On Justice

“No fair!”

Every one of us has said it beginning from the time we were small children. Human beings seem to be wired with a predisposition to fairness. Indeed, evolutionary psychologists like Jonathan Haidt believe that the moral sense of fairness is a universal human trait. Outrage is a normal, heathy response to unfair treatment. We want the world to be set to rights. We want justice in what seems to be an unjust world.

As a Christian, I believe that the source of justice is God. It says in Genesis that we were created in His image, so it makes sense to me that more we allow ourselves to be led by the Holy Spirit to be what God intends for us to be, the more we would desire justice. Sometimes Christians are called to deal with the grander problems of the world—think of William Wilberforce, Desmond Tutu, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and Martin Luther King, Jr.—but, most of the the time, most of us deal with the seemingly smaller injustices of the world. Sometimes a Christian is called to stand up to a bully.

Bill Schmalfeldt is a such a bully. For years, he has harassed others on the Internet, and no one was able to bring him to justice. That task seems to have fallen to me.

Schmalfeldt’s surprised reaction has been to whine, “No fair! You hit me back.” However, even that’s not strictly true. I haven’t taken personal revenge on him. I’ve reported him to the proper authorities and left any action taken to them.

The real question I face is not what Jesus thinks of my allegedly sadistic treatment of Bill Schmalfeldt. That question is based in the false premise that I am the sadist in the interactions between us. No, the real question is what Jesus would think of my failure to stand up a thug like Schmalffeldt who is bullying others.

Has my response to Schmalfeldt been perfect? Probably not. But my conscience is clear. It would not be if I had failed to step in between him and some of his victims.

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    • Fatboi is not “the sharpest knife in the drawer” or “a few beers shy of a six-pack!” I guess he needs help with the turd ball rolling.

  1. Hey John….I don’t seem to have my decoder ring, so I could not cypher the hidden messsage that MUST give us our orders…..maybe you should start selling replacement rings in the Lickspittle Store

  2. Because of what great journamolists Karoli Kuns and Matt Osborne are, they somehow failed to notice the falsehoods in nearly every sentence of that Kuns’ article you responded to. I guess journamolism is WAY harder than it’s been made out to be, although most of those falsehoods seemed like they would have been really simple to catch before completing the article.

    Or they just don’t give a crap about the facts and are happy to be part of a harassment campaign.

    Yeah I know you pretty much already pointed the same thing out.

    I hope none of this jeopardizes the self-inflicted takedown of convicted forger, perjurer, and bomber, Brett Kimberlin? Maybe that’s the goal and Schmalfeldt’s recent acting up (worse than usual, that is) is all about “running interference.”

  3. I was ranting about Boxer Bill the other day and my daughter told me to just ignore him. I asked her if she’d ignore someone who went after others, such as her friends, and she said, “Of course not!”.

    What’s the saying, “No Justice, No Peace, Know Justice, Know Peace”? Boxer Bill should note that Justice is required first before Peace can enter.

    • Good and fair point, librarygryffon.

      When Schmalfeldt calls CPD on people, makes false police reports, posts private information (even when it’s all wrong) for harassment, he ought to be brought to justice rather than ignored. As for his other writings, they seem to be low on merit and therefore not too important to respond to, but the disgusting, filthy, vile harassment comments deserve to be put to a stop. Ignoring them is not the only way to put them to a stop, and to a large extent it doesn’t work at all. Certainly the false reports and doxing CAN’T merely be ignored. What do you do when the police show up at your door, say “can’t answer, ignoring”?

      • His only saving grace is his illness – but one day the pressure is going to grow and take that one get out of jail free card away

  4. One of the requirements of being on point is the willingness to take arrows, and then respond in a reasoned and ethical way. No fault of their’s in many cases, but many just don’t have enough moral courage to take a stand and act accordingly. Not everybody is cut out to lead. That said, leaders, pioneers, and those who make targets of themselves do need strong supporters, like many of the commenters to this blog. Even exemplary leaders occasionally feel doubt or flagging energy, and strong supporters help to overcome these minor lapses. Kudos to all who write here.

  5. It is possible that the charges against the Cabin Boy™ will be expunged. If he waits 3 years, he can petition to have them expunged. If he wants to have them expunged sooner, he will also have to file a waiver (Form CC-DC-CR-078) that prohibits him from bringing any legal claim or lawsuit arising out of the charges. However, because nothing ever proceeded to an adversarial hearing, the charges can be refiled at any time without running afoul of double jeopardy.

  6. A reminder:

    Last year, during one of his on line confessions, BS said that the only selfless act he has ever performed is volunteering for brain surgery. He also said that his second wife had been his twin brother’s girlfriend, and that to his great and everlasting shame, he cheated on his brother with her. When I pointed this out last year, he did a complete 180 and claimed that it had been no big deal and he and his brother had laughed about it. So, this person who was suddenly no big deal is NOW someone that he was so deeply in love with that, 25 years after their divorce, he abuses her on Twitter and tries to dictate whom she can and cannot talk to?

    So, betraying his twin brother was horrible, until it wasn’t, and the woman was no big deal, until she was. Oh, and alleged cheating only counts if someone else does it, not BS. Got it.

    • And here we go again. All this rage and blind hatred over a woman that misogynist BS refers to as “a throwaway piece of nookie.” No apologies yet for betraying the trust of his twin brother.

      • how about how everyone is supposed to just take Twinkie’s word for her being a horrible person,, horrible in a moral way and not a criminal way mind you, how freaking long ago…
        and yet Kimberlin’s actual proven CRIMINAL past should never be brought up…


      • As I said someplace else, it’s interesting how only Kimberlin is allowed to reform. Since Boxer Bill thinks of BK as “reformed”, therefore no one should every bring up what he did in the past.

        On the other hand his ex (assuming that even the tiniest bit of what he accuses her of is true), and Paul, and (fill in the blank) are never allowed to grow or change. What they did in the past, no matter how far back, must define them for eternity.

        Odd sort of Christian, who is so un-allowing of free will.

        • Here it is more than four years since this comment was made and in the intervening years, ole Cabin Boy has demonstrated that he is so fallen away from the Roman Catholic he was raised in and that he claimed as his belief for many years (Falsely). Through acts and words he has made it clear the only god he worships is Brett Coleman Kimberlin, a tinpot god at best.

      • Librarygryffon: Not only unallowing of free will, but denailist of the redemptive and forgiving nature of Christ’s sacrifice, the central tenet of Christianity. Thus, at best he becomes an alleged christian (note the lower-case ‘c’) and in actual fact a heretic (like his idols Nan Pelosi and Ted ‘Burn in Hell’ Kennedy).

  7. Good for you, Hoge. You would lead a quieter life if you ignored internet bullies, in exactly the same that Julia Scyphers would have lived a longer life if she didn’t defend her granddaughter.

    • *zing*

      Scyphers didn’t stand up to Brett Kimberlin in vain. The relationship between Kimberlin and the then-14 girl ended just afterwards. She did the right thing, and Brett is to blame for what happened to her in retaliation.

  8. BS’s bizarre vile misogyny rears its ugly head again:

    Last year – betraying his brother was something over which he was profoundly remorseful.
    Then – no biggie.
    Today – the woman he refers to as a “throwaway piece of nookie” who broke his heart (25 freaking years ago)? “Yawn. Bob was already done with her.” You mean, like an old shoe? Tires? A new blender?
    I don’t know about all of you, but that does not sound like a guy who last year claimed to be ashamed and remorseful, or (2) claims to love and respect women, or (3) professes to be a Christian.

  9. The article is written and there’s no more reason to play nice on twitter. So I’d say a meltdown is inevitable.


  10. It’s odd when people with no experience with Christianity or even a professed aversion to it – have the gall to criticize how certain individuals behave and/or live their lives as Christians. Why so much interest in a faith they could care less about? Why “investigate” what church people belong to, whether they are leaders in their church, or sing in the choir, or what kind of music they play, etc. Those details about any person’s religious convictions are NOTB.

    Their leftist bigotry is strong.

    They should stuff a sock in it and STFU.

  11. Skipped straight to the bottom, so this may be a duplicate concept: In Re Socks and Marching Orders; this is classic projection from Schmalfeldt et al others Liberal solopists. He/they figure that since these are the tools of thier world; they must be the way of things. It is beyond their comprehension that Mr. Hoge is simply trying to express himself without undue harassment, and that we find blerbs about the cosmos, puns (well maybe not that much), and stories about pedophilic bombers slowly circling the toilet bowl of the justice system interesting and noteworthy.

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