Matt Osborne Gets Religion?

Matt Osborne attempted to comment here at Hogewash!:MO201404271221ZI did and found these questions which I present with my answers.OsborneEmailWhy do I get the feeling that this is not a benign inquiry?

UPDATE—MO201404271300ZSome questions are so nonsensical that they do not deserve an answer, but I’ll make an exception for this one.

What Matt Osborne is lamely trying to do is appeal to everyone’s inherent sense of justice. Human beings are wired to favor fairness, and, of course, it would be unfair for me to engage in sadistic harassment. One of the problems with the question is its being based on the false premise that I am the harasser in the Hoge/Schmalfeldt interaction.

There is an important theological problem with Osborne’s question as well, and I intend to deal with it in a longer post later today.

Stay tuned.

68 thoughts on “Matt Osborne Gets Religion?

  1. Singin a capella is a sign of racism and right wing ideology. For example, see Billy Joel’s “For the Longest Time.”

      • It sure seems like there is a concerted effort, a collaboration, if you will, to change a true narrative into a false one, to blame and demonize the victim, and to destroy his reputation. Sure seems like it to me. Folks, hit the tip jar!

      • Dear John:
        (I’ve always wanted to send a “Dear John” letter.

        Remember George Patton’s admonition, “The higher your ass is up the flagpole, the more people will shoot at it!” Illegitimus non carborundum or something like that.
        The point man always catches hell, but loyal buddies will have his back. I’m sure that I speak for everyone when I say that you will prevail! And by God, you will!

        I guess, in hindsight, these words will certainly inflame the Karoli crowd, but then anything right will.



    • Every Orthodox church is racist? Because there are no instruments in an Orthodox church.

      The music is absolutely stunning, though. I was in Russia last year during Orthodox Holy Week, and the services went on all day and night, and the singing had me ready to convert.

  2. Religion is, in many ways, the unifying, civilizing force that has shaped our Western civilization, just as Islam has shaped the East to it’s own fashion. In many ways Religion is the dam that keeps the floodwaters of hell away from the peaceful valley.

    The atheist imbeciles of Karoili Kuns and Matt Osborne would do well to remember this before they take an axe to the dam’s supports. In so doing, they may well find themselves . . . . dammed.


    • Matt Osborne is definitely a sleezeball… one of the sleaziest. In a Twitter conversation with him last October, he was defending that Gillette monster because he had in his possession ONLY “half a dozen images” of child pornography.

      Team Kimberlin members and their fans are despicable, vile, and soulless animals. Sick.

      • Oh that’s right. Osborne has a kid, yet turns around and defends a child predator. Unbelievable. It simply makes you wonder. Who in their right mind does that? Nobody.

  3. Ooooh this looks like a for reals attempt to destroy a person’s reputation – ironically there are some differences between a retired rocket scientist/tolltaker and a skeezy 14 yr old Ukrainian girl watching serial bomber, terrorist, drug dealer, person of interest in a murder inquiry and perjuror

    One the parties attacking the retired rocket engineer are trying to intimidate witnesses and are clearly coordinated – second they are clearly lying – third the person in question didn’t commit any crimes – HE REPORTED THEM

    There are other differences as well like – the rocket scientist (look he claims he’s some kind of physicistic something or other but you know how rocket scientists lie.) actually did nothing more than ask a judge to have a liar stop contacting him.

    Differences between The Editorial Genius and the Rocket Scientist

    The Editorial Genius wasn’t there when his imaginary school of Journalism took yearbook pictures (wide angle lenses were available)

    The Editorial Genius is most likely the first Amazon author worldwide to have a book pulled and banned from commenting on his own authors web page in the same week

    The Editorial Genius is most likely the first author to write more books than were purchased by the public

    The Editorial Genius is also most likely to correctly use all the vulgar slang for a women’s privates as both a noun and a verb in a sentence on Twitter

    The Rocket Scientist went to Vanderbilt and takes a horrible just horrible yearbook picture – really – what were you thinking when that giant bulb went off 50 some odd years ago – is that flash going to burn out my retina?

      • I’m not sure exactly what a “quantum mechanic” does [I suspect it is something like predicting and compensating for the bending of time-space caused by gravity.]
        But, I did read a recruiting poste for being a quantum mechanic while at school. It read,

        “Be a quantum mechanic, and eat steak!”

        At John’s rate per billable hour, I suspect he does.

  4. More importantly, can Matt Osborne explain why Jesus would approve of Bill Schmalfeldt’s stalking, harassing and threatening of more than 35+ individuals across the country. Also why would Matt Osborne defend and associate with an individual who would engage in that type of illicit conduct?

    I’m guessing Matt Osborne won’t have the balls to answer those questions. Because Matt Osborne is a dishonest coward.

    Oh, BTW…shouldn’t you be working towards your child support or something Matt? I may be an agnostic, but I think Jesus would want you to do that before you start dragging his name into your little bullshit.

    • Odds that Osborne will attempt to paint the Westminister Church of Christ as the new Westboro Baptist Church and John as Fred Phelps?

    • I’m sure that Osborne’s intention is to hoist all Christians on their petard. He’ll slap you across the face, and, then, demand that you turn the other cheek. He will then slap the other side, and, again demand that you expose the first cheek. This will go on until either you are pommelled to unconsciousness or defend yourself. In the first case, he will laugh at you for being weak. In the second case, he will piously denounce your “hypocrisy.”

      • I’m not a Christian, Bob. So I don’t have to turn the other cheek. And anyone who even tries to slap me in the face, gets kicked in the balls.

        Of course, from what I’ve seen…Osborne doesn’t have any.

      • A Reader,

        I’m shocked that folks like Matt Osborne would use an intellectually dishonest, and bad faith interpretation of Christianity. It so out of character for them!

      • About commenters on Hogewash. See previous thread regarding Karoli post, and comments in it from Rick and Paul.

      • Hmmm. Looks like she’s baiting us. Or Schmalfeldt outright lied to her. He knows there are at least 4 of us who are disabled and housebound. He KNOWS this. So the idea that she would specifically write that statement…means that either he said it to her, or she is trying to get commenters from this site to come forward so she can collect their information.

        I’m not talking to this amateur.

      • Black Betty,

        This grants Karoli the premise that Bill Schmalfeldt is “house-bound.” For his own descriptions, he is not.

      • I have to agree strongly with Betty that the Kuns/Osborne journamolism! smells like it could be an effort to dox people. Osborne in particular strikes me as a guy who would not be above this. Even if the possibility seems remote, it would be SO damn convenient for TK right now. Not because it’d help BK’s lawsuit, but because he really loves revenge that much and harassment is one of his preferred revenge tactics (guess he decided bombing isn’t all that effective).

        Don’t give any identifying info to these clowns. Even if, say, Karoli had no intention of doxing, these guys are whispering between each other behind the scenes and any information given to one has a good chance of getting to the other three. It’s important to remember that BK personally has a history of calling up employers of people he doesn’t like. BS is more into picking on their families, I think, which fits nicely with his preference for calling CPS.

    • Any schoolkid knows a question that requires the adoption of an assumption is argumentative and improper. Osborne tries my patience with his douchey trollosity – it’s like he’s tommy from third grade.

      Also from what I understand he doesn’t have any faith at all let alone a Christian faith, NNTAWWT, but it makes his question extra douchey.

  5. Perhaps we could inquire of Jesus as to the Parable of the Sweaty Palms and the Happy Place and he could fill us in as to why therein dwells the Father of Lies and how to deal with him especially when he sings to us sweetly in the night of the joy of baseball bats.

    • The Left, when religious people use religious arguments to advocate for certain things: “Don’t quote your Bible to me! It is IRRELEVANT as any sort of benchmark or standard!”

      The Left, when they want to impose a certain standard of behavior on Christians: “What would Jesus say/do?”

      • Completely forgetting that Jesus didn’t just politely ask the money changers in the temple to leave.

      • I think you’re making a good enough point, but for the most part, the temple comparison doesn’t apply. Hoge has offered a huge number of polite pleas to BS to cease the harassment. Although, yes, at some point – a point which BS regularly crossed with his harassment of others – it’s about damn time to just get a Peace Order. Adjudicated harasser Bill Schmalfeldt has never once ceased harassment due to persuasion so it’s pretty reasonable to reach to other legal avenues.

      • You are correct, I was just pointing out that in certain cases, Jesus seems to have felt that action, probably violent action, was the appropriate course of action in certain limited circumstances. The Left tries wants to believe that you can’t be a Christian if you ever advocate a response, never mind a forceful response, no matter the provocation.

    • Uh, I’ve though about the same idea, I’d recommend not getting drawn in. “Running interference” is about right and the interference is likely to consist of a veritable shitstorm of mostly pointless internet bickering. Especially since “mostly pointless internet bickering” sounds like the perfect description for the email by Osborne as well as Karoku Kun’s journamolism repetition of Bil Schmalfeldt lies. Anyway there probably isn’t a lot of point in helping them generate more sound and fury.

  6. I have some questions:

    1. Why do Matt Osborne and Karoli Kuns hate Christians so much? Does he feel the same way about Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus?

    2. I am puzzled by Karoli Kuns’ and Matt Osborne’s apparent double standards. For example, they mention abuse of the elderly and the disabled. Bill Schmalfeldt is younger than WJJH and not yet a senior citizen, while WJJH is. BS has repeatedly maligned WJJH as a “doddering” “senile” “old fool,” and has stated that he wants Hoge to suffer. Hoge has had several open heart surgeries, and stress is not good for him. So, do they believe that it is ok for a younger man to harass a retired heart patient because the younger man is a democrat and the older man is not?

    It sure seems to me, and I’m just a lickspittle, that some political activists on the left have gotten used to winning them all, and are perplexed that the current object of their hatred is not giving up.

    • I would suggest that they relied on the “Shut Up! he explained” argument for so long that when someone does not, it triggers an overload in their neurotransmitter levels, probably dopamine, causing a fugue state that might be called a neural reset wiping out the memory of the shutuppery failure and causing them to loop back and eventually try the stock argument again. Excess repetition of this cycle can cause permanent damage and may in fact be the cause of TLFKAD’s dopamine deficit.

  7. Osborne has the same respect for truth Karoli has shown. They’re insignificant jokes who may be opening up legal issues they cannot afford. Last time I checked, it was tough to find a lawyer who takes payment in the form of rabbit droppings.

  8. It’s a Sunday morning and the local library is closed, so our intrepid seeking of truth begrudgingly trudges to Starbucks where he again orders a bottle of water and a breath mint. Sally the barista says wow – another bottle of water – how many hours are you staying this morning?
    The scruffy decade veteran of foreign service looks at her starts to speak, she interrupts by unwrapping the breath mint – and offers on her supple hand just inches in front of his mouth – to an outsider this looks like a wild flirtatious that has serious undertones – to Sally – she hates halitosis or blogger breath. “I have a friend who is crippled who is a navy vet who is being harassed by a bunch of people that gee I wish they would come after me so I can get to my sweaty happy place too” (well did he or didn’t he say the sweaty happy place part – sometimes the voices in his head are soo strong – verbalization – just freakin happens you know?)
    Sally desperate for him to pick the coldest bottle of water and then move downwind of her – is reminded to ask her manager again can she put a 15 minute time limit on bottle water defenders of truth justice and Warhammer.
    Again with the corner? The barista looks at his pathetic mulish attempts to fashion some kind of personal space out of overstuffed chairs and too small end tables as he scoots and pretends that he is just getting comfortable she smiles – he’s about to get a surprise. The Warhammer, unemployed, seeker of a sweaty happy place, clears his throat, Sally rubbing furiously anything that looks like it could get a smug, studiously, frenetically ignores the gargling flem laden rain stick sounds emanating from a fleshy skin – covered with a serious neckbeard also worn by yak callers of Mongolia. “Uh Sally is it?” Sally goes outside the Starbuck door looking pleadingly at anyone to come in and order anything… “Uh. SALLY”, she turns, vile rising ever so slightly as the bitter taste of why her mom was right to stay in school – creeps along the bottom side of her mouth, “Yes, is the cap on your water stuck?” “No, uh I see um that the sockets are covered with duck tape – can I remove it so I can plug in my laptop?” Sally wishing ever so much the store was bigger and much better ventilated, as the acrid stench of three day underwear assaults her nostrils, stifling both a cough and a laugh, she says” I have no idea but only maintenance can touch anything electrical”.
    He stuggles to get up a symptom of both needing at 36 DD bra and knees that haven’t seen a miracle mile in many moons, as he approaches she reaches into her apron and seductively unwraps yet another breath mint, he looks at it with a certain glaze in his eyes, and a certain vile rising in her mouth to the front of her teeth.. a conversation occurs…

    Can I just remove the tape

    “I’m really sorry, no..”

    What I’m doing is important I have to ask a man of god where god is

    “Today, right now with a 79 cent bottle of water and a breath mint?”

    He looks at Sally realizing many things including a vague reference to crest, I’m going to McDonalds he declares, Sally asks him if he wants his receipt for his purchase…

  9. Any schoolkid knows a question that requires the adoption of an assumption is argumentative and improper. Osborne tries my patience with his trollosity – it’s like he’s tommy from third grade.

    Also from what I understand he doesn’t have any faith at all let alone a Christian faith, NNTAWWT, but it makes his question extra troll-y.

  10. Popehat does not allow links to from to work, that is all I need to know about

  11. I guess trolling on behalf of adjudicated internet harassers and domestic terrorists is easy money.

    Only explanation for why such incompetent morons get hired to do it.

    • Or being “urged-by-a-certain-team-member” to defend CB after his plea for help from the left. I’m sure it took a lot of arm twisting.

  12. I am a commenter wrote: “Don’t give any identifying info to these clowns. Even if, say, Karoli had no intention of doxing, these guys are whispering between each other behind the scenes and any information given to one has a good chance of getting to the other three.”

    I completely concur. Trust Karoli with NOTHING! She is a liar, game player, and poo-stirrer just like every other Team Kimberlin supporter.

    Case in point:

    (Be sure to read the first comment.)

    • Oh good grief. Karoli Kuns proves to be just another Rauhauser accomplice who is juggling too many lies to even keep straight. These Rauhauser enablers like her must feel stupider and stupider as Neal’s clients get shadier and shadier over time.

    • Oh yeah. Osborne is now claiming that I “know” Jason Taylor. That I used one of his 1000’s of socks to threaten Bill and communicated with him last year. All because I know “of” him. That’s kind of like saying I’m an associate of Neal. Of course it never occurred to this idiot child that I might have learned who Taylor was through Lee. I mean, it isn’t as if Lee and I haven’t been friends for years and that I might read his blog.

      But then again…these jackasses originally thought I was Lee himself. I can’t keep track of how many people I’ve “been” and “known” over the last year and half. It’s FASCINATING. Actually, it’s not.

      I will say, I don’t understand why Neal hates Taylor so much. I mean the guy is just a slightly dumber version of Rauhauser. Competition maybe?

  13. Black Betty wrote: “Osborne is now claiming that I “know” Jason Taylor. That I used one of his 1000′s of socks to threaten Bill and communicated with him last year. All because I know “of” him”

    Well, if that’s the only criteria, I suppose most of us *are* JWT then. JWT/RandyHahn has quite the reputation. Oodles of people know “of” him.

    And, yes. I agree that NR and JWT have much in common. Birds of evil feathers…

    BTW–I could have lived the rest of my life free of the knowledge Osborne is a parent. Too bad he didn’t simply stick to raising bunnies. *smh*

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