3 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. I don’t forget that the most famous of those who consider Hoge an enemy is a man with a body count.

    Then there’s NR, who currently has several arrest warrants out for a few harassment incidents — representing barely the tip of the iceberg of all the harassment he’s ever been involved in.

    Then there’s BS, whose achievements are less impressive. But looking at the list of who he considers allies, I wouldn’t be proud to be on that list.

    • Do not forget that our esteemed host is also a man with a legitimate body count, one acquired in battle in fire fights in Vietnam. To his honor he engaged the enemy directly, placing his own life on the line. I contrast that to the pest whose most grievous injury (alleged) is hurting his knee falling off a ladder and whose most dangerous duty might result in a paper-cut …

      • Bill Schmalfeldt fell off of a ladder? Seriously? That’s the same stunt pulled by Greg W. Howard which allows him to sit on his gelatinous rump collecting disability while spending hours-upon-hours every single day of his pathetic life on the interwebz wreaking havoc and harassing good people. *hmm*

        Just can’t make this stuff up. *smdh*

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