for a great analogy to work with his claims of the Lickspittles heedlessly attacking him.

    Instead he went with something unsupported by either biology or the text of the book.

    The fail is strong in this one.

  3. Having managed to get through George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ in a record time of 15 minutes and mind you, that was the Classic Comic Book version, Gobbles now throws around his new found sophomoric knowledge without fully comprehending Orwell’s message. For a man to have brutally consigned his children to questionable status of whether or not they are legitimate while at the same time portraying himself as the epitome of evil is truly sadistic and twisted much like Charles Manson. I wonder just how those scars got on his head. Self inflicted?

    It was comical to see someone like Karoli Kuns, beset with her own internal issues, drop Gobbles like a hot potato after he had exposed his real self to her. I also noted how he meekly replied “Yes Ma’am” to her as if apologizing to a local school marm. How fast Gobbles burned up in the atmosphere of the heady faux-liberal environment created by Karoli and her sycophants, looking like a small and insignificant errant meteor when he dropped trou’ and shot out some “biggies”

    Gobbles is nothing more than a fraud and a joke.

    • Gah- have you seen the last few tweets (about 2226 EST):

      @Karoli didn’t the photo attach? It was one of these “do you know these people things. Two people. You, and Betty Boop. Swear to God.
      @Karoli click the photo link.
      @Karoli just thot you could use a smile.

      Translated as:
      Please, please, please, marginally relevant person- be my friend!!!!

      • If he wasn’t a dead-on likeness of a much, much thinner Aqualung, I would swear that Gobbles have finally found unrequited love. His lust for Karoli is patently clear as are the lyrics to this Jethro Tull memorial song for The Elkridge Horror:

        Sitting on the park bench —
        eyeing little girls with bad intent.
        Snot is running down his nose —
        greasy fingers smearing shabby clothes.
        Drying in the cold sun —
        Watching as the frilly panties run.
        Feeling like a dead duck —
        spitting out pieces of his broken luck.
        Whoa, aqualung

        Sun streaking cold —
        an old man wandering lonely.
        Taking time
        the only way he knows.
        Leg hurting bad,
        as he bends to pick a dog-end —
        he goes down to the bog
        and warms his feet.

        Feeling alone —
        the army’s up the road
        salvation a la mode and
        a cup of tea.
        Aqualung my friend —
        don’t you start away uneasy
        you poor old sod, you see, it’s only me.
        Do you still remember
        The December’s foggy freeze —
        when the ice that
        clings on to your beard was
        screaming agony.
        And you snatch your rattling last breaths
        with deep-sea-diver sounds,
        and the flowers bloom like
        madness in the spring.

  4. Most hilarious hilarity is when Karoli told him to take her off his thread

    BTW – he may owe tons of money to the licensing bureau’s the reason you don’t have lots of internet stations broadcasting 24 hours a day is that play lists – are expensive

    thousands of dollars a month

  5. Just for nerdalicious edification, the teats on a boar are not useless. The genes that determine the number of teats on a sow are provided by the boar.

  6. I find it offensive that you will allow your minions to use avatars of a picture that I took of my mother. You are a sad, spineless, dithering old coot who gets some sick satisfaction in stirring up the unwashed. What a lonely life you lead. Besides that, you are boring. I demand that no member of my family be represented in your blog. And if I start getting trolled, I will know where it started — you will not like that one bit.

    • not all of us agree on the use of a schmalfeldt for an avatar almost nearly as much as we dislike the use of children as weapons for Bill’s trolling which he has been doing for years – even the most ardent liars on the left are struggling to find a common ground to support him – even the most jaded wilt after a few hours of listening to him

    • You took the photo? So, Bill Schmalfeldt, is lying when he is filing DMCA takedown notices, claiming to be the owner of the images? Thank you for that information.

    • If you start getting trolled it will because you decided to drop in and start making your silly demands. You are just like your brother…you don’t seem to comprehend that you don’t rule the universe. Have you even read what your brother has written? Does it bother you at all that he used your mother’s death to attack people on the day she died? No one said shit to him but there he was live tweeting her death and using it as an excuse to launch vile attacks on people he didn’t like. So there ya go.

      • hahahahahaha I wonder if this one has dementia to blame too, or if it’s just a Schmalfeldt trait to confront strangers and make demands of strangers as if they have any authority. And of course the classic threats… I’m sure we’re all just quaking in fear… hahahaha

        hahahaha And if you get trolled you’ll know it came from here because in all other aspects of your life you’re not a total ass. hahahahaha And this is the only group you deliberately tried to provoke; the only group on which you inflict your Schmalfeldt personality. hahaha

        So… um… like your brother, are you going to start trolling and attacking parents who lost a child within days after the stillbirth? Blame them for the death? Are you going to start calling the friends, families, and employers of strangers to harass them? Are you going to make things up out of wholecloth on a daily basis, telling lies that are so easily proven to be lies, and even lie about things that don’t even matter? Are you going to make bogus complaints to CPS and other agencies to try to interfere with the custody of innocent children? Are you going to dox and stalk complete strangers who’ve never heard of you? Are you going to make vile attacks on women and girls who’ve never had a word to say to or about you? I mean, if you’re going to go the full Schmalfeldt…

        Oh, and are you going to befriend a convicted domestic terrorist, suspected of murdering a grandmother to further his pedophilia, who was also accused of pedophilia by his wife whom he married when she was 15 or 16 and he was in his 40’s? Gonna also befriend Bill’s other buddy who went to jail for child porn?

        Oh yeah, you come here to start sh*t and we’re supposed to duck and cover. hahahahaha The world doesn’t work the way you Schmalfeldts seem to think it should, no matter how much you huff and puff, and despite your threats. Take it somewhere else before you make yourself as much of a buffoon as your brother. And when you do (because you’re a Schmalfeldt after all), it will be because of what you’ve done, not anyone else. But you think we shouldn’t point and laugh as you humiliate yourself? Ask Bill how that’s worked for him. hahahaha

    • I comment here solely at the leisure of Professor Hoge. If he chooses to no longer afford me the privilege, that would be his decision.
      He doesn’t dictate what avatar I may . And neither do you.
      Don’t like it?
      I don’t really care.
      Now go beat up your brother some more.
      And hit the bricks….

    • Wait a minute…the “unwashed”? Hmmm. Where have I heard that word used before? I’m pretty sure I’ve only ever heard it used by ONE person and ONE person only.

      I think the person posting here better stop before their information gets traced back to Elkridge.

  7. i wonder if he paid for the rights to the stephen king audio book, that can’t be cheap and i’m fairly sure its not included in those blanket trials he signs up for over and over. A quick note to his publishing company may be in order. good thing he documented it on twitter for us.

    • he isn’t understanding that its not free, its not a flat fee, its not subject to grace periods, he better reread it carefully – yes they have been notified and yes they are not happy – and yes they are serious sounding new York lawyers who’s only job is to make sure the milk isn’t given away for free


      • I see that steamlicensing offers a flat fee for X hours and X revenu/expense. Even at the lowest end he would pay $22.50 a month just for the music, then there is the Wavestreamomg shoutcast server. Cheapest there is $29 a month. So Bill wants us to believe that he regularly cries poor mouth but is shelling out $51.50 a month for his internet stream hobby? That’s $618 a year.

      • that’s a minimum – like the uhaul trucks that say rent me 19 dollars – there are all such triggers – its a complicated contract and unless you are very careful, higher prices get triggered

    • It maybe a record but he might have violated not only the TOS of various streaming companies – but almost every clause in a long a winded contract

      Maybe he should have remembered those lessons from his father – nothin’s that free or cheap…

      I wonder if he filed the obligatory financial statements and if he filed any FCC forms or compliance with Maryland statutes especially one’s that pertain to pornographic content

      whoops!!!!! yet another who thought they could post any kind of content and language on the internets…..

      genius, pure genius

  8. BS incites his sister to harass Robin Causey, yet REPEATEDLY admits that he may have doxxed the wrong guy:

    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@PatOmbudsman
    @bexmajella @embryriddlealum His name is Robin Causey of Chino Valley, AZ. Read this. http://patriot-ombudsman.com/lets-meet-embryriddlealum/ … I have filed DMCA takedown.
    6:01 AM – 29 Apr 2014

    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@PatOmbudsman
    @bexmajella Do me a favor first. Look at the story I wrote, and the flow chart. My brain ain’t what it useta was. If you see a logical flaw.
    6:31 AM – 29 Apr 2014

    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@PatOmbudsman
    @bexmajella If you see a logical flaw, let me know. I believe his home number is in the story.
    6:32 AM – 29 Apr 2014

    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@PatOmbudsman
    @bexmajella Do me a favor and double-check my work and look for logical flaws. My brain, you know.
    6:33 AM – 29 Apr 2014

  9. How odd that photoshopping clearly identifiable faces of Ali and Hoge onto bloody pikes and pornographic images is okay in BS’s book.

  10. Wow! What a large group of cowards you have for followers. Hoge, as head coward, you can hide behind them quite nicely. I can run rings around you logically, but I have better things to do. So be advised, the pictures of my family will not be tolerated.

  11. A Reader wrote: “You took the photo? So, Bill Schmalfeldt, is lying when he is filing DMCA takedown notices, claiming to be the owner of the images? Thank you for that information.”

    Anyone think CBBS *may* have also lied to law enforcement about his ownership of the photo when he called them yesterday to register his complaint? *hmm*

    Good grief. The FAIL runs thick and deep in that gene pool.

    • Plus the fact that parody is not considered to be infringement.

      As an aside, Howard Earl and BS have a history going back several years. The woman that BS threatened with having her children taken away is a friend of Howard’s. I don’t think I’d be doing what Howard is doing, but I am not in his shoes. The Salt Vampire photo he had as his avatar was unidentifiable as anyone’s family member, but BS being who he is had to faildox and threaten and start issuing edicts. Basically, he tried to bully Howard and it appears that Howard will not be bullied by a man who threatened and tormented his friend. That is how this has escalated.

      • no reason at all to besmirch a dead woman or any woman – hey or any person – even innocent children, also no reason to celebrate the passing of one’s mother to try and make vicious personal attacks

        let me see, one response pushing back against thousands of vile attacks…..

        even his friend buried the post off the pages of crooksandliars – you have to use the search function to find it

        Bill, renounce, come home, stop hurting others and yourself

      • Unidentifiable, indeed. One would think after all of this time the members of Team Kimberlin (and, their nutty, little fans) would understand the concept behind — and, the consequences of — the “Streisand Effect.”

        Very, very slow learners.

  12. Just like Karoli, CB’s sister doesn’t care if she incites him to do more towards violating the PO that he is still under. And I am not sure his sister is aware of that. CB told her he was free of any ‘suits.’

      • At the very least, we have each other, as opposed to the lowlife loser who has nothing and no one but this one family member willing to have (limited) contact with him. Unlike his children.

        Of course, this family member suddenly appeared to try to protect CBBS from the consequences of his actions after the previous woman dropped him. Explains a lot, really, CBBS whining to these women to protect him from himself; and them trying to do it. No wonder he is the way he is… family probably did it all of his life.

        What was it Leroy wrote? His brothers had to save CBBS from the trouble his battleship mouth got his rowboat ass into? Internet bully getting some consequences now…. boo hoo freakin’ hoo… Turns out the internet bully is really an internet joke… hahahaha

  13. This is funny, coming from the man who has Karoli Kuns and his “sister” fighting his battles:

    Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@PatOmbudsman
    .@embryriddlealum Did Marty do a song about cowardly pussies who won’t answer their phones because they’re scared of girls?? @bexmajella
    8:07 AM – 29 April

  14. In Maryland law, is having a family member contact someone under a peace order considered “indirect contact”?

    Assuming this is actually real. It smells of old sock. Just look at the twitter TL. Completely quiet until Bill needs help. Convenient.

  15. https://twitter.com/bexmajella/status/461175530797015041

    So she drops in, screeches some demands, repeats them on Twitter, gets NOTHING, but she wins? Yep, she really mus be a Schmalfeldt.

    Wonder if she even bothered reading any of the links tweeted to her? Wonder if she even cares what her brother has done that has caused so many people to revile him? I’m guessing not since she seems to think everyone is a RWNJ. That is definitely Cabin Boy speak. So she goes on her merry way non the wiser of what a sad, small, pathetic little man her bro is.

    • No, this is a Schmalfeldt sock. It’s almost a verbatim mish-mash of Willy’s tweets. Especially the “I WIN!” part.

      No doubt.

      • You could be right. Apparently “she” is a big fan of RuPaul. Who else do we know that might have a fetish for drag queens as evidenced by his near obsession over men’s bottoms and genitals? Hmmmmm

      • She may be real. Could just be that false bravado, stupidity, total lack of self awareness, etc. are a family trait. Could be CBBS isn’t an anomaly in his family; they’re all vile idiots.

        The single biggest indicator that it’s a sock is that it had contact with Bill. Would anyone who knows him do that? I mean, as we all know, even his children don’t. According to his own words, the loser spends all day every day virtually alone, on the internet. hahahaha So stupid even with so many explaining it to him he still can’t understand why he’s so reviled and rejected. hahaha

      • It has to be either a sock or the disgusting alternative that I suggested earlier.

        As fast as Karoli Kuns rejected paramour Gobbles proposal, I doubt that any real female of whatever persuasion would tolerate Biggie Smells.

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